Monday, 30 January 2012

Minnie Moo almost live from SAG Awards Red Carpet.

I've just been lazing around  doing what I do best you know a bit of napping, a little eating and just rolling about outside in the sun. 

M and I are still quite sad at the loss of her Dad and my OPA so we both decided that as we had so much fun blogging about the Golden Globes red carpet we'd let our inner fashionistas come out to play again and cover the SAG Awards red carpet.

It was quite easy to get our imaginary media press passes!

Plus we both saw this as a healthy dose of therapy to divert our occasional sad minds to the light and fluffy world of Hollywood, movie and TV stars, fashion, accessories and hopefully the oddball who clearly employed the wrong stylist and didn't stop look in the mirror before leaving the mansion.

Even though I may sound all frivolous with my light and fluffy banter deep down I secretly take fashion, entertainment and style very almost seriously. It bugs me that my wardrobe is limited to my summer and winter coat with gray, black, white and tan as my staple colours. Ah well I guess I should be happy with what I have huh?! 

Sometimes I dream about walking down the red carpet and posing in front of all those photographers. I'm sure I'd be super nervous to meet all those famous types. Just imagine if I fell to pieces while trying to talk to someone like George Clooney? Embarrassing! I just don't know how I'd handle myself.

Let's start with our Queen of E's red carpet Guiliana Rancic who looks super-licious in her red Basil Soda gown with a bold striking gold badge of honour embellishing the top. This must be G's designer du jour as it was her Golden Globes choice too.

Co-presenter and Fashion Police fashionista Kelly Osbourne Badgley Mischka look is well just interesting. For me it strikes me as a cross between prim, pretty, puritanical and a little vanilla. I'm not 100% certain this is Kelly's best look but I love her energy and passion for fashion. Yes I know that does rhyme!

First on the man front is TV host and all round good-as-sweet-as funny guy Ross Matthews how he's managed to pull off a super-expensive look in his H&M Tux (BTW my favourite department store) is just priceless and bucks the must-wear-a-designer trend.

You know I'm a little biased when it comes to the Modern Family family they all make such fabulous TV and just an FYI I'm still waiting for my call-up to audition for the lead cat role. Mama Julie Bowen looks so beautiful in her purple Temperley frock it's low-swooping back deserves to be talked about.

I could almost feel the red carpet sizzle when Sofia Vergara sashayed her way down. Two words only, Total Package. She looked off the charts in a gorgeous mauve Marchesa gown dressed up with the most perfect purple Lorraine Schwartz jewels and just-right hair and make up. Plus she brought along her best accessory a superb sense of humour. A simple question, what's not to love?

Star power from the movie The Help has arrived and OMG Viola Davis looks jaw-droppingly stunning in her amazing white and gold Marchesa gown. Accented with gold Jimmy Choo shoes and subtle gold eye make-up, I'm totally captivated.

It took me a while to get my tiny feline mouth around the pronunciation of designer Tadashi Sohji but hey it didn't take me long to purr my approval of Octavia Spencer so elegantly dressed in her smokey gown beautifully accented with a top of intricate sparkle detail and hello how did you do your hair? That is one impressive do.

Hollywood Royalty has arrived and 13 time nominee Merryl Streep is wearing her Vivienne Westwood gown with style and confidence. I can imagine it's super hard to pull off such muted tones without looking washed out but for Meryl its all about her poise and elegance. She's just the world's best at taking on challenging characters so I have a question, do you think Merryl could play me?

Wow I wonder if Angelina Jolie's cat is gorgeous too? I love her look today so simple and stunning in a black Jenny Packham gown with a scooping soft halter neckline and accented with complementary black and gold jewellery. For some reason this look is mesmerising and leaves me gasping for another bowl of bubbly water.  

Another man deserves a mention here for two reasons one he can tie a perfect bow-tie and secondly he's a politician in training so diplomatic. While talking about his show Two and a Half Men Jon Cryer expertly managed the subject of life post Charlie Sheen. Well done I'd vote for you.

Couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinki are just impossibly good-looking together. Emily's Oscar de la Renta chartreuse green creation is just in a word, wonderful Kermit would be impressed. Take note Fashion Police, this frock is a winner. 

Speaking of couples, George Clooney and Stacey Kiebler look just the right height. No seriously they're seriously great together too. Now who doesn't have a crush on George? I'm swooning over here and M has almost passed out. Stacey's black Marchesa frock is strong and striking yet the lace brings a softness and the overall look makes her look so statuesque.

Now talking about a wardrobe change of direction TV star Kelly Cuoco is an absolute Princess in her Romona Keveza gown. Some might say this look is great for a walk down the da-da-da-dum wedding aisle and a little too frou-frou for the SAG Awards. Me I'm just head over heels in love with this plush duck egg blue creation. This just so much of it yet it looks so blustery and light plus there's definitely room for me under it too.

