Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Minnie Moo You've got FAN mail

Woo-hoo I've got mail. Fan Mail.
Hello 2012! I'm loving you already and well well, isn't it already shaping up to be one fun spe-cat-ular year? I know it's only day 4 (In Noo-Zilind anyways) but hey I've just found out I've got myself not one but two admirers, let's call them fan-cat-ics! 

I'm beyond excited. So that it doesn't sound like I was the last to leave the New Year's pawty please pull up an armchair and read on to find out how life can change just from taking a short but very pleasant walk to the letterbox. Here's a true story about how my eyes have been opened to the possibility there's just a teeny bit more to life than fretting over Miss Tilly and doing my neighbourhood patrols.

This eye-opener is all down to two special cats Lady Lucky and Ms Ratto.

I'd just finished packing up my little suitcase with all of my 2011 left-overs. Taking up most of the space was a whole-load-of-melon-cauli. By the time I'd finished I had to sit on the top to close the darn thing. I knew the blues weighed heavy but boy this case required some heavy lifting skills.

As soon as the clock struck twelve midnight and 2012 was officially on my doorstep I decided to say "no more to feeling blue over stuff and Miss Tilly" and the next thing that I did was pack it all up and send it away for one-very-long-vay-cat-tion to an island just off the coast of Never-Never.

Instead I chose to hop on board the happy and slightly annoying train riding all the way down the Positively 2012 line. With Diva Patti LaBelle singing "oh oh oh oh oh I got a new cat-titude".

I said to myself "Minnie Moo you've spent a whole lot of time worrying about things you can't control. Take Miss Tilly you're in bits and tie yourself up in knots at the thought of you two just having a quick cat-chat." This rang true as sometimes I've been so wrung out with worry I felt just like one of those old turbulent wringer washing machines M's Mum used back in the good old days.

Once I'd packed up the suitcase and sent it on its way I noticed how much more courage and pep was in my step even my head was just a little higher into the wind. It was a reminder too at the end of the day it pays to check in with yourself to take a good long "I'm loving me" look.

So I did just that I checked in at the Minnie Moo counter and had my very own Oh-prah moment of basking in me. I said all these lovely things about me to went something like this, "I'm Minnie Moo. One of a kind. A boy-cat who has come from the streets and a diet of pizza to courageously take over M's life before giving in to living one lazy day at a time in my on-top-of-the-hill home. I'm funny, annoying and love to be on the outside but yet still always looking in. I wear my big loyal badge with pride after-all who loves friskies more than me? 

Wow this diet of positive energy was doing wonders for my skin too, I was if I can say so myself positively glowing. Even M commented on "my halo of happiness."

Feeling like a new version of the old me I went about my day without the baggage of days gone by. It's amazing how much you carry around with you when you're on the melon-caulis. Heading out to the letter box I thought about the days when paw-written letters united cats from all around the world. Today when you look in "the box" there's nothing more than a few odd bills (that's M's department) and scrappy notes from odd-jobbers ones like "I've got 10 sheep do you want your lawns mowed. Call 0800-SHEEP-EAT-MOW." That kind of thing.

Normally I'm good at keeping in touch via all things tech-no-ology, you know email, facebook, twitter (now that's ironic) and the like. But for some reason today I wanted to do it the old-fashioned-letter-box way. A quick check to see if the snail delivered any mail. Well well I almost fell right off my legs with surprise to find not one but two letters addressed to me, Mr Minnie Moo.

Checking for any tell-tail signs I purred a sigh of relief. Phew the Tax Department wasn't chasing me, so who's sending me letters then?

Carefully I took the items out of the letter box and snuggly snuck them into the back pocket of my summer coat before heading back inside to open my mail. Curiosity almost knocked me out but I thought hey open one today saving the other for tomorrow. Without any finesse I scratched open the envelope and my eyes popped I just couldn't believe what I held in my paws.

Fan Mail.

Grinning like a cheshire cat and slightly overcome with a happily giddy feeling I carefully read the first letter that came with a very small but important package.

Is that Purina cat biscuits inside? Yes it is!
Thank you Lucky. We already have one thing in common that's actually two things. Our love for Friskies and Purina. See two things that are one of a kind, very delicious cat biscuits.

Tomorrow can't come soon enough! I'm going to do some homework to find out a little more about Lady Lucky at this stage I'm too polite to just call her Lucky plus I'm going to open my second fan mail letter from Miss Ratto. Judging by her return address she lives close to the zoo. Thankfully she doesn't live in it.

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo

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