Thursday, 12 January 2012

Minnie Moo Melts

Boy it's boiling hot today the temperature is hovering close to 30 degrees that's about 86 in Fahrenheit language. It's so hot I feel like taking off my summer coat but hey I'm a cat and don't have much choice in the wardrobe department.

I was going to muster up the energy to write my letter to Miss Ratto but I was a little scared the combination of writing and the heat would melt my brain. So just in case I'm going to save it for a cooler day. 

It got me thinking what I'd like to put in my letter I know she lives close to the water and as I've never-ever been any where near the ocean I'd love to find out what it's like. I mean on a day like today it must be like a tropical Pacific paradise with a lovely breeze floating on up sending ripples of cool air. Bliss. Nature's own air-conditioning system.

Not that I'd get too close to the water though, I just can't see myself hanging around the lapping edge ready to dip my paws in, no sorry to say I just don't do water.

Back to reality, over at my place the air's hanging around me like a giant damp blanket. It's icky. I mentioned in my blog the other day of my curly hair envy, I'd just met Tuxedo a d-o-g with the most beautiful black curls. I so wanted a curl. Imagine today his curls must look like one massive frizz bomb! I remember reading somewhere humidity just doesn't like curls. 

The other thing I'm curious about is what it's like to live so close to a farmyard zoo? It must be tons of fun with loads of green grass to play in and different anipals to share the day with. 

I already know it's home to a couple of super-cute guinea pigs and huge horses. I still think it's strange that they're measured in hands. Anyway talk about a small to super tall size difference! It got me thinking what if I crossed paths with a guinea pig would I be mistaken for a horse? What if one jumped on my back and said "giddy-up let's go for a ride" I mean, I'm taller so it's possible, right? 

This got me thinking about a little poem from inside my slightly melted head....

Once upon a time I took a walk down a path
It was so hot I wanted to plop into a cold bath
Along came a black, white and tan guinea-pig
Who looked up at me thinking wow you're all furry and big

With cute brown eyes and a twitchy button nose
He stopped for a moment before striking a pose 
Not quite knowing what it is I wanted to say 
I stood tall but stock-still as if I could wait all day

Taking teeny tiny steps on four petite paws
He inched closer looking down at my cat like claws
Feeling all friendly he popped his head up to say 
"Boy it's so hot I feel like being lazy all day"

I said are you sure you're not a really a cat?
That's funny now why do you ask that?
You said the L-word with such ease
It was like you plucked it right from the breeze

Well I'm a little like you I guess I could be a cat too 
But I'm a g-pig who lives lazily in a fun zoo
When I first saw you I thought now there's one tall horse
How silly of me, you're a cat of course! 

Ok I really do think the heat has me all frazzled. I think I'll go eat some friskies now and take a little siesta. That'll make me feel a little more normal.

Here's hoping I don't dream I'm really a horse with a tiny little guinea pig squeaking out giddy up while riding on my back!

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
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