Monday, 30 January 2012

Minnie Moo almost live from SAG Awards Red Carpet.

I've just been lazing around  doing what I do best you know a bit of napping, a little eating and just rolling about outside in the sun. 

M and I are still quite sad at the loss of her Dad and my OPA so we both decided that as we had so much fun blogging about the Golden Globes red carpet we'd let our inner fashionistas come out to play again and cover the SAG Awards red carpet.

It was quite easy to get our imaginary media press passes!

Plus we both saw this as a healthy dose of therapy to divert our occasional sad minds to the light and fluffy world of Hollywood, movie and TV stars, fashion, accessories and hopefully the oddball who clearly employed the wrong stylist and didn't stop look in the mirror before leaving the mansion.

Even though I may sound all frivolous with my light and fluffy banter deep down I secretly take fashion, entertainment and style very almost seriously. It bugs me that my wardrobe is limited to my summer and winter coat with gray, black, white and tan as my staple colours. Ah well I guess I should be happy with what I have huh?! 

Sometimes I dream about walking down the red carpet and posing in front of all those photographers. I'm sure I'd be super nervous to meet all those famous types. Just imagine if I fell to pieces while trying to talk to someone like George Clooney? Embarrassing! I just don't know how I'd handle myself.

Let's start with our Queen of E's red carpet Guiliana Rancic who looks super-licious in her red Basil Soda gown with a bold striking gold badge of honour embellishing the top. This must be G's designer du jour as it was her Golden Globes choice too.

Co-presenter and Fashion Police fashionista Kelly Osbourne Badgley Mischka look is well just interesting. For me it strikes me as a cross between prim, pretty, puritanical and a little vanilla. I'm not 100% certain this is Kelly's best look but I love her energy and passion for fashion. Yes I know that does rhyme!

First on the man front is TV host and all round good-as-sweet-as funny guy Ross Matthews how he's managed to pull off a super-expensive look in his H&M Tux (BTW my favourite department store) is just priceless and bucks the must-wear-a-designer trend.

You know I'm a little biased when it comes to the Modern Family family they all make such fabulous TV and just an FYI I'm still waiting for my call-up to audition for the lead cat role. Mama Julie Bowen looks so beautiful in her purple Temperley frock it's low-swooping back deserves to be talked about.

I could almost feel the red carpet sizzle when Sofia Vergara sashayed her way down. Two words only, Total Package. She looked off the charts in a gorgeous mauve Marchesa gown dressed up with the most perfect purple Lorraine Schwartz jewels and just-right hair and make up. Plus she brought along her best accessory a superb sense of humour. A simple question, what's not to love?

Star power from the movie The Help has arrived and OMG Viola Davis looks jaw-droppingly stunning in her amazing white and gold Marchesa gown. Accented with gold Jimmy Choo shoes and subtle gold eye make-up, I'm totally captivated.

It took me a while to get my tiny feline mouth around the pronunciation of designer Tadashi Sohji but hey it didn't take me long to purr my approval of Octavia Spencer so elegantly dressed in her smokey gown beautifully accented with a top of intricate sparkle detail and hello how did you do your hair? That is one impressive do.

Hollywood Royalty has arrived and 13 time nominee Merryl Streep is wearing her Vivienne Westwood gown with style and confidence. I can imagine it's super hard to pull off such muted tones without looking washed out but for Meryl its all about her poise and elegance. She's just the world's best at taking on challenging characters so I have a question, do you think Merryl could play me?

Wow I wonder if Angelina Jolie's cat is gorgeous too? I love her look today so simple and stunning in a black Jenny Packham gown with a scooping soft halter neckline and accented with complementary black and gold jewellery. For some reason this look is mesmerising and leaves me gasping for another bowl of bubbly water.  

Another man deserves a mention here for two reasons one he can tie a perfect bow-tie and secondly he's a politician in training so diplomatic. While talking about his show Two and a Half Men Jon Cryer expertly managed the subject of life post Charlie Sheen. Well done I'd vote for you.

Couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinki are just impossibly good-looking together. Emily's Oscar de la Renta chartreuse green creation is just in a word, wonderful Kermit would be impressed. Take note Fashion Police, this frock is a winner. 

Speaking of couples, George Clooney and Stacey Kiebler look just the right height. No seriously they're seriously great together too. Now who doesn't have a crush on George? I'm swooning over here and M has almost passed out. Stacey's black Marchesa frock is strong and striking yet the lace brings a softness and the overall look makes her look so statuesque.

Now talking about a wardrobe change of direction TV star Kelly Cuoco is an absolute Princess in her Romona Keveza gown. Some might say this look is great for a walk down the da-da-da-dum wedding aisle and a little too frou-frou for the SAG Awards. Me I'm just head over heels in love with this plush duck egg blue creation. This just so much of it yet it looks so blustery and light plus there's definitely room for me under it too.

Drawing to a close I quite liked Kyra Sedgewick in Pucci such a vivid red with awesome back and side cut-outs but perhaps a little too simple and bordering on there's not much to feed the imagination. Striking yes but not really a stand out. On the topic of red, Michelle Williams in Valentino just perfection. Such a gorgeous classical look oozing style, sensitivity, confidence, talent and taste. True timeless glamour.

Oh boy too I'm breathless Emily Stone's black lace McQueen gown is a knock out, simple yet packs an amazing punch. I'd definitely wear this gown.

Interestingly Rose Byrnes from Bridesmaid pulled off the best risk-taker look in her Ellie Saab white pants suit, all lean and sparkling. Clever and elegant is how I'd describe this look.

On a side note I loved Kristen Wiig doing her Kris Jenner impersonation MOL and what happened to Jonah Hill he's half the man he used to be. Wow he's in shape and looking great.

All in all I thought this red carpet was a little bland as if someone hit the mute button. I'm sure the on trend soft grey and muted colours look absolutely stunning in person but believe you me on TV there's no justice, no pop or pizzazz. All I heard was a fizzle or was that a whimper? Ouch.

Even my Friskies looked more colourful and enticing. Now that's saying something.

Yours in fashion forward friskies Minnie Moo

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