Drawing to a close I quite liked Kyra Sedgewick in Pucci such a vivid red with awesome back and side cut-outs but perhaps a little too simple and bordering on there's not much to feed the imagination. Striking yes but not really a stand out. On the topic of red, Michelle Williams in Valentino just perfection. Such a gorgeous classical look oozing style, sensitivity, confidence, talent and taste. True timeless glamour.

Oh boy too I'm breathless Emily Stone's black lace McQueen gown is a knock out, simple yet packs an amazing punch. I'd definitely wear this gown.

Interestingly Rose Byrnes from Bridesmaid pulled off the best risk-taker look in her Ellie Saab white pants suit, all lean and sparkling. Clever and elegant is how I'd describe this look.

On a side note I loved Kristen Wiig doing her Kris Jenner impersonation MOL and what happened to Jonah Hill he's half the man he used to be. Wow he's in shape and looking great.

All in all I thought this red carpet was a little bland as if someone hit the mute button. I'm sure the on trend soft grey and muted colours look absolutely stunning in person but believe you me on TV there's no justice, no pop or pizzazz. All I heard was a fizzle or was that a whimper? Ouch.

Even my Friskies looked more colourful and enticing. Now that's saying something.

Yours in fashion forward friskies Minnie Moo

Friday, 27 January 2012

Minnie Moo reflects on his OPA (grandfather)

It's been so good just lazing around while listening to all the stories told about M's Dad and my first-ever human OPA who sadly passed away last week. It's really hard to fathom just how much happened in his life it was just so interesting and a real adventure. 

Even though it's only words I'm listening to I could just as easily be sitting in a movie theatre watching his life unfold on the big screen. Secretly I'd really like it if that ever became a reality I'm sure I'd be a shoe-in to nab the star-cat role. 

Today I feel a little more at peace coz I know that OPA wouldn't like this rainy day and would prefer his new spot of being reunited with his family while taking his long eternal nap in the sky. I'm guessing too his old neighbourhood cats from back in the old country, Holland will be super pleased to see him again.

Now as you all probably know my adopted country is Noo-Ziland but part of my blood runs orange from M's Mum and Dad's home country of Holland. Orange is the country's official colour which works for me as I don't mind saying orange really is my colour. I wear it well.

M's Mum and Dad along with her older sister immigrated way back in the late 1950's. It's so incredibly hard for me to get my head around this as I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for a young married couple to make such massive decision. On top of this they all spent 6 weeks at sea on a big huge boat with little more than a couple of suitcases and a few hundred dollars.

Just the thought of spending that long on the water makes me feel all soggy.

But for M's Dad (my OPA) it was heart-wrenching to leave but he had a vision of a new life for his young family without the threat of war, cold, hunger, hardship and the blurred vision of a brighter future. Leaving for Noo-Ziland offered him more than just a glimpse of hope.

It was so tough to leave. As much as the families understood the need to start a-fresh the heart strings played a different tune and it was only natural that their families wanted them to stay home, where they belong in the country of their birth not in some far off land at the bottom of the world.

M's Dad left behind a huge family and a way of life that had become so familiar to him. As the youngest of 16 brothers and sisters I can only imagine how tough it was to grow up in such poor conditions with the whole family living in a really small house while war time Europe raged.

I've heard too that his house had only one tap! This one and only watering station serviced everyone's bathing needs, kitchen requirements and all the other things that we take for granted from our taps. But there was no complaining as to them having only one tap was well normal.

It was incredibly tough to get by when war and hardship was your everyday reality. Against his wishes OPA had no choice but to leave school at such an early age to go out and work, on top of this he had to leave home too. There just wasn't enough food for the whole family and moving out of the house to the safety of a provincial farm kept him safe from all of the war time threats. 

All the while his Mum was worried sick after her little boy.

Every time I hear this story my heart breaks a little. I mean I have it so easy, I get up eat friskies, nap, eat some more, explore outside, sleep then do it all again. I can't imagine being so cold, scared, hungry and homesick. 

Yet something resonates with what M told me just the other day. Before her Dad passed away he said "we were so very very poor but you know what we had smarts and this is what got us through". Smarts and family love. If only we could bottle that up and sell it I'm sure it would fly off the shelves.

So when it was time to leave Holland Dad took with him a suitcase full of memories and Dutch pride. He never forgot who he was, where he came from and how precious his family was to him. I did sense a sadness and I could see it in his eyes that he mourned for a childhood lost. He never got to be just that little boy playing and running around with his mates. He never got to be a kid.

Immigrating to Noo-Zilind was like opening a new book with Chapter One revealing the start of their journey within this new country. Over the years Dad's value system and high regard for work and family brought him so many riches a beautiful wife, four healthy children, his own painting and decorating business and his very own home, a splendid weatherboard 1920's villa which he lovingly restored.

All this was such a far-cry from the home with the one tap and the harsh cold winters.

