Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Mmmmm I bet you’re going to look tantalisingly delicious on the buffet table. Did you know, I’ve never tried to eat a Minnie Moo cat before, I wonder if you’ll taste a little like a mouse and a lot like a cow? Boy I can’t wait to find out. 

Slightly offended I muttered, "look Mr Hawk, I’m sorry to disappoint but there’s just no way I’m going to taste like a mouse or a cow, I’m strictly 100% pure cat and that’s that. But you and I both know this is not going to go according to your plan I’m never going to end up as a delicacy on the famed buffet table."

Looking out the corner of my eye I was relieved to see my secret weapon, Mrs Hawk, still watching in disbelief as Mr Hawk continued to unravel right before her very eyes.

"I’m so sick and tired of hearing you babble on about wanting all of us to live together in peace and harmony. I for one can say this will never happen, not on my watch anyway. Besides I didn’t want you out from under the box so we could have a polite cat-chat or for me to sweetly accept your invitation to the silly party, no, quite the opposite, I simply wanted to get a closer look at you, my next meal!" 

This isn’t a game I bellowed and in a frenzied display of fury I flapped my wings ferociously causing a minor dust storm that soon settled all over Minnie Moo. Blinking like mad and covered in dust from top to paw he didn't flinch but stood proudly while spluttering – "it’s lame to think we’re playing a game when there’s so many little anipals so worried and in pain. All we want to do is to live alongside each other in peace and harmony and be free from the fear you reign." 

"Well that's just too bad" and in one swift motion I pecked a piece from Minnie’s paw then another from his right leg. Just as I was going in for a taste of his left paw a screeching cry pierced through the air. 

"Stop! Stop! cried Mrs Hawk, what do you think you’re doing? Stop being such a bully bird. Look even our little bird babies are crying they’re so scared and can’t understand why you’re hurting poor brave Minnie Moo. What sort of example are you setting, didn't you know that it’s not ok to be mean? Besides we’ve always got enough to eat without ever having to touch any of the little anipals. Today I've seen enough to last me a lifetime now you either change or I'm going to ask you to leave this tree forever. The choice is yours. 

Dancing from one sore paw to my another pecked leg and grimacing through my pain - "Mrs Hawk is right, it’s never ok to be mean and you're much better than the bird you were just a few moments ago. Besides it’d be crazy for you to loose your family because of your horrible behaviour. All we want is to share our little village, surely in your heart of hearts you want that too?" 

My head was hanging so low with shame it almost swept the ground. Filled with horror at the realisation my family had witnessed me be so mean and nasty I almost passed out from the burden of guilt and my heart weighed heavy at the thought I made my bird babies cry little terrified tears. I'd never shed a tear before in my life but now one promised to leak right out of my left eye. What had I done? 

Without any bravado I slowly lifted my head to look up towards Mrs Hawk and then down to Minnie Moo and in a small shaky voice I managed "I feel so terrible for the things I said and for pecking you. I'm sorry I was so mean and incredibly foolish to name but a few. My family means the world to me and the thought of loosing them makes me all sad and blue. I’m willing to take the first step towards change and that's a promise Minnie Moo.

A muffled YIPPEE erupted from all the little anipals huddled underneath their boxes. 

Continuing on, "What I'd like to suggest is I hold a meeting tonight inviting all the Hawks to join in to plan how we can come together to live to peace and harmony. Hopefully even the weather will remain quite balmy. As they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but don’t worry we'll soon change our ways. So go ahead plan the party, we’re coming along we'll party for days! 

One more thing, at this stage its better to be safe than sorry and until we've had our meeting to ensure everyone has accepted to change I think it best for you all to return to Little Village under the protection of your boxes. This way no one will be tempted to have take-away for dinner.

Looking up I said in a voice full of pride "Mr Hawk I’m enormously proud of you for taking this first step towards a better life for us all. It’s a new beginning and we're can't wait to party with you, I'm sure we'll have a ball! How about we meet first thing tomorrow morning so you can update us on your meeting? Would you like to fly over to see us or should we meet half way?" 

"I'll fly over to see you all but before you go I’ve one more question that may sound a little strange, where on earth did you find so many boxes for the congo line?" 

"All the boxes, that’s easy! Every week a pellet is delivered to Little Village loaded with boxes full of delicious anipal food. All the empty boxes are recycled and stored in a small shed carved out in the side of a small hill. They're free for anyone to use." 

So for now it's good-bye and good luck with your meeting. Before slinking under my box I looked up to Mrs Hawk and mouthed a silent but grateful “thank you”. 

As we turned to lead the happy and victorious congo line back home I casually mentioned to Mr T and Mayor Thumper "I had more to say but decided to leave well enough alone for I knew Mrs Hawk would have more words to say than me and I'm sure they'll all be delivered in just the right tone!" 

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
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