Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Minne Moo's Valentine

Sorry Miss Tilly, Ms Miley, Ms Ratto and Lady Lucky you might not like reading my blog today, but hey Happy Valentines!

I'm so excited I've found my Valentine. A gorgeous KuneKune Pig.

A few days after my delicious lunch with Miss Tilly I decided it would be good for my health and waistline to take a long relaxing walk outdoors in the giddy fresh air. With only myself and my new found confidence together we headed out beyond my normal neighbourhood route towards the rolling hills of the nearby lifestyle mini farms.

Without a care in the world and a spring in my step I walked and walked and, walked some more. After a while I checked how many steps I'd taken on my fancy paw-dometer gadget that M had given to me. I was amazed to read I'd taken a whopping 5000 steps, that's 1,250 per paw! Wow when I get home I'm going to have to restock my energy levels with an extra large helping of friskies. 

Turning around to go home I thought I was heading back in the same direction but my GPS (global positioning system) must have been a little out of whack as I found myself in a paddock I didn't recognise and face to face with something I'd never-ever seen before.

At least ten times my size, wide and high, and with a giant flat nose and four skinny short legs with feet oddly called trotters I was in the middle of meeting my first pig. Not just your normal pink curly tailed pig this was a rather unusual yet strangely cute KuneKune pig. It was weird as much as I felt a little scared I felt really safe too. 

In Maori KuneKune means "fat and round" and looking at the pig in front of me I was embarrassed to hear myself think well yes that makes sense, plus she was sporting two tassles that were hanging proudly from her lower jaw. I could tell this was one very special member of the Kunekune family.

At that moment I wondered if Ms KuneKune understood cat and without anything to loose I ventured to say "Hi I'm Minnie Moo and I'm a boy cat who's a little peeved to be named half after a mouse and half after a cow. As you can see I'm neither, I'm a cat!" 

Without getting up the pig let out a cute snort followed by a grunting oink oink sound.

"Well hi there it's great to meet you over on my side of the fence! Most tend to stay on the other side, anyway some call me KK. I don't look my best at the moment you see we tend to loose our hair in the summer time. It's not a good look but hey what can I do about it?"

After polite pig-cat-chat I found out that like me she's super intelligent and loves food, but unlike me she likes a good scratch and can be quite affectionate. As we all know I have issues with this kind of behaviour.

I went on to say "it's great we understand each other, us anipals must have a universal language, I guess your oink is the same as our mee-oow or as some cats say miaow? Either way I'm pretty sure I get the gist of what you're trying to squeal."

Thinking it was time for me to head home I said, "well it was super nice to meet you I better head off now before it gets too late. I'm not very good at directions but I think I live somewhere over there. Anyway with my nose and its strong sense of smell I'm sure I'll find my way home again." 

"Didn't you say you live on top of the hill? Well just head back towards the cows they're two paddocks down and then cross over the sheep field over yonder and then I'm sure you'll know where you are. If you ever walk this way again please don't be shy stop by and say hi." 

Nodding a yes I will and thank you I suddenly felt overcome at the thought of leaving my new pig friend. Caught up in the emotion of the moment I blurted out, "Ms KuneKune, will you be my Valentine?"

Oink, oink, snort, snort, grunt, grunt was followed by a couple of up and down nods of the head before returning to continue noshing on the fast decreasing mountain of left-over sweetcorn husks. Woo-hoo I'm not quite sure what she said but I was going to take that as a yes!

Fancy that I thought me a boy cat called Minnie Moo with a Ms KuneKune Pig as my Valentine. Was this a world first? Who knew? All I knew was at that moment I was as happy as a pig in mud! 

Yours in friskies served with 12 long stemmed roses, Minnie Moo 

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