Friday, 18 November 2011

Minnie Moo the outside inside cat

Exhausted after so much action.  Sleep tight.
Oh the dilemma of moving house continues. There I was outside from inside my new home and I'd just had my first encounter with a cat pschyo-ologist, Dr Tigger. I still can't believe that big red fluff ball is a mind reader luckily I've made a mental note that whenever he's around I'm going think about absolutely nothing.  Nada.

So there I was in a real pickle, and btw (by-the-way) I don't like pickles at all, not the American ones, the German ones or pickles dressed up as gherkins!  They're all the same, salty green lumpy things. Funny but pickles kind of look like really tiny baby crocodiles.  EEK no wonder I don't like them!

Ok back to my current situation in my burst of self confidence I'd managed to find the courage to get myself out of the house by jumping thru an open window. It's just above the loo. But now I was outside I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get back inside.

As I sat on the path and stared up at the open window it dawned on me that as the window opened out it was going to be much harder for me to leap up onto the ledge. The open space looks tight (my belly seems wide) and the actual window was in the way!  

If I jumped with too much energy I ran the risk of flying through the window and landing in the loo, if I didn't judge the distance between the window and the ledge properly I'd knock myself out and end up flat on my back with my legs sticking up in the air and I might add, a very sore head.

This business of the window and how to get back inside was driving me nuts (mmm would I like them?). It was like doing rocket science sums no wonder I couldn't figure it out.

Maybe M would be kind enough to think about placing a little ladder under the window that way I could master a very classy way of getting in and out and not worry about all of these complications.

Just as I was about to shift myself onto my back legs ready to attempt my first jump I had a brainwave.  Yes, Yes, Yes.  Boy it was so obvious, why didn't I just do what I did at the other house? Find something that looks like a door and sit in front of it, stare really hard until M felt like someone was watching her, I was, then she'd have to get up to open the door?

Genius! Standing up I did a little jumpy turn to the left and walked a cool 30 paces up the path and before I knew it I was in door nirvana. Could you believe it, before me stood 2 huge-mung-gous sliding doors. 

But just as I thought all my Christmas's had come at once, M was already at the door, I simply had to walk in! Plus M said really nice things to me.
"Hi Minnie Moo it's good to see you're out from under the bed and you're such a clever boy! You've found your own way in and out of your new house."
For me there was no time for chit-chat but not wanting to be not nice (that's the opposite of nice right?) I said a "quick hi and sorry I can't stop" before I engaged my freakish superpower, my nose, to sniff out the friskies. Keep in mind that I'd never been in this part of the house before and my GPS wasn't working......

Ok so straight up for 10 steps turn right 11 steps over tiles, through the door, turn right 15 steps on carpet, out another door, turn right again, 20 steps straight down before making a right turn, 17 steps over brown(ish) carpet then a final right turn and a quick 2 and a half steps over green tiles.

Jackpot! Friskies galore! Yes M I am. I'm a very clever boy. Indeed.

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo


  1. I have also a cat that moves inside and out of the house that gives me a break.

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  2. I love to move from inside to out and back in again. Sometimes I'm out for 5 minutes before I need to come in. I'm a little bit restless I think! Thanks for your comment. Do you live in NYC? That's my fave city in the whole wide world, I bet there's loads of cats there


It's Minnie Moo here, I love your comments as much as I love Friskies!