Yet "being Dutch" never left him. Madly passionate about soccer he never quite grasped cricket or rugby, his diet was often an assortment of pickled fish; herring and rollmops, everyday he'd take a droppie that's black salt liquorice and his meals weren't complete without a helping of potatoes either boiled, mashed or fried. I tell you if there was a "Certificate in Potato Peeling" OPA would have one with honours!

Oh and I should mention here too that M told me stories about how there was always plenty of wooden clogs in the garage! Yep the family used to wear them for all sorts of outside jobs.

Before I sign off anipals sometimes took centre stage too. Both M and her Mum are mad about 4-legged pals and boy could OPA make a big song and dance about how the cat was getting more attention than him. To me I can't quite understand what all the fuss is about, isn't the natural order Cats first, Dads, husbands, OPA's second?!

I won't get into all the cats the family loved over the years as I'm still quite traumatised by the Bam Bam story. From what I can gather this big red Tom cat left behind a lot of scars, literally, before defecting to the neighbours house.

Writing this makes me feel slightly green with envy as it was a d-o-g that stole OPA's heart, Lady a stunning Red Irish Setter without going into too much details I've seen a few photo's and even I'll admit Lady was one good looking d-o-g. 

I guess we can all take comfort that when life takes someone precious away from you thank goodness you always remain connected through memories, all the stories and the photo albums you've shelved in your mind to pull out on a rainy day. Now that comforts my little heart.

I hope they have friskies where you are OPA, lots of love Minnie Moo

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Minnie Moo thinks about family

When I found M and basically took over her life I knew that for the first time in my teeny tiny life I was home. It wasn't until a few days later I realised I'd struck gold with M you see it's not everyday that you find your first real life human peep Mum. 

Little did I know M came with a whole bonus family that literally stretched for miles and miles across water and countries.

On the top of my new family tree sat Oma and Opa that's how the Dutch folks say Grandma and Grandpa. Perched on the branches below sits a sister who lives in Brisbane, a brother in Sydney plus another brother from just down the road and around a few corners. From what I can gather he lives quite close-by and you don't need to pack a suitcase to visit.

Then alongside them all is the cutey-pa-toot-ey grand children, followed by the peeps who sound like they're in trouble with the law; the in-laws and loads of cousins, uncles, aunts who live here in Noo-Ziland, Oz-trailer and Holland. We've got family from Japan too and the newest guy well he comes all the way from that cold country Chilly or is it Chile?

Just when I thought I'd managed to wrap my little but incredibly brainy brain around M's family who's who I had to stop and start all over again to include the family of the other man who lives in my house. His gorgeous daughter Y tops the list (even tho' she won't let me sleep on her bed).

As you can imagine finding family was quite overwhelming for me. Here I was thinking "wow at last my days of living on the street are over I've finally found myself a nice house to move into and occupy." Thinking back I couldn't quite believe the house came complete with a perfect sunny sleeping spot, a cashmere blanket, plenty of lovely used shower water to lap up and a fresh bowl of friskies morning and night. 

At the time I thought "hello am I the richest cat in the whole-wide-world or what?"

Soon after when I realised there was a human peep living in the house I paused to think, "hmmm am I ok with this"? Well if it meant me being lavished with love and loads of treats, heck yes! Being a logical thinker I made a mental note to myself to love all the family members coz this in turn would mean even more love and treats for me. Perfect.

It's now a few years on and I've actually met loads of peeps from the family tree and they're all wonderful each with their own unique personality, making them all super special. They all seem to have one thing in common, a funny bone. You see they laugh a lot and get my jokes too.

Meeting Oma and Opa for the first time was quite something for me as I'd never met anybody who carried the prestigious title of "Senior Citizen" or is it Senor Citizen? For me it was like love at first sight. Both would just leave me sitting quite happily on the ground as bending down to pick me up was quite the challenge. This suited me as Dr Tigger had previously diagnosed me with having pawsoffthegroundaphobia. Plus they'd often cat-sit when M deserted me for a couple of days.

Us cats are known to prefer the single life. We just like to be left alone. But deep down I secretly loved having two family trees growing in my life. If I was ever laid low with a bout of the cat-blues or if the magical Ms Miley was trying to scratch my nose I felt I had family to look out for me making me feel safe and connected.

One week ago today my life changed and this past week has taught me to never-ever under estimate family. One minute I was sitting with paw to keyboard ready to type a letter to Miss Ratto the next moment things turned all topsy-turvy. 

I got the so-sad news M's Dad and my first-ever OPA had passed away to take a long eternal nap in the sky. I'm still feeling a little shaky but later I'll share a couple of stories about this very special man.

M whispered to me that it was heart-breaking to see her once robust food loving and funny Dad slowly slip away to become like a little frail and fragile sparrow bird.

It was M who also whispered "Minnie Moo he may have been our little frail sparrow but you know what he was our little happy sparrow." This brought a smile to my heart and a tear into my friskie bowl.

