Friday, 13 January 2012

Minnie Moo Furday the 13th

I'm the Magical Ms Miley
With eyes so green and smiley
One day I'll have my name in lights
All the way in Las Vegas, boy what a sight!

This morning when I woke up and before rubbing a tiny piece of Mr Sandman's sand out of my eye I took a sneak peak at the calendar and let out a little ooohhh noooo da da doom today's Furday the 13th. There's a spelling mistake on the calendar though it reads Friday.

Sensing I could be a little unlucky today I thought how lucky Lucky the cat is to be called Lucky and I made a mental note to avoid mirrors, stepping on any cracks, walking under ladders and crossing paths with black cats. The other day I read that peeps should avoid getting married on this so called bad-luck day coz if they do they're doomed to live a cat and dog life.

Well I've got issues with that! First of all us cats live a pretty spe-cat-ular life we get to laze around, take multiple cat-naps, snack regularly, have full-time door openers, play, snuggle and own a whole lot of furniture. On top of this we don't pay rent, a mortgage, bills and invoices (sorry I don't understand those two words) and have a line-up of peeps wanting to feed, water, love and clean up our never-ending trails and piles of cat hair.

I mean really, who else gets to live this kind of life?

Secondly merging "a cat and dog life" in the one sentence just doesn't work. You all know the old saying of Dogs have Masters, Cats have Servants? Well need I say anymore!?

This Furday the 13th superstitious stuff got me thinking why is this day feared by many? I asked Mrs Google but didn't get very far as this one very tricky word threw me right off my train of thought. Here's a snippet of what I found out; The fear of Friday the 13th is called "Paraskavedekatriaphobia". Well I ended my research right there and then. I mean you try saying and spelling it! I gave up at the first K.

I decided the best thing for me to do was to push spooky #13 all the way to the back of my mind and get along with my day as if it was the 12th or 14th. Stepping outside I felt full of early morning cheer and after yesterday's heat it was refreshing to feel a blustery gale blow right through my summer furry coat. 

Crossing our little road I was secretly hoping to bump into Miss Tilly. We haven't spoken in a while and I was really keen to see if she would notice my new cattitude laced with 2012 confidence. But as luck would have it Miss Tilly was nowhere to be seen instead a black cat crossed my path. 

Darn that Ms Miley.  

With her magical green eyes smiling brightly she walked with a purpose in a stride like this was her special day. Yet as if reading my mind she cast me a menacing look as if to say "yeah yeah I'm a black cat out walking on Furday the 13th. Just count yourself lucky you didn't walk under a ladder too." 

Conflicted I thought Ms Miley's right just because she's a black cat doesn't mean I'm going to be unlucky. She's magical yes but unlucky no. I see her almost every other day and so far nothing bad has happened. Just to be sure though I double checked I still had all four paws and a tail. 

Even though it was a blustery morning I didn't want to throw caution to the wind and decided that the only way for me to get through this day was to go back inside for a lazy day filled with me taking 13-long-lucky-cat-naps.

Before dropping off for snooze #1 I remembered a little bitter-sweet poem I once read about Ms Miley...

Magical Ms Miley 
So what if I'm a black cat
I walk under ladders too and that's that 
I love me for who I am
Furry happy and ever-so-glam

It's my eyes you see they're green and bright
At night they sparkle it's really quite a sight
Minnie Moo once said wow you're eyes are a magical delight
I said, I see things that sometimes give me quite a fright

It's just a tree, bird, sheep or flower you may see
Dusted with my magical power they dance as if on the TV show Glee
Blink and my eyes open a window to a world of wonder 
Full of adventure, joy and even a clap of distant thunder

Some others say so you're a black cat you must be unlucky
To them I say you're wrong and all kind of sucky
You see I'm Ms Miley I'm magical and lucky
One day I'll have a show in Vegas, now that's very plucky!

So to all you black cats out there 
Don't let this day fill you with fear
You're all special and more than dear
I love you all, we're black cats so there! 

Yours in my lucky bowl of friskies Minnie Moo
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