Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Minnie Moo strongly supports Treat Me Days

Cat pampering at the Minnie Day Spa
This morning I woke up bright and early and in a surprisingly good mood. I was really looking forward to my neighbourhood patrol duty. I love getting out and doing good plus I was learning so much on the "job". Like the other day believe it or not I actually had a conversation with a jumping d-o-g. 

First things first though. A must-have hearty breakfast of chock-full-of-goodness friskies followed by a peek outside the window to check the weather.

Last night was almost too hot to sleep. The air hung low clinging like sticky toffee. So I was expecting the day to bring bright blue skies with a hint of sunrise orange and gold. Imagine the down-turn frown on my face when I looked up to see big rain drops falling like tears from the gray murky sky.

A thought struck me, I was now as they say stuck between a "rock and a hard place". You see according to the patrol policy manual "patrols are to be carried out everyday regardless of the weather conditions."  

However in my mind there's one problem. Rain is 100% water. And I have water issues. It's yummy to drink but me getting wet, well let's say I'd rather eat a bowl of brussel sprouts (eek). 

Can you believe this though I just read that some cats are natural swimmers. Not me! It's written in gray on a slightly grayer background..."Cats are natural swimmers!" Note the exclamation mark. Well I missed out, the swimming gene pool must have floated right past me. I just don't do wet. 

So anyway a debate was ping-pong-ing like crazy inside my head..... 

"Go on get outside and start your patrol. But I don't like getting wet. Where's your sense of duty to your neigbourhood? But I really don't like water.  What if something happens and you're not at the scene to witness it and give your important statements to the police in their starched blue uniforms? Did you say blue? That's the colour of water, right?"  

I'm hanging my head as I say my sense of duty went out the window and was quickly washed away by all those falling raindrops.

Anyway didn't I write the patrol policy manual in pencil for a reason? Rubbing out is easy, changes can be made. Crafty but true. All I did was rub out the existing line and change it to "patrols should be carried out every day except when it's raining." There, already done.

I must say here too that even though neighbourhood patrol sounds like every cat who lives on the street chips in for rostered duty sadly this isn't true. Miss Tilly, Ms Miley and the super-fluff-ball the colour of a hot cup of milky coffee always talk about patrolling but so far it's a load of hot air!  

Now about Ms Miley. I've noticed that lately she's always on "unofficial" field mice patrol. Her eyes are so busy looking for them that her eyeballs dart back and forth at lightning speed. I'm scared they're going to pop right out of her head! 

What's with the mice fascination anyway? Is it the pink ears, twitching noses and cute but funny skinny-worm-like tails? I don't know. I hope Ms Miley knows there is never just one mouse. The extended family of Mum, Dad, the kids (mice-ettes), aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins and cousins 2 times removed, plus Nana and Pop and their brothers and sisters are all hiding just around the corner. Ready to move in.

Anyway I'll leave Ms Miley to her mice. I much prefer bunny rabbits.

Back to my day I was feeling a tad guilty about not going out on patrol so I made a pact with myself that if the sky stops crying, I'll go out on patrol but if the rain keeps on falling I'm going to stay inside and have a "treat me day". It's like a mini day spa with an indulgence menu designed to make cats feel even more special and lazy.

  1. Indulge in a little cat pampering
  2. Take a long cat nap
  3. Eat friskies
It's now gone noon and I'm sad to say the sky is still crying big plopping rain drop tears. But inside I'm bursting with happy, happy it's treat me time!

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
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