Monday, 13 February 2012

Minnie Moo happy lunch endings

Lunch with Miss Tilly at the Pussy Foot Inn was great and as I've so often heard other cats say “time flies when you’re having fun.” This was only my second ever visit to a restaurant and if I can say so myself everything went swimmingly well.

There I sat all full of wit and charm plus I even managed to navigate my way around talking about the food by asking Miss Tilly loads of questions about the menu, different cooking styles and how to say and understand all those fancy French words.

By choosing other foods I did feel a slight twinge of disloyalty to Friskies, they'll  always be my all time favourite food group and if they were on the menu I venture to say I'd have them for my starter, main and dessert. Look someone has to keep friskies in business and I’m more than happy to put my paw up for that job!

Funny though The Pussy Foot Inn is a friskie free zone, which to me is a little surprising given 100% of the guests hail from the feline family. Without the choice of friskies I ordered dishes that I could at least read and pronounce! My gravlax of beautifully presented rich yet delicate smoked salmon was delicious and my ravioli was so scrumptious I almost licked the plate clean. 

Miss Tilly was really chuffed with her lunch choices too, the prawns were big, fresh and juicy and the fish all white, flaky and perfection on a plate.

Half expecting to dine with the Minnie Moo from back in December, Miss Tilly couldn’t quite believe the new 2012 version of me! She mentioned whether I’d taken a special course of self-discovery. Intrigued, I said, “um no, what makes you think that?” “Well, she said last year you were quite timid and lacked a little self-belief yet today your confidence cup is full to the brim, in fact it's over-flowing!”

Flattered I immediately thought Dr Tigger’s fake it till you make it theory must be working. That’s all well and good but to tell you the truth I did feel different inside. Not literally of course as I was quite sure my vital organs were exactly the same, it’s just that I felt more positive about being me.

Chatting to Miss Tilly I rambled on that come the end of 2011 I was zonked out and feeling all down in the dumps. Plus the stuck in the loo incident at the Pussy Foot Inn made me feel like I was always making a fool of myself. Not one to feel too sorry for myself I decided to lie-low by taking loads of extra cat-naps to figure out what tools I needed to slowly but surely build a strong foundation of Minnie Moo confidence.
I was quite taken-a-back when Miss Tilly piped up to say “Minnie Moo in our little circle of cat buddies we all think you’re smart, generous and loyal. You look after us too by doing so many neighbourhood patrols.” I quietly thought to myself isn’t it funny sometimes how you see yourself isn’t how others see you at all? 

“So Miss Tilly for a while I felt like I was wearing a big heavy coat of sappy sadness yet deep down I wanted to be that young kitten I once was. Maybe not so energetic and playful, you know even though I was young and living on the street, I was happy.”

I wanted happiness. “Did you know that being happy is a choice? We can all choose to be happy. Some days it’s ok to be not-as-happy-as-yesterday but at least you’re still part way happy. I don’t know if this makes any sense, I guess at the end of the day, I wanted to choose happy.”

Going on I said, “choosing to be happy is just one part, I’m taking it day by day but I’m chuffed that this choice gave me the confidence to step out for lunch with you, my first ever true cat friend.

Yours in happy friskies Minnie Moo

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