Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Minnie Moo's Best Furry Feline Friend Foto Blog

BFFF - best furry feline friend 4 ever 
Here's some of my photo's of the best ever cats I know. They're all super cute, but not as cute as moi! 
We're friends coz we like loads of the same stuff like, LOVE friskies, the couch, cat-napping, eating, playing with other little anipals, eating, sleeping, head scratch's, beds, leaving hair everywhere, waking up super duper early.
Relax and take a peek at some of the best looking cats. Ever! 


Miss Holly works at the flower shop and greets all her customers with a head butt rub, a loud purrr and depending on the weather a hearty mee-ow!
Here's Ms Miley, she lives just over the road from me and has magical green eyes.  Ms Miley sees things only a black cat with green sparkly eyes can see.

Miss Tilly makes me blush a little, you see I've got a secret crush on her. We like to go to the Pussy Foot Inn together for lunch. Miss Tilly is a little posh and a foodie, she likes to help me read my menu.

 Now Lulu looks a little grumpy but don't worry this is her happy face. She was once an indoors only cat now she loves nothing more than flitting in and out and climbing up trees. Unfortunately Lulu hasn't quite worked how to come down trees yet. 

Meet Lady Lucky she wears white sox all the time. I'm pretty sure she was once a movie star when black and white movies were around. Now Lucky just spends her time lounging plus she's a nap-and-snack-a-holic.

Poor Mr Tuxedo is still recovering from his visit to the super brainy anipal peeps aka The Vet. Despite wearing his jumper and being in a little bit of ouch he's always so wise and kind. Check out his long old grand-daddy whiskers.

This one's a hairdresser's dream! I met her with Lady Lucky and she's super friendly. It's a little awkward for me coz I can't remember her name but I do know she loves lapping up Pet Milk.

Ratto is beautiful and so exotic with her long red locks. The lucky thing lives close to the big wide blue ocean and sometimes the sea breeze ruffles her hair. Even though she lives near the water she doesn't like swimming. Neither do I.

This is me, Minnie Moo. Actually this is my "headshot" I sent out to all the cat agents, my secret wish is to get a starring cat role on Modern Family and or The Mentalist, or to be the poster cat for Friskies. Dreams are free!

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo xxx

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