Friday, 30 December 2011

Minnie Moo The End of Year Melon-Cauli Blues

Oh dear today I woke up feeling the all-over-melon-cauli blues. I don't quite know why I'm feeling so down in the dumps. Maybe it's because I feel like this year has whizzed by so quickly, it's almost like I was too afraid to blink in case I missed it all.

Or perhaps the moody yuck gray sky that's crying big ploppy tears is wrapping itself around me like a wet blanket. I just feel ick. It doesn't help too that the air is like syrup all sticky and humid. The one good thing? At least my hair still looks ok. Some cats wage a war on humidity as it turns the sleekist most lush hair into a crazy frizzy birds nest. 

I thought some fresh air would do me the world of good. Off outside I went to mozzy around and attempt a half-hearted neighbourhood patrol. Everything was so peaceful and quiet, I guess everyone's still away on vacation. I did hear Munchkin the jumping dog is taking a beach holiday for a couple of weeks that could be why it's a little quieter, no yap, yap, yapping.

Ms Miley was out and about but she had nothing new to say and didn't seem interested in stopping for a quick cat-chat. Even her magical green eyes were a little less sparkly. But I think that was just me. Everything I could see was tinged in blue.

Heading back home my head drooped lower and lower as my mood stooped lower and lower. Sitting outside my door I could hardly wait for M to let me in. All I could think of was a nice comforting bowl of friskies and a calming cat-nap to lift my spirits.

Once inside I had a quick munch before finding myself a nice snooze spot on the never-before-tried-out nice clean black sofa bed. Oh boy, I was thinking I really should move M's going to be peeved, a black canvas and white cat hair makes for a sticky furry situation. Ah well at the moment that "issue" was just not in my picture frame I had more pressing things on my mind.

Settling down I slowly nodded off while thinking about how to get to the bottom of my bucket of blues to find out why I was feeling just so, so. 

Thinking back, yesterday I wrote down a list of my New Year Resolutions nothing fancy just to eat more Friskies, nap more and talk to Miss Tilly. This list was backed up by M's heavy-weight punching bag of things for me to do. I just still couldn't take this resolution stuff seriously. As if I'd really knowingly try to give-up something. That's like gobble-dee-gook to me.

However the one thing in common on both of the lists, Minnie Moo to talk to Miss Tilly stood out like mega-watt bright neon lights against a dark night sky. 

Here I was all dressed up in a full suit of cattitude armour with the steely resolve to diss the list thinking pigs might fly before I take up any of those resolutions.

It wasn't long before my armour washed away and I started to crumble as a "reality check" thought popped into my head ready to rain on my already damp parade. 

"If both lists say to talk to Miss Tilly with my current way of anti-resolution thinking wouldn't I then have to twist that around to mean Minnie Moo don't talk to Miss Tilly?"

No wonder I was feeling the cat-blues. The thought of not talking to Miss Tilly sent me spiraling down into a pit of blah-sadness. On top of this my pre-Christmas plan to lay-low and avoid Miss Tilly was back-firing on me. Here I was trying to give a wide berth to the one cat that turns me into a blubbery-jibbery mess and instead of feeling happy and relieved I was forlorn and still feeling well all blubbery and jibbery. 

I was a mess.

Deep down I knew Miss Tilly was slowly sailing her boat into my harbour.

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
PS: Miss Tilly doesn't really have a boat and I don't like water. I'm trying to be all mushy. Please follow more of my tails!

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