Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Minnie Moo writes a letter to Mr Santa Claws

Today well I'm feeling on top of the world, it's like I'm glowing with the all-over-warm-fuzzies. I feel at least 10 feet tall! Doctor Tigger believes in me! Yesterday during our Skype session he said, and I quote
......"but I've seen a side of you that would make icebergs melt, you can be kind, sweet and yummy."
I'm so happy I could burst.

With all the happy energy running rivers through me I decided it was time for me to unleash my inner-Christmas-fun-cat and get into the spirit of the holidays.

In our house we celebrate Christmas which is apparently a whole lot more that just getting presents and spending all day eating, napping and playing with gift wrapping paper, all I'll say on this is that it's also a great time to think about that valuable lesson Doctor Tigger shared about giving and receiving. 

I don't know what's up with M this year she's hit the snooze button on bringing the fun and festive cheer into the house. What we (scratch that I) really need is for M to come to the party with a real hum-dinger of a Christmas tree. You know one that's decorated in captial F for FUN.

Instead she went all designer and went to a fancy store and came home with this teeny tiny wooden tree with shapes sticking up on the branches. I mean really, give me a break. It's super lousy to play with, I tap it and I get zero reaction, zip, nada, zilch, niente, nothing!
Said Tree - Lovely But
Meanwhile I've heard from cats all over the world (thank you Ms Twitter and Mr Facebook) they're having gi-nor-mous fun with big bushy pine-scented trees over-loaded with sparkly bright baubles and twinkling lights. These trees are specially brought into the house for cats to play with.  

Anyway I know that I'm a big boy cat now but today I'm going through a little bit of what they call "mental gymnastics", it's when your mind just doesn't stop doing forward-rolls, back-flips, summersaults, handstands you name it. You see I still haven't worked out if Mr Santa Claws (thank you Ms Hetta) really does live in the North Pole with his reindeer and little helper elves or if he's hung up his old red suit, black boots & belt and retired to the tropics?

I see him quite a bit on the telly and he pops up in the movies too so I guess he's still busy traveling around the world collecting Santa Air Miles and making all the girls, boys and kitty cats (ok d-o-gs too) super deliciously happy. I heard a little whisper that this year will be extra special as Noo Ziland, that's me typing with a kiwi accent, is going to be his first stop on his world tour. Yah!

There's just one slight hiccup we don't have a chimney. 

I decided that rather than get myself all tied up in knots as to whether I should build a chimney or not I thought it a good idea to leave a note on top of the roof explaining an alternative way to get into our house. Here's what I'm thinking of writing: 

Dear Mr Santa Claws,
You must be very tired from flying all the way from the North Pole to the land of the long white cloud. I hope that you all did lots of training to help you cover such a great distance. You've probably noticed by now, we don't have a chimney so, do you mind using the front door?
It's not too far away. Just ask your reindeer to fly carefully down from the roof to the driveway where there's plenty of room to park and rest while you deliver your goodies.
All you need to do is hop out the sleigh and walk a few steps to open the front door. Don't worry about knocking, it'll be unlocked and our alarm is on the blink. 
To make it easier for you please leave your special gifts at the bottom of the stairs and I promise to deliver and fill up all the Santa Sacks on your behalf. 
If you don't have to rush off relax a little and enjoy a bowl of friskies and a glass of bubbly water.
Lots of Holiday Love Minnie Moo

What do you think? I think Santa will be ok with coming in through the front door. But hey I can hear you all thinking, Minnie Moo delivering the gifts, now that's dodgy....not fair I say! But wait why am I humming this tune? One for me, one for me, oh and wait, another one for me!

Now there's one more thing that's troubling me a little.......just how do Santa's reindeer manage to fly through the air without falling out of the sky? I mean one of them would be at least 5000 times heavier than me. I can't imagine it reining well reindeer, that's just too odd.

I guess that after all these years Santa and his elves have it all worked out and have kept up-to-date with modern technology to put together whizz bang gadgets and stuff to keep the sleigh and everyone up in the air. I hear Santa called Tim the Toolman from that TV show for his expert advice. Apparently he sometimes plays Santa too.  

Wow all that and I haven't even started on my Christmas gift wish list, that's going to take some thought, I'll get onto that tomorrow. Here's a little sneak peak at how it's shaping up............#1 Friskies #2 World Peace

Now I'd like everyone to go to facebook now and sign my petition for M to get me a real Christmas Tree.  

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
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