Friday, 4 November 2011

Minnie Moo is about to move house

Paw-writing. Minnie Moo's stuff.
I found out there's one thing that turns us cats from being beautiful, intelligent and really funny into nervous, timid and emotional wrecks.  Moving house.

It's not like we have a lot of stuff to pack most of our treasures fit neatly into one box.  The friskies bowl hardly takes up any room, summer and winter coats fold neatly, the cashmere blanket easily fits and doesn't wrinkle and all the other little bits and pieces find a place.  As quickly as you can say "Bob's your Uncle" (believe it or not he is mine) your packing is done and dusted.

The job I find quite difficult is taping the top of the box. I don't know if other cats have the same problem, but the really large strips of sticky tape tend to get stuck in my paws and furry bits.  It can get really messy.  Luckily M wrote on my box in bold letters "Minnie Moo's Stuff" - I think the job of writing on boxes is out of my reach.  I tried once, let's just say my paw-writing is a little wonky and loop-sided.

Back to the beginning, moving house is so dramatic.  Leaving everything you know and love behind is heart-breaking.
Such as my signature scent (a little vanilla with a hint of spice) rubbed (by my cheek) into every single angled edge. There's not a door, door frame, cupboard and wall edge that didn't smell just like me.

I knew every nook and cranny.  But in the early days I'd get lost, it was like a maze as I'd navigate my way from the bathroom with its yummy thirst quenching shower water, to the lounge with the big fat fluffy cushions and the comforting sound of the TV.  The kitchen too, cupboards galore to nosey my way in and out of and finally that crazy scary room with the white box machine that fills with water, washes clothes and shakes wildly.  

It was in that house too I learned one of life's most valuable lessons, doors are for walking through and you only jump through open windows.

Creatures of habit, that is what we are, home-bodies at heart who love routine and lots of treats.  Moving house cat-a-pults us from our favourite spot to somewhere that's totally new and far away. Like landing on Mars. It's more than likely too that moving house involves a ride in one of those scary alien space ships, cars. 

It's in a word quite, cat-a-strophic.  I still remember my first house move back in August 2009.....

More from me on that later. I'm distracted by a rumbling noise, it's my tummy  sending a message, "must eat friskies now, must eat friskies now." 

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo

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