Friday, 23 December 2011

Minnie Moo Happy Holidays!

Thank You!
Woohoo it's the holidays! Christmas is only 2 sleeps away. 

I still can't quite believe Mr Santa Claws and his reindeer are able to fly in a sleigh loaded with gifts-galore all the way from the North Pole to Noo-Zilind. It's almost too good too be true.

So Santa's goodies are ready and nicely set out. Boy I hope he likes bubbly water and friskies. I'll leave a bowl of nutmeg-spiced cream on the side too. Well if he doesn't quite like my choices or is "watching his food intake" I'm sure it won't go wasted :)

Today's tail is really short not like mine which is quite David Crockett-ish you know a little stripey and long. 

Anyway I really wanted to take the time from my busy eating, napping and neighbourhood patrol schedule to say a gi-nor-mas thank you for reading, following and well, hopefully loving the tails I share about my crazy yet totally lovable life.

Be safe, warm, happy and at peace during these holidays. Eat lots and nap. Some say pace yourself. I say go for it and enjoy everything with gusto!

So before I sign-off to whisk up a friskie-inspired holiday treat here's 4 of my Christmas blogs to read for the first time or, to love again.

Minnie Moo's Letter to Mr Santa Claws, the Pussy Foot Inn
 and well Miss Tilly 

Happy Holidays to everyone and thank you from the bottom of my little heart for loving and being kind to us cats.

I'd share my friskies with you but whoops! I've eaten them all. Typical.

Lots of love from Minnie Moo MMx

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