To our very special Happy Chappie OPA R.I.P Lots of love Minnie Moo 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Minnie Moo vs Fashion Police

He He sign me up I want to become a Joan Ranger! I watched Fashion Po-leece (FP) on the the telly last night with Joan Rivers, the lovely Mrs Guiliana Rancic (G for short), Kelly Osbourne and the divine George. I gotta say here that Joan makes me MOL (mee-oww out loud) she's scary funny I wonder what she'd say about my summer coat?

Some of her jokes swish right over my head though......I'm still really young and impressionable right? 

Reviewing the fashion triumphs and flops must be such a tough gig! Imagine sitting in an armchair, remote control a refreshing cool drink and nibbles all nice and handy with a work brief to dissect dresses, frocks, gowns, tux's, accessories, hair, make-up and shoes. Work doesn't get any harder than that! I mean really let me just shout-out loud and clear um HELLO DREAM JOB!

I'm almost kind-of-sort-of-stoked to report my fashion picks were almost on the same page as the FP panel. How's that for great minds thinking alike! 


Best Dressed: Angelina Jolie Minnie Moo's BDW Charlize Theron
Worst Dressed Star:  Sarah Michelle Gellar Minnie Moo's WWYT Lea Michele
Photo Credit: AP and Getty Images
The FP panel swooned over Charlize Theron in her as I like to say stunningly-licious Dior creation and Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace. Wow not too many people can wear white satin-y fabric and get away with it. It's hard to hide those pesky lumps and bumps! Hello the last time I looked Ange didn't have any what-so-ever. The dash of red across the top accessorized the dress to perfection.

Fashion Po-leece Best Dressed Winner (BDW) Angelina Jolie
Minnie Moo's BDW Charlize Theron

Now George was really fiesty over Elle MacPherson's Zac Posen gown. He did not like it. At all. I think George may need to pay a visit to the local eye doctor, I think his eyeballs are on the blink.

Oh dear the Worst Dressed Star, at least by adding star you soften the blow a little. Anyway I like to think of the Worst Dressed as the Come on What Were You Thinking (WWYT)! Anyway is this a winner or a loser category?

Sorry Sarah Michelle Gellar in her Monique Lhuillier ball gown scored her first walk down the worst dressed red carpet. It's a long walk perfect to take some time and reflect on the said or should it be sad dress. I feel bad writing this as word on the carpet is her daughter chose the frock. Did she draw on it too?

Fashion Po-leece Worst Dressed Star Sarah Michelle Gellar
Minnie Moo's Worst Dressed WWYT Lea Michelle's in her not so gleeful Marchesa frock

Yours in Fashion Forward Friskies Minnie Moo

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Minnie Moo's Post Golden Globe Pawty Glow

All is see is frocks, frocks and more frocks! 

That was quite something reporting semi-live from the Golden Globes Red Carpet. When I finally got to sleep (sometime this morning) I dreamed I was swimming in a sea of frocks, gowns and tuxedo's. Which is really odd because I just don't do swimming.

Now I've caught the frock-bug I'm really interested to watch the Fashion Police telly to see who made the best dressed list, I'm still picking Charlize Theron and who's going to walk the red carpet walk of shame holding a fancy placard GUILTY OF FASHION CRIMES! 

After checking in my press pass and clocking off from my glamour-puss reporting duties I decided to invited my paw-pals the "Pussy Foot Inn" lunch crowd over for a post Golden Globe wrap pawty. Ms Miley, Mr Tuxedo (lucky he doesn't have to hire a suit), Mrs Super Big Fluff-Ball, Mr Moggie-Oggie and Ms Look-a-like all came looking gorgeous and bearing loads of yummo pawty gifts.

Now I'd love to share the-behind-the-scenes shenanigans but hey us cats have one golden rule we never ever kiss and tell! All I'll say is Bruno Mars and The Pussy Cat Dolls played on high rotation and today I'm totally useless, zonked, shattered and knackered (that's for all my UK cat buddies).

I haven't achieved a whole lot today except eat friskies, flop on the carpet, nap, roll-over and do it all again in reverse. Isn't that what I do on a good day?

Roll on tomorrow I'll be fresh and ready to write that over-due letter to Miss Ratto.

I'm loving this 2012.

Yours in friskies and water with bubbles in it Minnie Moo

Monday, 16 January 2012

Minnie Moo blogs semi-live from the red carpet

I'm so excited instead of doing my usual thing of lazing around I'm actually going to do something really useful with my time. Being lazy on the couch while watching the Golden Globes live from the red carpet with Ryan Seacrest and Guiliana Rancic.

In one of my blogs I did say that I'm not really a "fashionista" it's just that my I don't seem to wear anything but white, black, gray with a hint of tan. My new friend Lucky has more style but she's out on a shopping spree. So it's just me blogging my way down the fabulous fashionable red carpet. I'm bound to make the odd faux-paw. But hey remember I'm a cat.

