Thursday, 17 November 2011

Minne Moo and the mind reader

I have a sneaky suspicion someone is reading my mind
From what I could see the big red fluff ball was at least a whole head taller than me and almost three times wider than me. He was well let just say, impressive. Earlier I felt like I'd been a little bit rude, I was totally unprepared to meet anyone as I was still getting over the excitement of having left my under the bed possie.

Anyway the first words to my new neighbour of "don't even think about eating my friskies" just flew out of my mouth and made me sound like some of my cat buddies from back on mean street.  Why couldn't I manage a polite, "hello, I'm Minnie Moo your new neighbour."

So thinking fast and being just a little bit in awe of his incredible size, I quickly recovered and said, "As you can tell I love friskies, perhaps I'm even a tad obsessed by them! I'm sure you eat them in this neighbourhood too?" 

Well I was quite surprised by his response.

Firstly his voice was surprisingly deep but really quiet, he almost whispered. I once watched a Seinfeld episode on the telly with the "low-talker". It was very funny but anyway I had to turn up my internal volume control to hear him say...

"Well son (wait I'm his son?), I'm so pleased to meet you and you'll be in fine company here as some in the neighbourhood feast night and day on friskies. I myself prefer a diet of fish and steak."

I almost fell off my legs wow I'd never met a non-friskie-eater surely he sneaks a sneaky one every now and then. Besides I couldn't imagine having to catch a fish and cow to eat everyday.  Sounds like way too much work! 

Was he reading my mind or something as then big red fluff ball gaffauwed (laughed out loud) before politely correcting me "don't worry I'm not a hunter and gatherer I have a personal shopper." Ah I thought he must have someone just like M.

By the way I'm pretty certain I'm not his son we just don't look a-like.

Then he said, "well it's been nice to meet you and by the way I'm Doctor Tigger a Professor of the Mind, Psychologist is another name for it. I'm also a trained Therapist. Many of my patients are from this area." 

A what? Did he say he's a psycho with an ologist? I wasn't sure but either way I was desperate to impress and sound brainy but before I could stop I heard myself saying "well Doctor Tigger, I'm Minnie Moo and I'm a Professor of Friskies, if I was any other animal I'd be a little pig!"

And on that note I walked away with my head held high but with the sneaky suspicion that the Doctor was indeed reading my mind.

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
PS: This was back in 2009 - I still see Doctor Tigger regularly but that's a whole other story.  

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