Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Minnie Moo makes a how to be more sticky list

OK I'm inching a little closer
During my last session with Doctor Tigger I had a little break-through, apparently I'm like teflon, nothing sticks to me. Not love, not peeps, not well anything.

Side note here. Now if you're not up with play you must think, wow that's one sad cat. I'm not!  It's just that back in 2009 I moved house and met my neighbour, Doctor Tigger.  He's a big red cat and is a phsyco-ologist (he reads minds too). Anyway he helped me work through some stuff to find the key to unlock me.

I was a bit baffled by the notion that nothing sticks to me, did I need to go out and roll around in double-sided sticky tape? Did I need to beat an egg with a little water and flour and pour it over me so I was one big sticky gooey mess?

Somehow I thought no this isn't what Doctor Tigger meant. 

I was determined to take the first steps to find out what I needed to do to make me more sticky. I was really going to have to dig deep and search all the way to the tippy point of my tail to find my how-to starting point. On top of that too I was told it was really important to love myself.

To tell you the truth I didn't know what it all meant or where to start. All I knew was I didn't feel comfortable asking M to put up a whole lot of extra mirrors for me to stare into and say "I love me". No, that just didn't sit right. What to do?

So I thought I'd write a list of the top 5 things I needed to do to make me sticky and steps to take to well, love myself. To be honest I'm a little bit shy about all of this stuff but anyway here goes, this is what I came up with.

Minnie Moo's "how to be more sticky" list:
  • Try to get a little closer - Next time I'm sprawled out on the carpet I won't hog the edge. I'll try to move a few inches closer towards the peeps. Everyday I'll gain an inch.
  • Accept a hug - When M hugs me, she says "Minnie Moo you're so wooden. It's like hugging a tree. Trunk." I'll try to relax a little more. Ok I said try!
  • Change at least one habit - Like if there's a door open upstairs and I'm downstairs, rather than make a lot of noise for someone to come down and open the door.  I'll head up and out the door. Easy, M will love me. 
  • Live in the moment - Try not to talk too much about how I was left alone to live on the streets surviving on a diet of tomato, mozzarella and salami pizza. Ahh ok I get it. There I go again. 
  • Sit on a lap - OOOH no! This is going to be really tough, peeps love it when us cats curl up and get all snuggly. For me it's a great spot for watching telly but its really not what I do. OK I'll try - 5 minutes every other night.
Tomorrow, I'll show you my list on how to well love myself. 

Guess I better "Live in the moment" and eat friskies, oh and I'll "try to get a little closer" to the bowl. Genius that's two things checked off the list!

Paws up any other cats in the blogosphere who make lists? Let me know.

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo

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