So here's me thinking what am I going to say about the first dress and what's the first thing I see a d-o-g! I mean I thought this red carpet was for bonafide peeps. Even I'm going to say, oh-so-super cute complete with his little bow tie I think he must have a day job as one of those anipal movie stars. Wow now that's a cool, it's got me thinking perhaps there's an opening for a me, a c-actor all the way from Noo-Zilind. 

I've got to say here Guiliana Rancic looks so faboosh in her beautiful blush tone Monique frock. I was knocked out too by her first Basil Soda dress. Oh the black and gray tones with the feminine ruffles. Definitely a G for Gorgeous. 

I don't know how G manages all that multi-tasking looking beautiful while asking her showbizzy questions and, trying not to faint when GC walks by. 

I know I shouldn't bark on about it but hey I'm still jealous there was a d-o-g on the red carpet!

Jessie Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family is chatting with Ryan now I love his quirky waistcoat but hey I couldn't help but overhear him say something about a d-o-g called Leaf, he's a (non porky) Morkie. I'll say no more only that is this a celebration of film and television or 4-legged mutts?! 

I know I'm boy-cat but hey I totally get that swooning over George Clooney thing. When he stepped out of the limo my heart did somersaults and skipped a couple of beats. One word WOW. Ok M can I have the keyboard back now please? His girlfriend Stacey looks kind of good in her red dress but hey it is really hard to pull off wearing a red dress on the red carpet, you know you just tend to blend in.

Now I don't want to change track here but there's a theme here you see I read in People Magazine that even George has a rescue dog apparently they both bonded over Turkey or something like that.

Hey M do you think I could trade-up? George are you looking for a cat to love too? I mean I'll even stoop to be your DPA (d-o-g personal assistant). I can't promise the d-o-g won't end in tears but hey anything to get my foot in the door. 

Pick up my tiny little cat mouth off the floor please! I mean Charlize Theron is stunningly-licious. Just straight to the top of the best dress list. A for her Amazingly beautiful dusty-pink or should I say blush tone Dior Couture creation with the Cartier jewels. True glamour. 

Woo-hoo there's a cat up there talking to Ryan! It's Salma Hayek from Puss 'n Boots my second favourite movie after Garfield. Now I quite like her Gucci dress but the metallic bits and pieces, there's just too much going on. It's like a metal-super-power-shield emblazoned across her chest. I think perhaps she should have worn her Kitty Softpaws outfit instead.

How did Ryan Seacrest manage it? He's talking to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! It's good to see the ice seems to have thawed between Ange (can I call her that?) and Ryan. Ange's movie "In the land of Milk and Honey" sounds super intelligent and would probably go right over my head. But hey I do like Milk and Honey does that count? 

Ok back on topic. Wow my fashion radar is just buzzing! How can you not love Angie's Atelier Versace dress with the red folded accent across the top. It's understated yet still screams-sophistication sewed in with effortless-elegance. 

Warning! Wardrobe malfunction! Sarah Hyland's zipper broke on the red carpet. At least she has a whole Modern Family to help sew her right back into her vintage Dolce Gabbana gown. I always watch Modern Family it makes me MOL (meeow out loud). Hey come to think of it I've never seen a cat on Modern Family....what do you think "Modern Family starring Minnie Moo?"

Boy I think there's so much opportunity for me in Hollywood. Now how do I get there?

One of the hottest trends swimming up the red carpet is the Mermaid Tail. Hmm sounds a little fishy to me what's wrong with a cat tail.

Ok this is a little odd for me to write but Diana Agron from Glee is wearing a gown inspired by laser cut swans. Too weird, just too complicated to describe so I'll be moving right along to Lea Michelle's Marchesa Frock wow no not for me. Just too much of a metallic mesh, it's like wearing a shattered mirror. Plus the hair isn't right. Normally Lea's on the fashion money, today she's following the latest economic trend. A downgrade. Ouch!

Her Majesty Madonna is in Ryan's presence. Does he have to curtsy? It's amazing how she looks so beautiful and timeless. I'm not going to say anything more here. Other than it takes a lot of work. The Metallic gown look is just not for me and it kind of washes Madge out.

Now on the flip side her W.E actress Andrea Ridenborough looks positively regal in her Vivienne Westwood gown. Wow now this dress is so wide you could just take time out and rest your arms. How clever to one day wake up and think "you know what I'm going to make a dress with your own personal built in arm rests". 

Oh before I forget I must say Reese Witherspoon's blonde hair looks fab I feel a pang of curl envy. Do you think one of those Hollywood hair stylist peeps could fly over to blow dry a curl into my hair too.

Jessica Alba funny I still get her confused with Jessica Rabbit but the real Jessica Alba looks really classically pretty in her very detailed Gucci dress. Too much detail for me, I'd like to say there's tons of beads and stuff sewn on but that sounds like a dress right from the arts and crafts market. Not everyone can pull off this look without looking, now how do I say this delicately, old. 

Oh and a big cat-hug to Elle MacPherson in her wonderful whimsical Zac Posen frock. Love. Not OTT but just right. She said her favourite bit of her is her heart. Bless. I think my heart is pretty special too.  

