Monday, 9 January 2012

Minnie Moo meets a Guest Blogger and a Labra-door

Wow I can't believe how lucky I am today. I've got my very own guest-blogger all the way from Mel-boing Oz-trailer. Meet Yasmin. She's trying to tell me it's Melbourne, Australia but I can't understand I speak Noo-Zilind.

Together we've written a tail about another d-o-g. It's a true story. I've known Yasmin for yonks now and I think she's pretty cool. Mostly I'm allowed to sleep under and on her bed plus she's an excellent door-opener. Secretly I think she thinks cats are way smarter and cooler than d-o-gs.

Me with my heroes. That's Yasmin this pic was taken yonks ago.
In real life today she's almost 13!
BTW Yasmin types at a lightning speed. Not me. My paws slow me down, a lot. Anway this is our tail.

What is it with me and d-o-gs lately? it seems everywhere I turn there's one of those 4-legged, long-tongued, cute-eared d-things somewhere around my zone. It's like I've morphed into a d-o-g magnet. Which is odd because paw-on-heart I just don't see myself as a d-o-g kinda cat.  

I've been seeing a lot of them lately and to tell you the truth it was disturbing me a little. I did think about going to see Doctor Tigger for an eye exam just in case I was "seeing things" but just imagine what he'd say "Please Minnie Moo place one paw over your right eye and read the top line: F-R-I-S-K-I-E-S. Purrfect! You pass." Ah well it's a pity the good Doctor Tigger reads minds only. 

So with my d-o-g streak I shouldn’t have been surprised when I had a run in with yet another one. It all started with me in my usual position of sitting by the door waiting (I know me waiting-it's horrible) to be let outside. Finally and I say this with a big huge sign a tween (you know almost a teenager) and her Dad opened the door for me. It was only open an inch or so but who cares that was enough for me to run like the wind. I was gone. I had things to do places to be.

I should've slowed down. Little did I know that I was about to run smack bang right into the middle of the largest scariest dog I have ever seen. Period, Full Stop. Once again just like that Spoodle alert I heard the alarm bell going off super-loud inside my heard WARNING WARNING BIG DOG ALERT, WARNING WARNING BIG DOG ALERT, EVACUATE, EVACUATE.

Shoot I thought I'm all dogged-out. I'm still recovering from my meeting the curly-haired Spoodle and Munchkin the jumping d-o-g.

My new-found 2012 rock solid confidence was nowhere to be seen. I stood there completely frozen in shock. What to do! What to do! Run! As fast as you can say "Grease Lightning" I made a full-360-degree turn and bolted back toward the house and scratched wildly at the now closed door. I was breathing so hard I could feel my heart hammering against my puffed out chest. Frustrated I thought why were my door opening skills limited to only walking through open doors? Why couldn't I just open a door? 

Thankfully my heroes opened the door just as I was midway through screeching HELP! EMERGENCY. HELP! I bolted up the stairs at top speed, I mean we're talking Olympic pace here. Once safely at the top I stopped to catch my breath and dared to look back. I know the old saying goes "never look back" but in this case I had to see if the monster was still chasing me. Phew. I was safe in a monster-free zone as I thought boy I bet that thing would scare the tuxedo off Tuxedo the Spoodle too. 

Later M told me that the thing is actually a Labra-door. Now according to my eyes it didn't look like a door to me. Confused I asked M & Y about it. All they said was "No Minnie Moo, it's Labrador or a Lab for short." Geez no-wonder d-o-gs are so confusing I mean what is it? Labra-door, Lab, Labrador or Labra-dumb from Twitter's @catfoodbreath?

All I know it's definitely a d-o-g, one that likes to go for walks or as they say walkies with their owners. See us cats are so much more brilliant. We go for nice grown-up walks all by ourselves and we don't have owners, no way! We definitely like to think we own peeps, couches, food-bowls, carpet, chairs, beds, whatever!

Anyway I found out this d-o-g is called Ruby and lives with Miss Tilly (don't blush and type) and Ms Miley. And now I'm confused again. I just don't get it. How can two very intelligent and cute cats share their home with a d-o-g? Now that is one crazy idea. I mean visit perhaps? But live in? That's just not cricket as they say in the land where the Queen comes from.

Apparently Ruby's very nice and wouldn’t hurt a fly. But for now I'm going to keep my distance. Even with my 2012 bravado badge on I sense this one is going to take me a while to warm up too and make friends with. Perhaps it's just that I'm a teeny bit in awe. I've never-ever met another anipal that's just about the same size as a sheep.

I'm sure that over time when we see each other we'll be all nice and fiendly oops sorry I forgot the r and stop for a little d-o-g-cat-chat (you know stuff like how's your big doggy biscuits? How are your friskies? kind of thing, you get the gist). I don't do "close talkers" so I'll definitely map out my space. It'll be pretty obvious, well let's say sparks will fly if we get too close. In the spirit of positive thinking we'll no doubt go our separate ways with a polite nod as a parting word.

At the end of the day as much as I got a gi-nor-mous fright I realise I'm chalking up my number of cat friends and d-o-gs that are "in-training" friends.   This makes me almost as happy as when I'm eating friskies. Almost.

Thank you Yasmin, it's fun blogging with you!

Yours in (you guessed it) friskies Minnie Moo
PS: Please follow my blog. Whether you’re a cat, dog or human, I don’t mind.

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