Thursday, 9 February 2012

Minnie Moo's one big drip

Right on time there I sat on the road waiting for Miss Tilly to arrive for our almost a date lunch at the Pussy Foot Inn. Just as I was feeling the will she won't she come jitters the sky opened up and rained big plopping drops down on me. As summer rain the downpour was short and sweet but boy did it have maximum effect, I was soaking wet.

Luckily I hadn’t spent too much time, well no time at all, styling my hair and believe it or not my bow tie managed to hold it’s shape. So even though I looked like one big drip I breathed a sigh of relief for small mercy's you see my imaginary coat of confidence didn’t wash away with the falling rain.

With no time to go inside to dry off I thought ah well, Miss Tilly will just have to take me as I am, one wet but slightly over-fed happy cat.

Moments after the rain stopped the sunshine and Miss Tilly stepped outside at exactly the same time. Now I know this may sound a little cheesy but she looked just like a ray of sunshine, all glowing with brownie reddish highlights and hints of golden flecks. In awe I almost called her Princess Tilly. Almost.

Seeing me sitting in the middle of my dripping puddle made her MOL (mee-ow out loud) in fact she laughed so hard she almost fell over! After what seemed like a really long time she regained enough composure to say “thank goodness you’re not a d-o-g otherwise you’d be in the middle of doing that famous wild post bath hair shake. I'd be right in the line of the on-coming drips to cop a right soaking."

I only sort of got the gist of what she was saying, I mean really Miss Tilly did you have to say the d-o-g word? 

Anyway she went on to add “I’m sure you know this although us cats hate getting doused in rain water it’s actually one of natures best hair tonics. Wait a few minutes you’ll see your hair will come up all lush, soft, super shiny and clean.”

I’m not so good at processing this type of information as without mention of friskies or nap time my eyes tend to glaze over. I must admit that even though I loathe getting wet I was secretly pleased by the fact that moments from now I'd look even better than before.

So with no more threat of rain together we slowly strolled along the catwalk making our way to the Pussy Foot Inn. Having been in hiding the sun decided it as time to blaze and boy it was almost getting too hot under the collar oops I mean bow tie. Then just like in the movies we both said exactly the same thing at the same time; how smart we were to dress light in our summer coats!

This was all very nice but admittedly I was hiding a little disappointment as Miss Tilly hadn't said anything about my bow tie and I was really beginning to think it looked a little silly on me.

Just as we were heading down the slight slope to the entrance of the Pussy Foot Inn, Miss Tilly stopped me and said “see what I mean take a look at your hair it’s positively radiating brilliance and I must add too your bow tie is so stylishly suave it makes you look super dapper.”

Oh boy I felt a tad bad for thinking Miss Tilly didn't care about my bow tie but so long as she couldn't hear my thoughts I should be ok. But was she really saying such nice things about me? Minnie Moo? Me, my hair, my dress sense, brilliant, stylish, suave and dapper? Just then I heard a little voice pop up inside my head. Sounding remarkably like Dr Tigger all I heard was “Of course Minnie Moo, of course.”

All this and we still haven’t had lunch!

Yours in dry friskies Minnie Moo

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