Ok another hot trend blush tones. Oh and Ricky Gervais too!

Yours in Hollywood style Friskies served in a Golden Bowl Minnie Moo

Friday, 13 January 2012

Minnie Moo Furday the 13th

I'm the Magical Ms Miley
With eyes so green and smiley
One day I'll have my name in lights
All the way in Las Vegas, boy what a sight!

This morning when I woke up and before rubbing a tiny piece of Mr Sandman's sand out of my eye I took a sneak peak at the calendar and let out a little ooohhh noooo da da doom today's Furday the 13th. There's a spelling mistake on the calendar though it reads Friday.

Sensing I could be a little unlucky today I thought how lucky Lucky the cat is to be called Lucky and I made a mental note to avoid mirrors, stepping on any cracks, walking under ladders and crossing paths with black cats. The other day I read that peeps should avoid getting married on this so called bad-luck day coz if they do they're doomed to live a cat and dog life.

Well I've got issues with that! First of all us cats live a pretty spe-cat-ular life we get to laze around, take multiple cat-naps, snack regularly, have full-time door openers, play, snuggle and own a whole lot of furniture. On top of this we don't pay rent, a mortgage, bills and invoices (sorry I don't understand those two words) and have a line-up of peeps wanting to feed, water, love and clean up our never-ending trails and piles of cat hair.

I mean really, who else gets to live this kind of life?

Secondly merging "a cat and dog life" in the one sentence just doesn't work. You all know the old saying of Dogs have Masters, Cats have Servants? Well need I say anymore!?

This Furday the 13th superstitious stuff got me thinking why is this day feared by many? I asked Mrs Google but didn't get very far as this one very tricky word threw me right off my train of thought. Here's a snippet of what I found out; The fear of Friday the 13th is called "Paraskavedekatriaphobia". Well I ended my research right there and then. I mean you try saying and spelling it! I gave up at the first K.

I decided the best thing for me to do was to push spooky #13 all the way to the back of my mind and get along with my day as if it was the 12th or 14th. Stepping outside I felt full of early morning cheer and after yesterday's heat it was refreshing to feel a blustery gale blow right through my summer furry coat. 

Crossing our little road I was secretly hoping to bump into Miss Tilly. We haven't spoken in a while and I was really keen to see if she would notice my new cattitude laced with 2012 confidence. But as luck would have it Miss Tilly was nowhere to be seen instead a black cat crossed my path. 

Darn that Ms Miley.  

With her magical green eyes smiling brightly she walked with a purpose in a stride like this was her special day. Yet as if reading my mind she cast me a menacing look as if to say "yeah yeah I'm a black cat out walking on Furday the 13th. Just count yourself lucky you didn't walk under a ladder too." 

Conflicted I thought Ms Miley's right just because she's a black cat doesn't mean I'm going to be unlucky. She's magical yes but unlucky no. I see her almost every other day and so far nothing bad has happened. Just to be sure though I double checked I still had all four paws and a tail. 

Even though it was a blustery morning I didn't want to throw caution to the wind and decided that the only way for me to get through this day was to go back inside for a lazy day filled with me taking 13-long-lucky-cat-naps.

Before dropping off for snooze #1 I remembered a little bitter-sweet poem I once read about Ms Miley...

Magical Ms Miley 
So what if I'm a black cat
I walk under ladders too and that's that 
I love me for who I am
Furry happy and ever-so-glam

It's my eyes you see they're green and bright
At night they sparkle it's really quite a sight
Minnie Moo once said wow you're eyes are a magical delight
I said, I see things that sometimes give me quite a fright

It's just a tree, bird, sheep or flower you may see
Dusted with my magical power they dance as if on the TV show Glee
Blink and my eyes open a window to a world of wonder 
Full of adventure, joy and even a clap of distant thunder

Some others say so you're a black cat you must be unlucky
To them I say you're wrong and all kind of sucky
You see I'm Ms Miley I'm magical and lucky
One day I'll have a show in Vegas, now that's very plucky!

So to all you black cats out there 
Don't let this day fill you with fear
You're all special and more than dear
I love you all, we're black cats so there! 

Yours in my lucky bowl of friskies Minnie Moo
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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Minnie Moo Melts

Boy it's boiling hot today the temperature is hovering close to 30 degrees that's about 86 in Fahrenheit language. It's so hot I feel like taking off my summer coat but hey I'm a cat and don't have much choice in the wardrobe department.

I was going to muster up the energy to write my letter to Miss Ratto but I was a little scared the combination of writing and the heat would melt my brain. So just in case I'm going to save it for a cooler day. 

It got me thinking what I'd like to put in my letter I know she lives close to the water and as I've never-ever been any where near the ocean I'd love to find out what it's like. I mean on a day like today it must be like a tropical Pacific paradise with a lovely breeze floating on up sending ripples of cool air. Bliss. Nature's own air-conditioning system.

