Thursday, 29 December 2011

Minnie Moo's New Years Resolutions

Reading the Cat Tails Daily on my i-pad the count-down shows it's only 3 sleeps until next year. A-mazing. Well I've always known that I'm special but now I know I'm extra special, why you may ask? Because I live in boo-ti-full Noo Zilind (my kiwi accent spelling) and everyday our little country with just over 4 million peeps and 70 million sheep is the first place in the whole wide world to wake up, see the sun and say well, good morning to you Sunshine! 

It's taking me a while to wrap my super handsome furry head around this fact (switch that and you've got f-cat) as my Dutch cat-cou-sins all sleep at night at the same time I'm wide awake and enjoying my day. Plus when I'm hot and lazing about in the sunshine they're all bundled up in winter coats. It's strange to me because we all come from the same-one-world but yet everything seems to be so opposite.

This confuses me a little so I'm going to take some time and check in with Mrs Google about this phenomenon and see what she has to say about it. 

Here in the land of the long white cloud it's rather sticky and warm. Summer can be up and down with one day all toasty and the next old man southerly blows in along with big plopping rain drops. 

But for the past few days the weather's been behaving itself and everything just seems so perky, extra bright, chirpy and well early. Now as you know I'm not quiet about my early morning starts but sometimes early can be way too early. At this time of year it seems that as soon as I shut my eyes for some shut eye before I know it I'm wide awake with daylight peaking through the curtains. 

If I'm struggling with the early mornings you can only imagine how M is when she wakes for "door duty." Let me just say she doesn't say anything, not a peep, but her body language and facial expressions speak volumes. 

Let's see, this all happens at around 4am-ish, give or take a few minutes. By the time I'm back in the house at around 6ish I'm totally wiped-out and ready for a delicious catch-up snooze. Poor M she has to get up go for a run and head out to work.

Anyway back to celebrating New Year it's just not to big a deal for us cats. Firstly those sparkly-arkly things that explode bits in the sky go-off with a bang and scare the living daylights out of us. Secondly there's the added pressure of making and perhaps more importantly sticking to New Years resolutions.

At the end of the day too time just rolls over for us cats and we keep track of things from two reliable sources; our tummies and by our internal alarm clock. Both are always accurate and pretty much tell us all we need to know. It's a little hard to describe so if you can imagine a big round clock for cats with proper numbers or one of those funky digital types the numbers would simply read: Eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, go outside, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, come inside. 

Now let's get back to those resolution thingy's. To tell you the truth the real reason we tend to fall asleep and by-pass New Year is that darn word, resolution. I mean I can just spell it let alone say it. Just image making promises to give up things, no! We're just not wired that way, our DNA screams take with lashings of more, more more!

Imagine M writing my New Years resolutions list:
  • Eat less friskies
  • Eat more so-fish-e-kated food
  • Learn to love fish row - opps roe
  • Drink more water 
  • Stop scratching the under-belly of the lounge
  • Stop scratching the carpet
  • Open my own doors
  • Sleep less
  • Sit on laps
  • Let peeps hug me
  • Be nice even when I don't want food
  • Talk to Miss Tilly

Ha ha! Really? The chances of me sticking to this list well I might as well say "hey all see you later I'm off to go climb Mouth Everest" ri-donk-u-lis. Pigs might fly first. Ok! So that you don't think I'm one old-stick-in-the-mud sourpuss I'm going to keep in the spirit of the holidays and go out on a limb, hows this for a proposal..... 

How about I make some sort of cat-promise? You know it's a lot like a compromise but for cats only? How about I spend some time seriously thinking about me seriously doing what's on "that" list. Seriously? 

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
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Happy New Year!

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