Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Minnie Moo the cat 2,880 seconds later is still under the bed

I'm still thinking about coming out from under the bed

Two days later I'm still under the bed, can you believe that's a whole 2,880 seconds without friskies or using the lcr (little cats room). Imagine that!

Anyway hunger was knocking at my imaginary door and I knew that another day without my primary food group would be too much besides I was sure I was having early onset friskie separation anxiety.  

I thought about all the things I needed to do to make my new home my home but I must've been a little foggy from no food I couldn't think straight. So before I completely conked out I got to work and wrote a to-do-list of the top things to do to make me feel good and at home.

  • Get out from under the bed 
  • Find my bowl of friskies
  • Eat friskies slowly so I don't feel full too soon
  • Eat more friskies to top up my energy level 
  • Locate the shower to rehydrate (yummy soapy shampooy water)
  • Slurp said water slowly
  • Mentally check out the carpet (must not scratch, must not claw)
  • Suss out every single room, sniff and rub my scent on corners
  • Find the nearest exits (hmmm that window about the loo looks dodgy)

Wow that's some list and I was still inside! 

First steps first, get out from under the bed.  So I did that and made a Usain Bolt dash to my bowl of friskies, in a word yum. The shower was close by and I managed a quick slurp. Then for some reason I chickened out and I slowly slunk back to my under the bed comfty zone.

It was getting late anyway and I figured out that my to-do list doesn't spell to-day list. Tomorrow was going to be ok too.  

One thing is for certain friskies aren't going to come to me, I have to go to them.  Another thing - I will most certainly go to them! 100% true.

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo

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