Friday, 25 November 2011

Minnie Moo's first appointment with Dr Tigger

Zonked. Sleeping after seeing Doctor Tigger
This morning I had my first "session" with Doctor Tigger.  Now if I say it like that it sounds all super formal and stiff. How about, this morning I had my first sesh with Dr Tigs?" Better? Or does he sound like a gangsta rapper? 

My inside alarm clock, literally I have a little bell that rings inside my tummy, went ding-a-ling at 5.25am. I was up and in front of my friskie bowl by 5.25:15secs. If that! After a quick chomp I jumped out the loo window and arrived at my appointment with a couple of minutes to spare. 

Nervously I sat in the waiting room.  Well as Doctor Tigger's office is located under M's blue alien space ship, his waiting room is let's just say a little exposed basically I was sitting alone on the drive-way for all the world to see.

It was during this time that I started to doubt myself. Did I really want to find the key to unlock me? What is it that I'm really searching for? I've got M's life and friskies, what more do I need? Nerves got the better of me and just as I was about to stand up to make a silent exit, Doctor Tigger opened the door and said "Well, Good Morning Son, come in."

Now, I'm still not quite sure why he calls me Son?

I secretly thought "darn it, there's no escaping now!" as I stepped from the safety of keeping my thoughts inside my head into the zone of the brainy mind reader with the a super long title, Doctor Tigger Pschyo-ologist.

"Please sit down," said the Doctor indicating to a lovely red chair.  Well let's say its an imaginary chair and this was the scene that was playing out inside my head. You see it was a little awkward as his office space is really low and we both had to crouch down to make sure we didn't bonk our heads on the bottom of the alien space ship.

I made my self comfortable on the not-really-there red chair.

"So Minnie Moo, you've told me that you wish to see me to find the key to unlock who you really are and to find out what it is that makes you feel a little uncomfortable in your own skin."

"Yes, that's right." I whispered.

"As this is your first time, we're going to start with taking a little walk down memory lane." 


"From what I understand when you were really little you went from living in a lovely home with all the comforts you could every wish for to, all of a sudden finding yourself alone and without a home, everything that you knew and loved was no longer there for you. This must have been really sad and scary."

Nodding my head, I managed to say "mmmmmmmmm"

"Not knowing what to do you went into survival mode and went in search of food and somewhere warm to sleep. It was then that you stumbled upon a pink pizza palace. This seemed like a great place for you to hang around; free food to eat and pizza boxes to sleep in."

"This pink pizza palace became your new home of sorts, it was your own comfort zone and as long as you hid in the bushes, under the stairs or behind the shed, you weren't spotted by peeps. But as I understand you did make friends with a couple who made sure you got enough pizza with tomato, mozzarella and salami."

Licking my lips, I said "yes sometimes I still dream in pizza."

"Then one day, even though you were still really little, you felt strong and brave enough to venture out to walk all the way to the green field. Just as you were enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, a big Hawk bird almost managed to swoop you away to never-to-be-seen-again land."

Stopping to pause for a dramatic moment he said, "How are you feeling Minnie Moo, this may be a little upsetting for you."

Yes as my eyes became a little watery and my nose started to dribble...I wasn't sure what was happening.

"It's ok to cry, here have a tissue." 

Oh so I was crying, right, now what do I do with a tissue? So I pretended to dab my eyes and blow my nose.

"Minnie Moo it seems that from such a young age you've had to be so strong and rely on you for food and shelter. Despite how you're feeling on the inside, you've put on a brave face and made the best out of sometimes bad situations.  Plus every though you were really little you had such a good sense of what's right and wrong. Look how you stood up to that bully Hawk? Yet deep down Minnie Moo all you really need, well all you were really needing was. Love."

OMG! I was really crying now.

"So Minnie Moo, we're going to find out what makes you so special and lovable.  Before long you'll understand that love means more than just a bowl of friskies." 

What? Through my tears and running nose I managed to say, "Doctor Tigger, it's never just a bowl of friskies."

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
PS: I've made my follow up appointment for next week and meanwhile I'm going to ask Mrs Google about Love. 

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