Thursday, 19 January 2012

Minnie Moo vs Fashion Police

He He sign me up I want to become a Joan Ranger! I watched Fashion Po-leece (FP) on the the telly last night with Joan Rivers, the lovely Mrs Guiliana Rancic (G for short), Kelly Osbourne and the divine George. I gotta say here that Joan makes me MOL (mee-oww out loud) she's scary funny I wonder what she'd say about my summer coat?

Some of her jokes swish right over my head though......I'm still really young and impressionable right? 

Reviewing the fashion triumphs and flops must be such a tough gig! Imagine sitting in an armchair, remote control a refreshing cool drink and nibbles all nice and handy with a work brief to dissect dresses, frocks, gowns, tux's, accessories, hair, make-up and shoes. Work doesn't get any harder than that! I mean really let me just shout-out loud and clear um HELLO DREAM JOB!

I'm almost kind-of-sort-of-stoked to report my fashion picks were almost on the same page as the FP panel. How's that for great minds thinking alike! 


Best Dressed: Angelina Jolie Minnie Moo's BDW Charlize Theron
Worst Dressed Star:  Sarah Michelle Gellar Minnie Moo's WWYT Lea Michele
Photo Credit: AP and Getty Images
The FP panel swooned over Charlize Theron in her as I like to say stunningly-licious Dior creation and Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace. Wow not too many people can wear white satin-y fabric and get away with it. It's hard to hide those pesky lumps and bumps! Hello the last time I looked Ange didn't have any what-so-ever. The dash of red across the top accessorized the dress to perfection.

Fashion Po-leece Best Dressed Winner (BDW) Angelina Jolie
Minnie Moo's BDW Charlize Theron

Now George was really fiesty over Elle MacPherson's Zac Posen gown. He did not like it. At all. I think George may need to pay a visit to the local eye doctor, I think his eyeballs are on the blink.

Oh dear the Worst Dressed Star, at least by adding star you soften the blow a little. Anyway I like to think of the Worst Dressed as the Come on What Were You Thinking (WWYT)! Anyway is this a winner or a loser category?

Sorry Sarah Michelle Gellar in her Monique Lhuillier ball gown scored her first walk down the worst dressed red carpet. It's a long walk perfect to take some time and reflect on the said or should it be sad dress. I feel bad writing this as word on the carpet is her daughter chose the frock. Did she draw on it too?

Fashion Po-leece Worst Dressed Star Sarah Michelle Gellar
Minnie Moo's Worst Dressed WWYT Lea Michelle's in her not so gleeful Marchesa frock

Yours in Fashion Forward Friskies Minnie Moo

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