Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Minnie Moo Miss Tilly Mischief?

To tell you the truth the past few days have whizzed by in a blur. So much has been going on I just haven't had the chance to take it all in. It's been madness! I mean if i remember rightly I've been seriously thinking about building a chimney for Santa, I've written him a note, worried about where his reindeer are going to park.  Stressed over the "whats that all about" wooden boring dumb tree only to be turned upside down with excitement when M brought home a real Christmas tree. Then feeling a tad let down because I couldn't be the cat-angel sitting at the top of the tree.

Just as I was getting the hang of the tree, the decorations, gift wrapping and singing carols, Miss Tilly then asked me to join her and the neighbourhood cats for lunch at the Pussy Foot Inn. This was my first time "dining in a restaurant" and well despite a few minor (ok scratch that major) hic-cups let's just say we all had a great time and I learnt the food universe doesn't only revolve around friskies.

Who knew Christmas time was such an emotional roller-coaster ride?

Now I'm just so floppy tired all I want to do is eat a little, have a bath, curl up and check myself in for some serious cat-nap.

I did just that and slipped straight into a blissful sleep that passed from yesterday into today until I thought I heard my internal alarm clock cock-a-doodle-doo at 4.44am. Thinking I was awake I partly opened one eye but it quickly shut closed and before long I was back in the land of nod dreaming of my morning.

Stretching to get the sleep kinks out I asked my personal assistant M to open the door. Wow over night someone had been busy ironing the air with frost as it was crispy and cool. I did the all over-body-shiver thinking Santa must have come early bringing the North Pole chill too. But looking around I didn't see any frozen reindeer droppings so I thought no it's just cold and we'll see Santa as planned on the night of the 24th.

Wishing I still had my winter coat I sucked in a huge breath of cold air and readied myself for neighbourhood patrol. For some reason my eyes still felt sleepy and a little gritty too from Mr Sandman's sand. Anyway duty calls.

Instead of taking my usual route I decided to work backwards. It's not that I walk with my back legs first rather I go to my last houses first and my first houses last. It's a faster option and the likelihood of me bumping into Miss Tilly was small as I was sure she'd be out taking her early morning walk.

As I suspected there wasn't much to report. Everyone was still curled up all warm and snuggly in bed. The only thing I could see were the bunny rabbits down the end of the hill playing their usual game of "let's hop-over" the sleeping cows. Normally I'd watch them play as it can get real funny see when the cows wake they slowly stand up but the bunnies keep right on hopping. Some can't hop any higher and boing right back off the side of the cows. It's too cute.

It was about at this point I thought I'm really useless out here. It's time for me to give in to my sleepiness and head back home. Passing Mr Tuxedo I wasn't surprised to see him up, dressed and all bright eyed and quite bushy tailed. One day I asked him "where do you get all of your energy from" and it turns out he lives with Mr and Mrs V they're both in the energy drink game. Let's just say Mr Tuxedo prefers to drink Vater, a dash of V mixed with water. Grown up cats would say he likes to take a cattail.

Anyway I didn't have the oomph to make cat-chat and continued on around the corner before ducking under the fence to make my way home. I was so hoping Munchkin the jumping d-o-g would be sleeping but as luck would have it he was up doing his morning star-jumps. Not wanting to be roped into an early morning workout session I back-tracked. Right into Miss Tilly.

"Oh Good Morning Minnie Moo, how lovely to see you again. I'm just back from my walk. Hasn't this morning air got a real zingy bite to it?"

A voice inside my now frozen head grew louder, say something, say something, what cat got your tongue? What? Check, no my tongue's where it should be. Ok breathing deeply here goes "Hi." Pause. "Yes it's frosty this morning, what's happened to summer? All I can say is I wish I still had my winter coat in the wardrobe!"

Good not bad, I'd managed to string a few words together and Miss Tilly actually laughed a little.

"Well that's true and by the way I really enjoyed our lunch at the Pussy Foot Inn, we should do it again sometime. Don't you think?"

What? Now wait. Was I hearing right? Did Miss Tilly ask me out for lunch? "I'm not sure I'm free, it's a busy time with Christmas and Santa's arrival." Wait did I just say almost no to Miss Tilly?

"Oh ok I completely understand it's a crazy time of year. I'm busy too I have a very full-on baking schedule ahead of me."

"I'm sorry Miss Tilly my brain is a little frozzy this morning. You know its frosty and fuzzy all at the same time. I'm so cold and tired I don't really know what I'm saying! I'm just a little busy this week with all the Christmas-y stuff. Perhaps we could meet for lunch in the New Year? Wow a baking schedule? What's that?"

"Ah the frozzy brain some ear-muffs would sort you out. Anyway great it's a date let's tee-up to have lunch together in the New Year. Oh and every Christmas I bake little cat-cakes and deliver them to all the cats in the area who are currently without a forever home."

My mind darted back to the days of living on the street and how the kindness of strangers melted by hardened sad heart. Blinking madly I tried to stop my tiny little tears as they made tiny little icicles while falling to the ground. Gosh all I needed now were the violins to start playing a melon-cauli (or is it melancholy?) tune.

"Wow, you're amazing Miss Tilly, if you need a cat-cake-taste-tester I'm available! Lunch in the New Year it is. I'll see you soon. I hope."

Off I trotted home cold and frosty on the outside but toasty and warm inside. I think my heart was beating a little faster too.

What? Where am I? What am I doing here? I'm supposed to be all cold and outside talking to Miss Tilly. Ah shoot don't tell me it was just a dream. Does this mean Miss Tilly really didn't ask me out to lunch at the Pussy Foot Inn and that we're not going to bake cat-cakes together?  

Like a balloon I slowly deflated letting out a long-sad-filled-sigh ppppssssszzzz so it really was just a dream as an air of disappointment quickly filled the room.

Geez feeling like a lump of sadness I slumped off the bed to eat some "real" friskies. Then a tiny glimmer of hope began to shine. Was my dream a sign just like in the movies? Was Miss Tilly really going to ask me out to lunch? She is, isn't she? Already I could feel the pressure mounting. What would I wear?

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
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