Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Minnie Moo and adventures with Mr T

Ok so it's out of focus! I need to read more blogs subject how to take a half way decent photo

It's been a busy week with me blogging live from the Oscars Red Carpet...well I thought it was live but I was only dreaming....ah well maybe next time I'll get the proper press pass and be the first cat to work the red carpet.

Anyway in all my busy-ness I almost forgot to tell you about my adventure with Mr T. We still haven't met the Hawk but I'm sure it's only a matter of time........

Heading off in the general direction of the trees way over there Mr T and I walked with a sense of urgency in the hope that we’d soon reach our destination “Smallish Village”. Our goal was to warn all the smaller, small and not so small anipals; that’s the celebrity joined named for animals as pals of our belief that a scary Hawk family had moved into the tall trees shading the edge of the village green.

Our main concern was with the bunny rabbits and other cats, you see we have it on good authority from Google that Hawks well let’s just say love nothing better than a bunny rabbit cat sandwich.

Any cat just has to say the H-word and I turn into a real live scaredy cat but part of this mission is to not only spread the word about the new family in the neighbourhood but to also overcome my fear of these huge feathered birds. Did you know they're direct descendents from the thankfully now extinct dinosaur family?

Poor Mr Tuxedo, or Mr T as I’ve christened him. As much as I love his distinguished name and the formal tuxedo jacket he wears all the time I just thought Mr T was easier to wrap my cat-tongue around plus it's way cool.

Mr T's still on Doctor’s orders to wear his head collar and I could tell it was really bugging him. He was dying scratch those not allowed pesky spots and of course it meant he could only see directly in front of him. He was troubled by this limiting factor as he had to be able to spot the impending danger of on- coming high-flying Hawks.

Darn the cone. It was really important to look up, needing to overcome this set back Mr T said “look Minnie Moo you’ve probably guessed but this collar is super annoying and I’m worried because my head movement is limited to looking forward I won’t be able to spot potential Hawk-like danger flying above. I need you to cover this task and be my spare pair of eyes. Is that ok with you?”

Ok I was having a little trouble understanding the sentence spare pair of eyes, did this mean I had to give him another pair of eyes? If this was the case we were in trouble. I just didn’t have any “eyes” on me. Thinking aloud I said, “oh no I don’t have a spare pair of eyes to give Mr T, what do I do?”

MOL. Mr T mee-oowwed out loud so hard he almost fell over! “You’re too funny Minnie Moo did you think I meant you had to give me an actual pair of eyes? Where on earth were you going to shop to find them? Eyes R Us? MOL.”

I knew Mr T was taking the Mickey out of me, Minnie Moo, but as I genuinely didn’t get the whole spare pair of eyes thing I really needed to know what he expected of me, so I tried again.

“So we both know I don’t have a spare pair of eyes on me and even I know there’s no store called Eyes R Us plus we’re miles away from the mall, I’m guessing that I’m way off track with what you’re trying to say?”

“You sure are Minnie Moo!” But don’t worry I wasn’t laughing at you and geez it was so good to laugh as all I’ve been thinking about is this darn cone, Hawks, bunny rabbits and small anipals. Anyway what I meant was……...”

Boy as Mr T began to explain I thought I’ve really got to learn the art of thinking outside of the square and to not take everything word for word or literally as the bigger peeps say.

I finally got it. I understood he meant that because his vision is limited to looking forward he asked me to cover all the other directions, up, down, left, right and report of any impending danger or sticky situations. Mr T also stressed it was so critical that I scanned the sky for any large flying birds coming our way.

I puffed up with pride to be given such an important task. It was like I'd just earned my stripes to pin on my uniform.

With a clear understanding we continued on our mission and I couldn’t help but notice I had a real sense of purpose in my stride after-all I was Minnie Moo, the spare eyes, I was a seeing-eye cat on a very important mission.

Don't they make movies out of this kind of stuff?

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
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