Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Minnie Moo's morning before lunch

Wow I woke up this morning feeling so wonderfully refreshed. It’s amazing what 8 hours sleep plus the catnaps throughout the day can do for you. I’ve heard it said that too much sleep can be bad for you but hey if you look to us cats that theory flies out the window. In our universe too much sleep is our job, that and eating of course. 

After a breakfast of friskies and a rehydrating drink from a fresh puddle of rainwater I was ready to think about my so-called lunch date with Miss Tilly. Surprisingly I was as calm as a bowl of jelly setting in the fridge. Secretly this analogy, whew that’s a long word and it doesn’t mean I’m allergic to anything, means that I could potentially get the wobbles at any time.

Seizing the moment and working on Minnie Moo’s (that’s me) theory of positivity I felt great and ready to conquer the unknown world of dates and restaurants with confidence and humour. Boy is this really me I’m talking about?

There I was all full of breakfast and rainwater and it was still only 7am I had a whole 5 hours to fill before Miss Tilly and I would walk together to the Pussy Foot Inn.

First dilemma for me to sort out, what to wear? The last time we all went to lunch was last year in December for our Christmas pawty and, as we all suited up as Santa I didn’t have to worry about dressing to impress. This time was different I knew that confidence came with feeling amazing in the clothes you wear and being comfortable in your own skin.

Well I figured I’ve got no choice but to love the skin I'm in but my clothes that’s a different story. As you know my wardrobe is pretty limited; a summer and winter coat worn to match my white, gray, black, brown and a little beige tones. With this in mind I thought I’d just go with my summer coat and accessorise my look with a snazzy yet sophisticated bow tie, how very James Bond of me.

Now my four paws are best when used for straight line walking and running to my friskie bowl, tying a proper bow tie would no doubt present me with multiple challenges; firstly I don’t know how to tie shoe laces let alone a bow tie and secondly I’d have to figure out how to use the mirror. Hmmm what to do? Before deciding to ditch the bow tie plan I thought why not check to see what’s hanging in the wardrobe of the other guy who lives here in my house.

Dilemma dissolved! To my surprise there right in front of my eyes was a bow tie. Neatly hanging and already bowed or should I say tied all I had to do was slip it on over my head. Done and well if I can say so myself, super stylish too. 

With my outfit sorted I still had a little over 4 hours before the main event. Pondering....I could put my time to good use by doing a neighbourhood patrol I'm sad to say this didn't happen. I lost the battle with my one eye drawn to the couch. Oh how it longed to close and snooze. The lure was too strong, before I knew I found myself with my bow tie on nicely curled up slowly dozing off somewhere in the land of nod.

Dreaming dreamily I went over the basic restaurant do’s and don’ts of how to use the catlery, you know what to do with a fork, knife and spoon, what questions to ask when you don’t understand the menu, how to make polite conversation and how to enjoy those companionable silences. Gosh I thought, there’s just so much to get right I hope I don’t over-think everything and stress out.

Bang on 11:50am my internal alarm clock woke me up. I briefly had a sleepy head moment of thinking “ok where am I and why am I wearing a bow tie” before my normal everyday head came back on with a clear thought, "hello I’m hungry must eat now."

Now thinking in case the menu is just too out-there-foodie for me I thought I’d better eat a quick friskie snack before I go. Yummo, delicious. Panic set in! Now I have friskie breath! Yucko! What to do? I didn’t know how to use M’s toothbrush and how was I supposed to know how to uncap toothpaste? Like a good cat-scout I thought outside the box and made a mad-dash outside to the herb garden and munched on a few mint leaves.

Breathing out then in I was relieved when a fresh minty smell wafted over me.

With that crisis over, right on 12 o’clock I strode out onto the street to meet Miss Tilly and for the first time in my life I wondered “now is Miss Tilly ready to meet me?”

Yours in “friskies give you confidence” Minnie Moo

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