Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Minnie Moo asks a question.....

an empty bowl of Friskies and a fresh bowl of yummy goodness!
So go on....... and seize the half second!
Loads of love and yours in fresh friskies
Minnie Moo xxxxx

Friday, 25 May 2012

Minnie Moo. SLEEP! PEEPS vs CATS!

The other day I noticed M was really tired and grumpy at me and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. As far as I could see nothing was out of the ordinary; my friskie bowl was full of my favourite food group, my water bowl was sparkly clean and topped up. Plus it was just gone 10am and I was just lounging in the sun settling in for a nice long nap on the couch.

Here I was in my happy place, so why was M yawning all the time and glaring across at me, giving me the evil eye?

If I could understand peep-speak I’d have no problem deciphering what she was saying to me but I don’t think M realises that when she’s talking to me all I hear is blah, blah, blah, Minnie Moo, blah, blah, blah Mins oh and the blah, blah, blah, Minnie Moo it’s Friskie time! Seriously I understand nothing, nada, niente, zip of what M’s saying.

I know it’s good when she gives me cuddles, hugs and tickles me on the head. But all those words just whisk right over my cute little ears.

But with M yawning away, it did get me thinking as to why I was zonked too. The big clock hand had just gone past 10 o’clock in the morning and instead of wanting to get out and enjoy the day, Mr Sandman was paying my eyes a visit and making them all tired and sleepy.

Before I was lost to nap-land I cast my mind all the way back to the middle of the night and me waking up ready to start my activities at the reasonable hour of one o’clock in the morning. Naturally if I was up M had to be up too as she knows I’m not certified to operate a door handle to open the door. M was the only one up to this task.

Instead of giving me hugs and cuddles M just picked me up, opened the door and plonked me outside. What’s up with her? Anyway I didn’t have time to think about that deep stuff right I had a little cat business to tend to. A little sniffing around, doing my neighbourhood patrol, dispatching of some unwanted stuff in the garden and checking up on the bigger anipals living in the paddock across the road, oh and playing with the bunny rabbits too. After a couple of hours of ‘work’ it was time for me to take a break.

Now as I mentioned I am door challenged so to let M know it was time to let me back inside I did what I always do, tap, tap, tapping the door repeatedly while miaow-ing a Chinese Opera at the top of my voice.

Finally M opened the door, saying things I couldn’t understand, to let me inside. Glancing at the clock I could make out the big hand had just gone 3am. For most of us cats, this is lunch time.

Having filled up on friskies and after taking a power nap on the bed ‘lunch’ was over it was time for me to get on with being a cat. Once again the clock told me all I needed to know, it was 4.30am. The perfect time for us cats to catch a performance of the bird dawn chorus.

Naturally as I have door issues I had no choice but to wake up M to let me outside.

So this morning the friskie dropped! M and I are on opposite sides of the clock. When M’s sleeping I’m awake and wanting to go out and do cats stuff and while I’m napping on and off throughout the day, M’s behind her computer, tip, tap, typing away on her work stuff.

But now I think M’s trying to tire me out throughout the day and change my sleeping times, every time I drop off to nap during the day she wakes me up and puts me outside to play. Little does she know I just find a sunny spot to snooze the day away!

Ah well I guess our internal alarm clocks are set to opposite and at the end of a sleepless night that what makes us special and different. Or, loveable and annoying.

We never had this problem in our old house coz I could just jump in and out of the window. Where we live now has huge floor to ceiling windows so my jumping in and out days are over and a cat door is out of the question.

I’m sure M will make it her life mission to ‘train’ me to sleep when she sleeps. No promises but hey I’ll try.

Sweet Dreams,
Yours in friskies, Minnie Moo xxx
Hey if you can't sleep read my tails! 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Minnie Moo's Best Furry Feline Friend Foto Blog

BFFF - best furry feline friend 4 ever 
Here's some of my photo's of the best ever cats I know. They're all super cute, but not as cute as moi! 
We're friends coz we like loads of the same stuff like, LOVE friskies, the couch, cat-napping, eating, playing with other little anipals, eating, sleeping, head scratch's, beds, leaving hair everywhere, waking up super duper early.
Relax and take a peek at some of the best looking cats. Ever! 


Miss Holly works at the flower shop and greets all her customers with a head butt rub, a loud purrr and depending on the weather a hearty mee-ow!
Here's Ms Miley, she lives just over the road from me and has magical green eyes.  Ms Miley sees things only a black cat with green sparkly eyes can see.

Miss Tilly makes me blush a little, you see I've got a secret crush on her. We like to go to the Pussy Foot Inn together for lunch. Miss Tilly is a little posh and a foodie, she likes to help me read my menu.

