Thursday, 24 November 2011

Minnie Moo shares some stuff

An out-of-focus me nervous before my appointment with Dr Tigger 
I'm still only young(ish) and already I've come across some interesting characters.  They all add a little something special to my life and at times I learn really valuable lessons that I take home with me to type into my super cute i-pad.

Sometimes on a boring old rainy day I'll read them again to give me that extra jolt of inspiration to be the best Minnie Moo cat that I can be. 

Like Young Spike the hedgehog, this was painful but easy peasy. Don't touch hedgehogs. Ever.

When I came face to beak with Mr Hawk I realised that size doesn't matter, if you're small(ish) like me or look a little different like the cat, Mr Pirate, who lives down the road and has a patch over his eye, it's ok to stand up to a bully and it's never ok to be mean. Imagine if I didn't Mr Hawk would've swooped me up and had me for his yummy breakfast!

Even my ex neighbour taught me about different eating habits and perhaps it was here I learnt the most valuable yet incredibly selfish lesson of all "if another cat doesn't eat friskies there's more for me!"  

The old lawyer who offered us corned beef for dinner, ha ha, I can now say confidently it's not half corn half cow! But remember I was nervous that being a lawyer he'd send us an invoice for his time and probably charge us for the meat too!

When I was living at Kingsgate it dawned on me that even though I was really happy now that I'd taken over M's life and had learnt lots of amazing things, I was still having trouble feeling comfortable in my own skin, some piece of my puzzle was missing. 

I decided I needed to talk this out. I made to an appointment to see Doctor Tigger the pschyo-ologist.

With his office conveniently located right outside my front door, its underneath M's blue alien space ship. I made a knocking gesture with my paw and had to listen hard to hear his "come in" (remember he's a low talker), opening the door that wasn't really there I stepped in and said "I'd like to make an appointment to find the key to unlock me". 

He said, "Son I'll see you tomorrow at 5.30am." 

I'm like 5.30am are you for real? That's super early! He replied, you know what they say "the early bird catches the worm" and "let's make hay while the sun shines."

Well I didn't quite understand all that, you see I don't like worms and am allergic to hay, it makes my eyes puffy and I come over all sneezy and wheezy.

Ah well I made a note to set my inside alarm clock to 5.25am that'll give me a good few minutes to have a healthy breakfast, friskies and a minute or so to jump out the loo window, head around the corner and down the path ready to meet with Doctor Tigger.

Now you couldn't do that in the big smoke, you'd get stuck in traffic.

Anyway take these home with you. Gems from me, Minnie Moo:
  • Don't touch hedgehogs
  • Size doesn't matter and it's ok to stand up to meanies
  • If you don't like friskies, great, there's more for me
  • Lawyers love invoices
Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
PS: I wish I was a Lawyer, I could say "Your Honour I Object! and send an invoice!"
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