Not that I'd get too close to the water though, I just can't see myself hanging around the lapping edge ready to dip my paws in, no sorry to say I just don't do water.

Back to reality, over at my place the air's hanging around me like a giant damp blanket. It's icky. I mentioned in my blog the other day of my curly hair envy, I'd just met Tuxedo a d-o-g with the most beautiful black curls. I so wanted a curl. Imagine today his curls must look like one massive frizz bomb! I remember reading somewhere humidity just doesn't like curls. 

The other thing I'm curious about is what it's like to live so close to a farmyard zoo? It must be tons of fun with loads of green grass to play in and different anipals to share the day with. 

I already know it's home to a couple of super-cute guinea pigs and huge horses. I still think it's strange that they're measured in hands. Anyway talk about a small to super tall size difference! It got me thinking what if I crossed paths with a guinea pig would I be mistaken for a horse? What if one jumped on my back and said "giddy-up let's go for a ride" I mean, I'm taller so it's possible, right? 

This got me thinking about a little poem from inside my slightly melted head....

Once upon a time I took a walk down a path
It was so hot I wanted to plop into a cold bath
Along came a black, white and tan guinea-pig
Who looked up at me thinking wow you're all furry and big

With cute brown eyes and a twitchy button nose
He stopped for a moment before striking a pose 
Not quite knowing what it is I wanted to say 
I stood tall but stock-still as if I could wait all day

Taking teeny tiny steps on four petite paws
He inched closer looking down at my cat like claws
Feeling all friendly he popped his head up to say 
"Boy it's so hot I feel like being lazy all day"

I said are you sure you're not a really a cat?
That's funny now why do you ask that?
You said the L-word with such ease
It was like you plucked it right from the breeze

Well I'm a little like you I guess I could be a cat too 
But I'm a g-pig who lives lazily in a fun zoo
When I first saw you I thought now there's one tall horse
How silly of me, you're a cat of course! 

Ok I really do think the heat has me all frazzled. I think I'll go eat some friskies now and take a little siesta. That'll make me feel a little more normal.

Here's hoping I don't dream I'm really a horse with a tiny little guinea pig squeaking out giddy up while riding on my back!

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Minnie Moo's Lucky Day

Ok so I'm not hip, should read Best Feline Friends for ever!
I'm chuffed! Everyone loved my letter to Lady Lucky. That's it then! It's going in the post. I've already made a really nice copy, folded it and put it neatly into an envelope. I even licked the stamp. Yucko! So not tasty! But boy did this letter look special I was so proud when I gave it to M to pop into the letter-box. For a moment I freaked out a little I thought she said litter-box! Double Yucko.

This whole writing a letter and posting it got me thinking as to how much mail from all over the world is dropped into then taken out of a gazillion different boxes and delivered into another gazillion letter boxes dotted along the many different streets, avenues, lanes and cul-de-sacs of the world.

It's like every letter address must have it's own in-built GPS code that's secretly activated so the letter can fly out of the box to find its way to the right street before zooming in to land at it's final letter box destination. I just love my imagination!

Mrs Google told me that back in the "good old days" homing pigeons made excellent letter carriers. I'm not even going to comment on that bit of information.

As much as I love receiving snail mail. Strictly fan mail only all bills go to M. It  just seems like such a lovely but long-winded way of saying hi. By the time you've taken oodles of time to write the letter, had it posted and delivered. When you finally get a reply well let's just say I'm onto at least Friskie box number 8! Plus all that writing plays havoc with my paw you see I suffer badly from writer's cramp.

I don't want to sound like I'm moaning but hey it does take a lot to scratch out a word when you've made a mistake. Email is just so much easier simply type and send. Plus there's the magical delete button, you know "hit delete". I like it too that everything travels down the "information super highway" wow I so wish I could hitch a ride.

Anyway after M made her postal delivery and was back home she found me outside lolling about in the sun and asked if she could have a quick chat with me. Sure I said, what's up?

"Minnie Moo I noticed your letter was addressed to Lady Lucky." I thought cheeky fancy M reading the outside of my letter. "Well she said, I've got a sneaky feeling this Lucky is the little Tuxedo girl who lives with my Mum and she is by the way the cute-ist of cute cats! I'm not 100% sure but something tells me she's my Mum's little Lucky girl. Fancy that hey and I thought our world was small."

I wasn't sure what M was getting at with the small world business but moving on, could it be possible that I'm related to Lucky? Did this mean we couldn't be friends? As if reading my troubled thoughts M said "don't worry I'm sure you're not related to Lucky. It's just that I thought I better let you know I'm pretty sure Lucky's human Mum is my real life Mum."

Ok I thought so far so good. But wait if M's Mum is Lucky's human Mum who's Lucky's cat Mum? 

M carried on the conversation for me. "Lucky's Mum well come to think of it we don't really know who or where she is. You see Lucky was living at the SPCA that's where my Mum found her gave her a big cuddle and decided then and there to take her back to live in her forever home."

