Friday, 9 December 2011

Minnie Moo votes for a National Me Day

A classic Me Day pose.
EEK I've got bunny rabbit ears.

My SKYPE appointment with Doctor Tigger is all locked in for Monday morning. I'm kind of nervous and excited at the same time do you think the good Doctor will see any improvement and finally find the key to unlock me? 

To tell you the truth one of my bigger worries was we're doing our get together via a video call meaning, we can both see each other. Yikes! The last time the Doc saw me I was a few years younger and well, a little less round. Oops. Hopefully his eyesight isn't as sharp as what it used to be.

I'll have to make sure I rub all of the sleep out of my eyes and do my hair in my secret special way (no not the Donald Trump comb over, that's only for big rich red hair cats). That'll do the trick. 

Today I didn't want to think too much about Doctor Tigger or my to-do-lists, I just wanted to have a "blob out" day just hanging around being lazy all day. 

I'd just prescribed myself a "me day".

I can hear you all saying "but Minnie Moo isn't this what you do everyday? Just hang around napping, eating, then napping some more on the carpet, bed, lounge or wherever the sun shines?"

No I think silently to myself a "me day" is something more than just my usual hanging around napping and eating. It's my one and only day where I close off the ignition totally shutting down all my super-powers and worries about stuff that keeps my mind revving. Like what will Doctor Tigger think, can he read my mind even tho' he lives miles away? And are Ms Miley's eyes magical on top of this has that darn hawk really reformed? 

On this one day I make a commitment to myself to not think of anything other than taking on the tasks of eating and sleeping.

I won't even think about carpet scratching and clawing or doing multiple door drop and rolls. No it's all about me and on this day I'm all about eating and sleeping.

"So just another normal day for you then?" said M. I sighed the sigh of the weary she just didn't get it.

"M, a normal day is when I'm out and about doing my thing. Neighbourhood patrol, chasing bunny rabbits, trying to make friends with the jumping d-o-g, keeping an eye on the pesky Ms Tiley, jumping fences to get a little something special to eat from the lady in the blue house."  

I went on, "my "me day" is when I focus on doing the two things that make me h for truly happy from the inside out nap + eat."

"Like I said, just another normal day for you then?" 

Ahh was M trying to wind me up? I think so. Maybe she's still a bit miffed that I couldn't decide who I loved best, M or friskies. The jury is still out you know with the voting swaying M's way. You see without M who would buy me Friskies?

Tomorrow I'm going to write a letter to the Prime Minister (he lives in a beehive in Windy Wellington) asking him to declare the 2nd Friday in December a National Me Day. Not just for us cats, for every one. Plus I'm going to add a line at the bottom of the letter PS: Please lower the cat retirement age. Thank you. 

I wonder when I'm really old will someone be close by to puree my friskies making them all soft, mushy and easy to eat?

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
PS: If you'd like to find out more about "me days" please send me an email  and I'd love it too if you follow my blogs here

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