 Now Lulu looks a little grumpy but don't worry this is her happy face. She was once an indoors only cat now she loves nothing more than flitting in and out and climbing up trees. Unfortunately Lulu hasn't quite worked how to come down trees yet. 

Meet Lady Lucky she wears white sox all the time. I'm pretty sure she was once a movie star when black and white movies were around. Now Lucky just spends her time lounging plus she's a nap-and-snack-a-holic.

Poor Mr Tuxedo is still recovering from his visit to the super brainy anipal peeps aka The Vet. Despite wearing his jumper and being in a little bit of ouch he's always so wise and kind. Check out his long old grand-daddy whiskers.

This one's a hairdresser's dream! I met her with Lady Lucky and she's super friendly. It's a little awkward for me coz I can't remember her name but I do know she loves lapping up Pet Milk.

Ratto is beautiful and so exotic with her long red locks. The lucky thing lives close to the big wide blue ocean and sometimes the sea breeze ruffles her hair. Even though she lives near the water she doesn't like swimming. Neither do I.

This is me, Minnie Moo. Actually this is my "headshot" I sent out to all the cat agents, my secret wish is to get a starring cat role on Modern Family and or The Mentalist, or to be the poster cat for Friskies. Dreams are free!

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo xxx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Minnie Moo says Bullies aren't cool cats

Hey..... if you want to catch up the adventures of Minnie Moo, Mr Hawk and why it's never ok to be a bully, read on here. Tanks!

Zonked from climbing Fear Mountain
Safely home and tucked in all warm and cuddly in my bed, well M’s bed actually I thought about my adventure with Mr T, the most incredible Bunny Rabbit I've ever met, Mayor Thumper leader of all the little village anipals and the once nasty and old big bully but now nice as pie, Mr Hawk.

As scary as our adventure was I managed to conquer 'fear' mountain, it was super challenging and I almost ran out of puff but boy, it was oh-so-worth-it. 

You see for a long time I was terrified of those big birds of prey and direct descendant of the dinosaur, Hawk’s. All they did all day was fly around in menacing circles ready to swoop down on delicious looking little ones aka Minnie Moo's and take them on a way one ticket to never to be seen again land. 

It got to the point where I was 100% totally convinced the ceiling fan in our old house was one big mean angry Hawk. 

As you know on our adventure I met a certain Mr Hawk and instead of backing down and letting his bully bird ways turn me in a wobbly bowl of jelly I decided it was time for me to find my inner strong confident Minnie Moo and stand up to my greatest fear, Mr Hawk.

Using words from the dictionary I had secretly stored in my brain and with the support of Mr T and all the anipals from Little Village, I found my big hearty cat voice and let him know the reasons why it’s never ok to be a bully, in fact I think I remember using made up words like bully ssshmully

Living in that moment I felt no fear and didn’t even think about being whisked off to never to be see again land. All I kept thinking was ‘hey leave us all alone, we’ve never done anything bad to you or your family plus you're a part of our community and we're supposed to look out for one another. It's hard when you've learnt your bad behaviour from your family and your family’s family but you know in this day and age its ok to change. If you’re worried that if you stop eating us little anipals you won't have enough food, don't worry, there’s always plenty and loads of birdseed in the cupboard.'

Amazingly Mr Hawk turned his life around, I think Mrs Hawk had a lot to do with it as she wanted her little bird's Dad to be a positive role model able to give them each a little tool box on how to deal with the beautiful, good, bad and ugly that life can dish out.

So before I closed my eyes to nap I typed a little list on my i-pad with the bold title in bright pink capitals BULLY SSSHMULLY BULLIES AREN'T COOL CATS

Bully’s are mean
Because mostly they don’t know any other way or are under pressure from someone else to look and act mean. Deep down though they’re craving a little love, attention and just for someone to say something positive about them.

Bully's pick on you because they think they can 
But you know what, they can't. It's never ok.

Hey Bullies...
We may be different on the outside but we’re pretty much all the same on the inside.

Just like a super hero I learnt a cool trick
'put on an imaginary cape' so mean nasty words just bounce right off and don't hurt.

It takes a clock to change bad ways
You need a lot of time and understanding. Us cats aren’t very patient so I had to learn how to have a little more of that patience stuff.

Share your worries with others
I told Mr T and before long we found another support group; all the anipals from Little Village. I never-ever felt alone. Besides a problem shared is a problem halved or something like that.......

And finally, always look for a positive in a not so good situation. Like is my friskie bowl half empty or half full? 

With loads of love and friskies Minnie Moo xxx
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