Monday, 5 December 2011

Minnie Moo on neighbourhood patrol

Neighbourhood Patrol the lazy way.
Now where's that pesky Miss Tilly?
The other day I put together my "what to do when I'm awake and other people are sleeping list" one of the tasks was to do neighbourhood patrol. Easy. I like nothing better than having a nosey around the different houses all done in the name of security. Someone responsible has to make sure there's no funny business going on. Like a run-away goat eating a good healthy breakfast from your vegie garden.

The best time of day for patrol is first thing in the morning just as the sun wakes up and the birds start with their morning sing song. Sometimes from M's bedroom window it's like the entire bird population is crammed in a nearby tree and singing at the top of their tiny little voices. They're all in harmony and it sounds really pretty, well sometimes to be honest pretty annoying.

I don't know what those birds are called with the spiky hair cuts but even though they're really small they sing the loudest and sometimes off key! It's doubly bad too because there's always at least 2 of them. Now multiply that by 10 and you really have 20.  Get my picture?

Birds baffle me. They're just so chirpy.

Anyway, yesterday I got up early and headed out on patrol. First stop Miss Tilly and Ms Miley's house, this one is totally black with sparkly green eyes and super fun to hang out with on Halloween. That's another story! I sniffed around the edges of their new lawn. I was careful not to any grass get up my nose, it tickles something fierce! My eyes darted left and right but all I could see was a ton of worms digging around. No mice (or is it mouses?) in sight. Then a quick check under the lavender bushes for stray hedgehogs. Nothing.  

I did-an-about turn and scampered off down the driveway to the nice old(ish) man's house, he's ever so clever at keeping all of our side-walks and nature strips looking like a million bucks. I often follow him around when he's busy doing the public gardening coz then I feel I can take some of the credit when peeps say nice things about his hard work. Cheeky I know. 

Can you believe he was already up, showered and dressed ready for his day and it wasn't even 5.27am!

Hopping the fence I quickly ran through the long grass that's at least 10 times taller than me, it seems all the natural lawn mowers had packed up and left. But hey those sheep didn't pack everything as I dodged tiny but still smelly black droppings. 

I was a little disappointed not to see the usual army of bunny rabbits instead there was just thousands of creepy crawly let's just call them critters. A couple of the cheeky things even tried to catch a lift on my paws.  Normally I'd be ok with this but they're just so darn itchy.

Next I went through the hide-y hole in the "it kind of looks and smells like a Christmas tree bush". I had to be careful here as danger was close by. A three letter, 4-legged d-o-g was tucked up sleeping in his doggy bed in his really cool outside house. 

As you know I'm still trying to get to know dogs a little better, but still feeling a little unsure of myself I walked on my tippy paws hoping not to wake the sleeping munchkin. "Mee-oooooouch" I mee-oowwed as I stepped right into a prickle.  

There goes that plan Munchkin was awake and happy about it too. Strange, there wasn't a hint of the usual grumpy sleepy morning head.

This little white haired with some blotches of tan was up and exercising doing his morning jump routine. Get this, Munchkin can boing straight up in the air and back down again at least one hundred times without needing a running start! It's all natural energy by the way no batteries required. I checked in with Mrs Google and she thinks Munchkin is part "springer dog."

His final jump sent him leaping high in the air and landing right in front of me.  Eek. This was the second time in less than a week that I'd come nose to almost nose with a d-o-g.  Still not used to this close encounter the hairs on my back stood up and my tail grew thicker than Basil Brush's on a good day. I thought he'd be grumpy to see me but oddly he was really excited and kept doing his crazy jump routine.

I was still in prickly pain but I put on my best neighbourhood patrol voice, "Sir I'm officially doing my patrol and you're blocking my pathway, kindly step aside."

He replied in a squeaky high pitched and slightly out of breath voice "sure thing Minnie Moo as he jumped to the left and then left again. I said, "wait, how do you know my name?"

"That's easy, I hear M calling your name every night. Minnie Moo, here Mins, Minnie Moo come home. Plus all the other cats around here told me your name and that sometimes you're too lazy to do your patrol so you just sit up on your roof to keep watch, sometimes you even take a nap."

"What? I'm not sleeping on the job. Honest."
Sprung! "What? How do you know?" My police-cat mind was racing, do they have any evidence?

"I've got photos to prove it." Darn-it I'd heard d-o-gs were smart but now I knew it.  

Gosh, what else does Munchkin know? Like that sometimes I do a bit of quality control, eating a little (scatch that most of what's left) to check all the other cats are eating right and getting their nutrients? 

Did he know that the little old lady over the fence in the blue house thinks I'm super cute and always leaves me a little special something? Somehow I think Munchkin knew all my secrets. After-all with all the jumping he does he must see everything. Right?

Funny as it may seem even though by the time I get home I've already had a 7 or 8 course meal (fancy peeps call it a degustation dinner) and my tummy is ready to burst I can always manage at least a few mouthfuls of friskies. Fancy peeps call this a palate cleanser. I say "Plate Clean Nap Time!"

But there's one thing for sure no way do I eat the d-o-g food. No way.

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
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