Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Minnie Moo's Post Golden Globe Pawty Glow

All is see is frocks, frocks and more frocks! 

That was quite something reporting semi-live from the Golden Globes Red Carpet. When I finally got to sleep (sometime this morning) I dreamed I was swimming in a sea of frocks, gowns and tuxedo's. Which is really odd because I just don't do swimming.

Now I've caught the frock-bug I'm really interested to watch the Fashion Police telly to see who made the best dressed list, I'm still picking Charlize Theron and who's going to walk the red carpet walk of shame holding a fancy placard GUILTY OF FASHION CRIMES! 

After checking in my press pass and clocking off from my glamour-puss reporting duties I decided to invited my paw-pals the "Pussy Foot Inn" lunch crowd over for a post Golden Globe wrap pawty. Ms Miley, Mr Tuxedo (lucky he doesn't have to hire a suit), Mrs Super Big Fluff-Ball, Mr Moggie-Oggie and Ms Look-a-like all came looking gorgeous and bearing loads of yummo pawty gifts.

Now I'd love to share the-behind-the-scenes shenanigans but hey us cats have one golden rule we never ever kiss and tell! All I'll say is Bruno Mars and The Pussy Cat Dolls played on high rotation and today I'm totally useless, zonked, shattered and knackered (that's for all my UK cat buddies).

I haven't achieved a whole lot today except eat friskies, flop on the carpet, nap, roll-over and do it all again in reverse. Isn't that what I do on a good day?

Roll on tomorrow I'll be fresh and ready to write that over-due letter to Miss Ratto.

I'm loving this 2012.

Yours in friskies and water with bubbles in it Minnie Moo

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