Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Minnie Moo takes a stay-cation

I recommend taking a stay-cation!

I've been having a little "stay-cation" it's kind of a great way for a lazy cat like me to take a fabulously relaxing holiday without leaving home.

Packing was a zinch too it was all over and done with in a couple of seconds and hey, if I've forgotten anything it's just an easy schlep down the stairs to pick up more stuff. 

By the time I popped in a few must-haves in my little kitty bag it was time to check in to my "lounge suite" and once inside I flopped onto the couch and decided to just stay put for a couple of days. Ok I might have to rethink this, I'll definitely have to move for Friskies and nature breaks.

I mean I'm not sure if the idea of taking a mini-holiday is anything different from my normal day of doing my three fave things of napping, eating and sleeping but I guess it's all about what I decided to leave out of my kitty bag, you know things like stress and not thinking too much.

Hopefully too Ms Miley will leave me in peace for a couple of days she's been acting all strange lately by flying in through my windows and zapping energetically around my house. I don't remember inviting her and she can be a little fiesty it's as if one of her magical characters has taken over her body or something. But that is a whole other story. 

I'm now day 2 into my little mini-break and I feel like a million bucks. If you're in need of a little dedicated me-time I totally recommend just packing a little bag even if it's just in your imagination and checking into your lounge. Ordering room service is easy, I just mee-oow and friskies arrive. Hopefully they won't show up on my room bill!

Isn't it wonderful there's the option to holiday at home I must admit not having any d-o-gs or little ones around does add a whole lot of relaxation value.

Stay-cations are so easy on the pocket too while in my "holiday home" it's easy for me to imagine being anywhere in the world without leaving my couch or paying a cent! Brilliant.

Yours in room service Friskies Minnie Moo

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