Hmmmm I don't know my cat Mum either. Remember I was once a street cat with only Pizza for family. So if Lucky wasn't living with her cat Mum when M's Mum took her home, perhaps we are related does she like Pizza?

Once again M jumped right in and said "don't worry Minnie Moo I'm pretty sure that you both don't come from the same cat family. I think it's geographically impossible as from what I can gather you were born in different towns." 

Phew I sighed before M went on to say, "even though you're not from the same cat family you and Lucky belong in our human-peep family."   

"BTW it's ok to call her Lucky and I know you'll be best buddies."

Really at this point I didn't know whether to be confused or happy. So I settled for happily confused. All that matters is M's right, wait did I say that? Lucky and I are going to be best buds.

Who knew writing a letter could cause me so much anxiety.

Yours in friskie comfort food Minnie Moo
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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Minnie Moo's Letter to Lady Lucky

What're you doing today? Nothing at all.
Nope nothing at all. 
Phew so far it's been a d-o-g free day. All that's on my agenda today is to pencil out a serious amount of time to chill-lax. Isn't that what those young peeps say? As you can see, I'm doing just that.

But in the back of my mind I know that I'm going to have get out pen and paper and write a note back to Lady Lucky and Miss Ratto. To tell you the truth over the past couple of days I've been thinking about this loads but all I've managed is one word, Dear. Sad I know but very true.

To be fair it's been a hectic couple of days with the "Spoodle" coming to stay and my run in with the Labra-door. Plus the weather's played havoc with my sense of well-being. One minute it's raining the next it's boiling hot sunshine. I don't know whether I'm supposed to be an in or out door cat. Talk about confuse me. Anyway I guess I could keep feeding you all excuses but at the end of the day I know it's time to knuckle down and write those letters.

You know the "Cat-Etiquette Book" does suggest that you respond back within a few days otherwise one could consider you to be displaying rude behaviour (I know I sound so formal!) Now I'm a little aloof, pre-occuppied, scared, loving yet distant but rude, no that's not how I roll.

So now that I've got a little spare time up my paw and I've just had my super-charged power-cat-nap I may as well draft a letter back to Lady Lucky. To jog my memory again Lady Lucky is really lovely looking with an impressive black and white coat with matching white socks and we share a major love of cat-biscuits, Purina for her and Friskies for me, me, me. 

Ok so I'm a little sheepish here, but this is my first draft. Well to be honest this is "take 27" as they say in the movies. My paws are a little tired from all the writing.....

Dear Lady Lucky,

Thank you so much for your recent letter. I'm really stoked (aka super happy) that you read my blog every single day. That's amazing! Knowing that I've got one "avid reader" motivates me to keep on writing.  

I love the photo of you, it's so stylish. I'm really impressed that you're able to wear a Tuxedo and white socks at the same time, not too many cats can pull that look off.  I know another cat who wears a Tuxedo but I don't recall any white socks. Plus the strangest thing happened the other day I met a Spoodle d-o-g called Tuxedo. Imagine a dog named after a cat!

Anyway I'm Minnie Moo and I'd love to be in fashion too but I can only wear a little white, gray, black and sometimes tan too.  

What can I say about me?  I live in Havelock North in my house on top of the hill. M, N, G and Y live here too, I let them stay here as long as they do the dishes and put friskies in my bowl. So far so good. 

Being a good catizen I often do neighbourhood patrols and last year I even went out to the Pussy Foot Inn for lunch. Normally I'm a friskie-tarian but I thought hey why not try to be a FOODIE for a day.

I must say that I still think nothing is as tasty as a bowl of friskies.

I've decided 2012 is going to be fabulish, a mixture of fabulous and deliciousness! I'm really hoping I'll be able to get out more to meet and make new friends. 

Aside from that I'm quite good at tech-no-ology. I use my i-pad and i-phone all the time. I think I like these gadgets because they all start with i. So if you're also on email or SKYPE we can message each other.

If you don't live too far away we can always meet up for a bowl of water with bubbles in it or a cup of cream, of course that's only if you'd like to. Unfortunately I can't catch the bus as I don't have a pocket for my bus-pass plus I suffer dreadfully from car-o-phobia, I think all cars are alien space ships. They scare the living daylights out of me.

On a more positive note, I love watching telly, The Mentalist is my favourite show and I think of myself as a potential employee in the Crime Scene Investigation Unit. Oh and I love Bruno Mars, did you know he wrote the Lazy Song for me?

Well Lady Lucky I hope you don't mind me using your full title but I don't know you well enough (yet) to just call you Lucky have a great day and I hope to hear from you soon.

If you'd like to SKYPE just type in MINNIEMOOTHECAT and we'll connect. I tweet too @minniemoothecat

Yours in Friskies and Purina Minnie Moo

So, what do you think? Am I on the right track or so far off course I may as well scrunch it up and start again? Take 28?