Friday, 2 December 2011

Minnie Moo Good Morning it's your 4am wake up call

Good Morning! It's 4am this is my I'm not quite awake face.
Even though I set my internal alarm clock to go off at 4:45am I was bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to take on the world by 4.02am. I quickly hit the mute button on the alarm before the sound of "cock-a-doodle-do" woke up the whole house. I must change that.

I thought 4am was way better than the super early 3am wake up call M got the other morning. Boy was she unhappy and grumpy too. Normally M's quite chatty but yesterday she didn't say boo to me all day, I think you peeps say something like "I was in the dogs house." 

Now us cats have a "tricky" friendship with those 4-legged long tongued dogs. Sometimes we get on like a house on fire or we're like the United Nations, we get on to keep the peace!

The real reason I'm OK with dogs but not over-the-moon with them is that most of them are way bigger than me, have super fancy bling collars and sport nifty haircuts. They well also take a lot of attention away from me and I like being numero uno. Having said all that I did meet a dog I think I could be friends with. Max. He's from the big smoke and is gray like me (well I'm more white, gray, black and tan). But at least we have one thing in common. 

So it was 4am I was awake and ready for breakfast. I so wanted to jump off the bed, head to the friskies bowl, wake up M and play drop and roll but instead I said to myself "yes you can" stay awake but "no you can not" wake up M or the rest of the house for that matter.

Besides didn't I promise I'd write a list of things to do when you wake up and others are sleeping?

Luckily my i-pad was on the bed next to me, I logged on and started tippy typing my list. It took quite a while, do you know how difficult it is to type with paws? Extremely.

  • Close your eyes again and dream that you live in a giant house made out of friskies. You can eat and eat but the house won't fall down. By some kind of miracle every time you eat one a fresh friskie instantly appears. 
  • Use the time to take a cat bath. Lick clean all four legs and those hard to reach places on your back and tail. Have you ever noticed that when us cats clean for a long period of time we take a break and can look a little cross-eyed? 
  • Write a to do list inside your head. Put everything in order of what's urgent and what's not.
  1. Eat 
  2. Nap 
  3. Patrol neighbourhood 
  4. Eye up carpet to scratch 
  5. Snuggle on M's lap for 5 minutes. And, not because I want something to eat or want to watch telly 
  • Write a 2nd list of everything you want to be today 
  1. Food critic 
  2. Professional napper 
  3. Police cat or The Mentalist 
  4. Carpet layer 
  5. A little more cuddly 
  • Do cat yoga. 
  • Snooze and think of everything you learnt from Doctor Tigger about how to be the best cat possible. 
  • Do one nice thing for M. Like what? Seriously! Clean up my hair off the carpet? I'm a human hoover of friskies but not a vacuum cleaner!
Phew, that's quite the list. I know I've had some difficulty sticking to my lists or even understanding them but I think this one might be quite do-able.
  • Dreaming of a friskie house - easy. 
  • Cat Bath - do it all the time. 
  • Eat - need I say anything? 
  • Professional napper. Will I get paid? 
  • Cat Yoga. Ok I'll do a couple of stretches. 
  • Snooze. I am already! 
  • Do one nice thing for M. Well I took over her life what more could she want? 
Next week I've got a follow up appointment with Doctor Tigger. It's been a while since our last session and I'd like to check in again to make sure I'm on the right track with my lists and ask him why I wake up before the birds do. 

Plus its time to find the key to unlock me. Strangely I think it has nothing to do with friskies! What?

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
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