Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Minnie Moo's Lucky Day

Ok so I'm not hip, should read Best Feline Friends for ever!
I'm chuffed! Everyone loved my letter to Lady Lucky. That's it then! It's going in the post. I've already made a really nice copy, folded it and put it neatly into an envelope. I even licked the stamp. Yucko! So not tasty! But boy did this letter look special I was so proud when I gave it to M to pop into the letter-box. For a moment I freaked out a little I thought she said litter-box! Double Yucko.

This whole writing a letter and posting it got me thinking as to how much mail from all over the world is dropped into then taken out of a gazillion different boxes and delivered into another gazillion letter boxes dotted along the many different streets, avenues, lanes and cul-de-sacs of the world.

It's like every letter address must have it's own in-built GPS code that's secretly activated so the letter can fly out of the box to find its way to the right street before zooming in to land at it's final letter box destination. I just love my imagination!

Mrs Google told me that back in the "good old days" homing pigeons made excellent letter carriers. I'm not even going to comment on that bit of information.

As much as I love receiving snail mail. Strictly fan mail only all bills go to M. It  just seems like such a lovely but long-winded way of saying hi. By the time you've taken oodles of time to write the letter, had it posted and delivered. When you finally get a reply well let's just say I'm onto at least Friskie box number 8! Plus all that writing plays havoc with my paw you see I suffer badly from writer's cramp.

I don't want to sound like I'm moaning but hey it does take a lot to scratch out a word when you've made a mistake. Email is just so much easier simply type and send. Plus there's the magical delete button, you know "hit delete". I like it too that everything travels down the "information super highway" wow I so wish I could hitch a ride.

Anyway after M made her postal delivery and was back home she found me outside lolling about in the sun and asked if she could have a quick chat with me. Sure I said, what's up?

"Minnie Moo I noticed your letter was addressed to Lady Lucky." I thought cheeky fancy M reading the outside of my letter. "Well she said, I've got a sneaky feeling this Lucky is the little Tuxedo girl who lives with my Mum and she is by the way the cute-ist of cute cats! I'm not 100% sure but something tells me she's my Mum's little Lucky girl. Fancy that hey and I thought our world was small."

I wasn't sure what M was getting at with the small world business but moving on, could it be possible that I'm related to Lucky? Did this mean we couldn't be friends? As if reading my troubled thoughts M said "don't worry I'm sure you're not related to Lucky. It's just that I thought I better let you know I'm pretty sure Lucky's human Mum is my real life Mum."

Ok I thought so far so good. But wait if M's Mum is Lucky's human Mum who's Lucky's cat Mum? 

M carried on the conversation for me. "Lucky's Mum well come to think of it we don't really know who or where she is. You see Lucky was living at the SPCA that's where my Mum found her gave her a big cuddle and decided then and there to take her back to live in her forever home."

Hmmmm I don't know my cat Mum either. Remember I was once a street cat with only Pizza for family. So if Lucky wasn't living with her cat Mum when M's Mum took her home, perhaps we are related does she like Pizza?

Once again M jumped right in and said "don't worry Minnie Moo I'm pretty sure that you both don't come from the same cat family. I think it's geographically impossible as from what I can gather you were born in different towns." 

Phew I sighed before M went on to say, "even though you're not from the same cat family you and Lucky belong in our human-peep family."   

"BTW it's ok to call her Lucky and I know you'll be best buddies."

Really at this point I didn't know whether to be confused or happy. So I settled for happily confused. All that matters is M's right, wait did I say that? Lucky and I are going to be best buds.

Who knew writing a letter could cause me so much anxiety.

Yours in friskie comfort food Minnie Moo
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