Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Minnie Moo wraps up Christmas

What Christmas is over? Why am I upside down?
Wow I'm a little upside down happy with a touch of sad and a whole lot of zonked. Christmas is over for another year and my emotions are all mixed up as it was just all too exciting. So much yummy food, extra-special helpings of holiday friskies, a small but still fantastical Christmas Tree, wrapping paper galore, a visit from Santa and thankfully no sign of Miss Tilly. 

With all the comings and going I got myself into a real tizz thinking about everything in the end I got so dizzy I almost fell over.

To sort me out I took a calming power cat-nap. Thank goodness Christmas and all the trimmings is only once a year. Imagine if it was every other week I'd be a gi-nor-mously jibbery wreck and a tad huge from eating all the left-overs.

Did I mention that in the end I decided not to build a chimney for Santa? I just ran out of time, tools and materials plus my D.I.Y are well let's just say I'm not a handy-cat. I thought too in today's modern world surely Santa knows how to use a front door? 

I tried to stay up late for Santa but it was just gone midnight when my eyelids drooped heavy with sleep and it wasn't long before I drifted off into the land of nod. Sometime after this Santa must have snuck in leaving behind a box of friskies and a cute note written in tiny elf writing saying how much he enjoyed his treats especially the bubbly water. 

I know I was super-lucky to receive a box of friskies they are without a doubt hands down my favourite thing in a the whole-wide-world. But I was just a smidgen peeved I missed out of getting my other wish. A full-time door opener. Now M's great but hey a change is as they say as good as a holiday.

I was ultra happy the reindeer didn't leave any stinky-pong-y North Pole surprises.

Anyway earlier that day I'd finished a quick pre-holiday neighbourhood patrol. Wandering around I could easily see there was nothing going on except that Miss Tilly and Ms Miley's new lawns had transformed from sad brown to a delicious green grassy wonderland. I stopped to think they'll now need to bring in the a la natural lawnmowers? Watch out if they do! Take in you laundry! Sheep love a snack of freshly washed air-dried clothes.

Given there wasn't much going on I cut my patrol short and headed home. I couldn't believe it M had turned into another version of herself. The bossy breeze had blown in sweeping M along and spitting Ms Bossy Britches out the other end. The annual Catmas-Eve-Cat-tail-Party, aka Christmas Eve Cocktail Party was on that night and M had put herself and others into the time pressure cooker.

Funny though in all of the kitchen kommotion (I've been watching the Kardashians) the one thing I noticed was the smell of peaches. I could see M was whizzing them in the super-scary blender making a goo-ey yellow fruity mush for the drinks. Just the smell alone brought me back to a day I got lost and found myself wandering dazed and confused in an orchard of peach trees. Walking I kept bumping into the low-hanging furry fruit and every time I nudged a peach I got the all over goose-bumps, just like chicken skin. This really confuses me you know as much as I love my own furry self furry peaches well they just make my skin crawl. I must remember to talk to Doctor Tigger about this.

Anyway the party got underway and from what I could see everyone was in a great mood and really lapping up the holiday spirit. The youngish ones started playing this fun-as game but the weird thing was instead of them all sitting on the furniture they opted for the floor. I think this was out of respect for me after-all the lounges are "technically" my patch. 

The game was quite easy to follow and went like this. Write down the name of a famous person, thing or object on one of those cute post-it notes. Then choose one, stick it on your forehead and guess who you are. Heaps of clues are given. I was so sure Minnie Moo would be boldly stuck on someone's forehead. But no. I'm just too hard to guess. Right?

It got me thinking if I had a "stickie" stuck between my ears I hope it would read Kardashian Kat. Do you think they have a Kat? I could audition right? I'd have to be tough though and negotiate Friskies into my contract.

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
PS: For Minnie Moo tails please follow

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