Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Minnie Moo says Gid'day to family from Oz-Trailer

I've got this fluttery feeling around my little heart that in the New Year Miss Tilly will ask me out to lunch at the Pussy Foot Inn. The other morning I was in such a deep sleep and had a really almost real dream about this and now I'm convinced my dream was a sign that soon I may be seen out and about with Miss Tilly. 

I have to admit when I woke up and realised it was just a dream I felt a river of disappointment running right through me. Luckily I'm over that and back on board the happy but very lazy train.

Between now and then though I think its best I avoid Miss Tilly altogether I don't want to jinx things and mess up anything up by saying something really stupid. I've got this annoying habit of putting my "paw in my mouth" and mixing up words and basically coming out with the wrong things at the right time. Do you follow my drift?

I was thinking about getting Miss Tilly a little something for Christmas like um perhaps leaving a small heap of friskies on her door-step. But thinking about it this may be too much too soon. Instead I'm going to watch Food TV to learn more about her world of food. As if I need an excuse, hello, lounge, TV, food!

Don't worry Friskies I'll always love you more.

Today I'm not going to think about Miss Tilly. Instead I'm going to chill out and spend some quality time lazing on the carpet thinking about how much my house is going to change over the next couple of weeks. Now I know I don't pay any rent or do any kind of housework or cooking or well anything it's still technically my house. Isn't that right M?

Even though its summer over here you'd never guess it and we're all really grumpy at the sunshine. Or lack of it. I mean really? This is your time to shine. Back to where I was going traditionally during the holidays we're all in and out either flopping around or out enjoying well at this point the cloudy days. It's always exciting as its holiday time and that means family from Oz-trailer are coming to stay.

Thankfully they're coming only with their suitcases and leaving behind snakes, red-backs on the toilet seat, wombats, k-oalas, kang-goo-roos and the Tasmanian Devil too. Imagine if they all came too. I just couldn't cope I've  enough issues with sheep, bunny rabbits and d-o-gs. Plus I think they'd just pinch my friskies and head out bush. Bush Tucker I think they call it.

To give you an idea of who's who. One's a girl almost teenager from Melbourne. I've met her before she's super nice to me and only freaks out a little bit when I snooze under her bed or walk on her head for an early morning wake up call. The other's a boy well now a tall swoony guy from Brissy. To top it off he's with his older bro he lives in Noo Zilind and is a bit windy but living in Wellington will do that to you.

And not forgetting too Santa is paying a flying visit this Saturday, December 24th.

But I've heard a rather troubling rumour. Early in the next year a Mum, Dad and 2 kiddies are coming to stay plus they're bringing along some extra baggage. A Spoodle. At first I thought how strange why are they bringing along a doodle of a spoon? I almost fell off my chair when Mrs Google told me it was two d-o-gs kind of joined together to become one. I don't know what's worse the fact that its two d-o-gs as one or that they think they're super-cute. Well it's plain to see that I'm way cuter and the boss too. At this stage though the Spoodle is an unconfirmed rumour, I repeat an unconfirmed rumour only.

In the spirit of the holidays I'm happy to say everyone is welcome and I'll bend over backwards to share some of my space, the Christmas Tree, the garage and all the vegetables in the fridge. 

In an effort to keep everything nice and harmonious I thought it'd be a great idea to write out a quick-list of things that as the real estate agent says are non-negotiable. This will help us all avoid any awkward moments.   

  • I get first dibs on all lounges.
  • The guest bed is mine. I sleep on top, you sleep underneath. Don't even think about kicking me off.
  • If you sneeze around us cats you'll have to go outside, sorry.
  • I tend to snooze on the dining room chairs, if you get a hairy bottom. Well I did say.
  • I get first dibs at licking up the shower water. Yum not gross.
  • Cats are better than d-o-gs. 
  • Please don't make me sit on your lap. Please.
  • Doors are my thing. I'm picky about my exit routes.
  • Friskies. Do not eat. All mine. No exceptions.

There that's not too bad. Is it?

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo 
PS: From the bottom of my heart I wish everyone, especially all the cats in the world Happy Holidays. I'll be sharing more tails please read them here 
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