Monday, 12 December 2011

Minnie Moo's Mondayitis and Skypes Dr Tigger

Good Morning Doctor Tigger
Boy is it Monday morning already? My weekends just seem to whizz-by one moment I've got my happy Friday face on then before I know it Monday's knocking loudly on my door. 

One of my biggest challenges is trying to make friends with Monday. Every week a tug of war goes on inside my head. I'm split in two. Half of me is pulling madly away wishing I could sleep through waking up on Tuesday. The other half is trying to be positive thinking wow it's a brand new week bring on the adventure!

Mrs Google told me I have what's called "Mondayitis" can you believe this, its a proper noun! 

Anyway there was no getting away from the fact that this Monday was the day of my scheduled follow up appointment with Doctor Tigger. I had to shake the Monday blues pronto and put on my "I'm happy and upbeat" face ready to impress the good doctor.

To help me shake the blues I did a little happy dance inside my head while playing air guitar and humming this tune:

Oh oh the weekend is now busted
My lazy Sunday done and dusted
Monday morning has come knockin'
Callin' Minnie Moo do some rockin'

I'm rockin' coz its Monday
But its feelin' kind of glum day
I've gotta do the switch-a-roo
makin' Monday the new fun day
Now rock it Minnie-Moo!

By ten o'clock on the dot Mondayitis had left the building, sleep was washed out of my eyes, my hair was gleaming I was ready to Skype with Doctor Tigger.

Carefully I clicked on the big S for Skype and went to my contacts list it was easy to find Dr Tigger Psycho-ologist. I tapped the green video call button and before long we were connected. 

It had been a couple of years between our meetings but wow Doctor Tigger still looked so magnificent. Big, red and extremely clever looking he hadn't changed at all. I knew too that he still had that uncanny ability to read minds.

"Good Morning Minnie Moo, how wonderful it is for us cats to be so tech savvy that we can Skype each other."

"Yes, I love it too and use it often to keep in contact with my cat buddies around the world. It's a little tricky for me to talk to Catty in Spain as she only speaks Catalan but aside from that it works really well."

What? Why did I go off topic and bring up Catty? I think my nerves were poking through.  

"Ah Minnie Moo, I see you're still doing this, going off topic when you get a little nervous, it's a classic case of let's call it deflecting what we're going to talk about. What you're doing is taking the spotlight off yourself and shining it on someone or something else."

Darn it, he could still read minds.

"But we won't dwell on this, rather let's talk about how you're feeling and whether you're still on track to be the best cat you can possibly be. So, Minnie Moo, how are you feeling with the steps you've been taking to love yourself a little more?"

"Well Doctor Tigger overall I think that I'm beginning to grasp what this truly means. It's an everyday thing. And I think it comes down to feeling more confident in yourself and the daily choices made. Plus its about being kind not only to others but to yourself too."

Impressive. That's what I was thinking!

"Yes, that's amazing, Minnie Moo you've got it in a nutshell, everyday you have to get out there and think today I'm going to be the best cat possible and back myself all the way! Plus I'm going to treat others as I would like to be treated."

Hmmmm I struggled a little with this, does that mean I have to get up multiple times throughout the day and night to feed people and constantly let them in and out of doors?

"Yes Minnie Moo, that's giving and receiving."

Darn it, there he was reading my mind again.

"Giving quite simply is when you've received a lot from others, in your case from M and the whole household you then give something back. This creates balance between giving and receiving." 

This got me a little off-guard, but wait I did give back. "Does giving my cat hair count? I mean I leave it all over the carpet and lounge."

"Minnie Moo, sorry but you shedding your hair is a natural process taking you from your winter to summer coat wardrobe. It has nothing to do with giving."

"How about this. After M has fed you a lovely fresh bowl of friskies, do you then relax and sit on her lap and give her a little of our famous cat love?"

What? You've got to be kidding right? I'm lovely to M to get my friskies then I'm off doing my own thing.

"So I'm guessing Minnie Moo, that you give a little love but only when you want something in return?"

The Skype camera captured the guilty shadow as it passed over my face. 

"I've known you for a long time now and yes it can be pretty much all about you but I've seen a side of you that would make icebergs melt, you can be kind, sweet and yummy."

Really? Like when?

"Ah Minnie Moo the big hand has just reached 11 o'clock unfortunately our time is up and yet there is still so much for us to talk about."

But wait when exactly was I kind, sweet and yummy?

"Sorry Minnie Moo but we're going to have to make another time to meet to answer that question, but you've learnt one of the important steps in your quest to "find the key to unlock me". Step one: Giving.

Step two is understanding giving without expecting anything in return.

"But I don't want to over-load you now and besides we've run out of time. How about we have a follow up Skype call next week Monday, same time?"

Uh, ok.

I'm signing off now, enjoy your week Minnie Moo.

Just like that our session was over and I was left pondering when exactly was I kind, sweet and yummy? Was it the other night at 3am when I jumped up on the bed, soaking wet (somehow I got caught in the crying rain) and I walked on and over a very bald head while purring like mad before plopping down to dry off and nap? 

No I think not. Or perhaps when I waited patiently beside my empty Friskie bowl? No. You see inside I was screaming, "hello, can't anyone else see it, my bowl, it's emtpy, come on guys what's with you, I'm starving over here!"

Gosh I still had a lot to understand. Ah well, I'm still one cute work in progress.

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
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  1. I wonder if that cat can take up to 1 hour facing your monitor LOL!

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  2. It's Minnnie Moo here, normally I can't sit in front of a monitor for 10 seconds let alone an hour. When it comes to Dr Tigger tho' I know he's charging me so I try to hang in there + I've got loads of friskies to keep me going. Thanks for your comment


It's Minnie Moo here, I love your comments as much as I love Friskies!