Friday, 6 January 2012

Minnie Moo meets a Spoodle

Funny thing is after getting two Fan Mail letters from Lady Lucky and Miss Ratto I thought ok that's it from the 2012 gift basket. I certainly didn't count on it having a bottomless bottom of giving. It was just like they say on the telly "but wait there's more!" 

Today I had planned to spend a little time drafting a letter back to my two new fans. I didn't want to appear to be rude and it's always good manners to write a thank-you note plus on top of that I wanted to keep the ball rolling and as peeps like to say "strike while the iron's hot" ouch don't you think that must hurt? Anyway it's so important for me to keep my new-found-2012-momentum ticking along and get out to see what lies beyond the nicely trimmed edges of my neighbourhood lawns. 

Just as I was sitting down to write and I must add here that my paw-writing is much improved I heard a car drive up and park outside my house. Thinking who could this be? The Friskie Delivery Van? The penny dropped of course it was the visitors all the way from the big smoke, Ork-land. Following close behind the 2nd penny dropped. Didn't they mention a Spoodle? Mrs Google told me a Spoodle isn't a half-spoon-half-doodle rather it's a 4-legged-curly-haired-d-o-g from the Spaniel Poodle family. I pawsed wondering if Spaniels speak Spanish?

Bravely stepping outside the door I felt like I had a red warning light flashing brightly on my forehead. WARNING WARNING DOG ALERT, WARNING WARNING DOG ALERT, EVACUATE, EVACUATE. Realising the alarm bells were only ringing inside my head I was still a little shocked to see everyone remaining so calm and normal.

I was still a cat so being nosey I watched as the car door opened and out came a very summery family of 4, Mum, Dad with a cool-as boy and girl. Wow everyone looked so fresh and happy. I was amazed I expected them to all be nervous wrecks as I heard from M they had to travel in an alien space ship from Plant Subaru for over 4 hours. No way!

Thinking to myself well with 4 peeps and all the fun stuff that families bring with them surely there's no room to pack a d-o-g? Feeling smug and extremely happy that I wouldn't be coming face to face anytime soon with a Spoodle I turned to head back inside to spend more time lazing around.

Holding my nose high in the air I trotted away with my new-found 2012 eau-du-confidence. I didn't get too far before I sniffed madly something whiffy was in the air curious I followed my nose. It wasn't long before the slightly musky aroma led me smack-bang right into the middle of another nose. This  one was huge, shiny, black and slightly wet. My eyes travelled North. Looking up I took a deep breath I was nose to nose with a Spoodle d-o-g.

The hairs on my back stood up like one of David Beckham's old haircuts and I was frozen on the spot which at the time seemed strange to me given the sun was bearing down a hot heatwave.

Thinking on my feet I let out a hisssssss, hissssssy sound, this confused me a little was I turning into a half cat-half snake? I hope not coz then I'd have to move across to Oz-trailer.

Anyway I'm getting way off topic I so close the d-o-gs breath was breathing ripples right through my lovely furry coat. Feeling brave I took a good long look at this other anipal suddenly I was whoozy with this strange feeling. It was as if I was turning slightly green with envy. Darn it this d-o-g had the one thing that I always dreamed of having, curly hair. Tuxedo was blessed with head to toe lush black curly hair with cute tufts of white curly hair contrasting in just the right places.

Somewhere in the distance I heard M say "Minnie-Moo meet Tuxedo, he's a super friendly d-o-g all the way from Noo-Zillands largest city and, he really likes cats."

Somehow I heard myself say "Hi I'm Minnie-Moo you can read my blog to find out more about me but welcome to my home. M thinks it's not my home but hey I know this is definitely my patch. Normally I'm funny around d-o-gs. Not funny in the ha-ha kind of way it's just that I get a little squeamish around you guys."

Thinking Tuxedo would be all grumpy towards me I was surprised when he spoke in such friendly and with such well rounded vowels "Hi there I'm really pleased that I'm here in your home. It's beautiful. I really like cats and have heaps of cat friends some are even Tuxedo's just like me."

It's not that we then walked off side by side into the sunset together or anything like that we still kept a wary or in his case a weary eye on each other as we ambled about. Giving him the tiki-tour of a few of my favourite spots I did say he was free to dig up the garden to look for old bones. I knew M would be ok with this as it's the same as gardening right? 

By the time he got to my bowl of friskies I cast him one of my famous don't even think about it looks.

Instead of getting all uppity about it Tuxedo simply shrugged his ears (cute BTW) and said as if he didn't care one bit "why would I want to eat your friskies, I've got my own d-o-g biscuits downstairs. And guess what? They're way bigger than yours. Come with me I'll show you my bowl."

Sure enough they were jumbo-iskies. Sneaking a side-ways peak at Tuxedo's super-dooper mouth the penny dropped, again. Ahh! So that's why our biscuits are different sizes. Cats have tiny-dainty-yet very elegant mouths while dogs have giant-ginormous-loaded with teeth including canines (I find that a little odd) and a crazy long tongue. 

Looking in the mirror I thought yup thank goodness I'm definitely a cat with yet another gift from the bottomless bottom basket. I've got a new Spoodle friend. Now, I only wish I had a curl too.

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
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  1. MOL hehehe me and momma just luvs your tail of meeting the spoodle! Momma assures me that meeting new anipals is fun but you just never knows.


    Thanks for the follow on twitter, I hopes you stop by my bloggie.

  2. Thanks Baby Patches! I'm growing in confidence now and am slowly but surely meeting more anipals. I'm still so not sure about d-o-gs! Hey I like your typing and patches. Have fun!


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