Thursday, 8 December 2011

Minnie Moo dreams of Las Vegas and 10%

If only. I really was living the Last Vegas Life.
You know what I just wasn't sure that Ms Miley's sparkly green eyes were magical. And, who's going to buy that really spooky halloween yarn she was spinning about being swoshed away by a witch on broomstick?  

I mean really if magical powers lived just over the road from me I'd sign her up like yesterday, become her agent and have her performing on the strip in Las Vegas! Imagine Ms Miley's Magnificent Magic name right up there in lights right next to Celine Dion. Wow imagine too the 10% cut I'd get for every show booked. I'd be one rich cat living the high life.

Boy it's great to dream. 

Ok now back to reality. Today I made my follow up appointment with Doctor Tigger for next week Monday. I was lucky to get in to see him as his waiting list runs as long as my four legs. It's just too bad for the cat who cancelled apparently she's a Tortiseshell and well is still a little too shy and won't come out of her shell!

Bada-bing Bada-boom, I'm on a roll today.

Anyway there's a slight problem of distance. When I last saw Doctor Tigger I lived next door and as he was looking for office space we came to an arrangement to "rent" a small piece of the driveway under M's alien blue space ship all the way from Planet Toyota. This worked out really well until M and I moved a good healthy five kilometres away. That's more than hundreds of thousands of cat-steps. Whew.

I couldn't catch the bus either as I didn't have a pocket for my bus pass nor could I call for a local cat-cab. I'd heard they'd gone belly-up. Something to do with not meeting the required standards and regulations. Apparently the back seats were scratched so badly there was nothing to sit on and cat hair was piled deep from floor to roof. 

Concerned about this I spoke to Doctor Tigger and we decided that walking was out of the question. Not only was it such a long way but the roads were a menu of danger, scooters, prams, legs, 4-legged d-o-gs, d-o-g p-o-o-p, shoes, bike wheels, it was a minefield. The other option was to hike the back country heading out over the hills to the top of the sleeping giant lying on top of Te Mata Peak and meeting under one of the thousands of Redwood Trees.  Hmmm we both agreed the likelihood of picking the wrong tree was high.

Of course there was one other option. Email. We're both pretty snazzy online and even though my paws type faster, Doctor Tigger doesn't make so many mistakes. But hey I said, let's do better, why not SKYPE? We've both got the accounts, I'm Minniemoothecat and you're (well it's a little long) DrTiggerPschyoologist. Done we agreed to SKYPE Monday morning.

I hope I'm in a good mood darn that Monday-i-tis.

To get ready for our appointment Doctor Tigger gave me some homework (do I have too?!). Write a list of 5 things you've changed in your quest to become the best cat possible. And then, a list on what's still not quite right with you.

5 I'VE CHANGED things 
  • I will try to sit on a lap even without a friskie bribe
  • When I lay on the carpet I've moved in closer to the peeps
  • My 4am wake up calls well I try really hard not to drop and roll against the doors
  • I am more considerate I only scratch and claw the carpet when I'm peeved
  • I let M give me a hug every now and then (this is definitely still a work in progress)
  • Deep down I still believe when I'm awake the whole house should wake up
  • When I need to focus my mind races off down the crazy pathway
  • I don't share. Not my friskies. No way
  • I think Ms Miley is telling porkies about her magical eyes, but secretly I'm not sure
  • I'm very fussy about doors, if one is open upstairs then I'll want to use the downstairs one even if its closed, you can't imagine the fuss I make
As I said to Doctor Tigger, "There's still a ton of work to do. Plus I'm still troubled - who do I love more. M or Friskies?" 

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
PS: If you love this tail and want to read what Doctor Tigger has to say follow my blog (you're the best, no wait that's me!)

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