Thursday, 10 November 2011

Minnie Moo hatches a plan

My nails were about to get a manicure! EEEK looks like I only have 3 paws!
Well all the stuff that I loved was now packed away into boxes. Funny tho' the smell of all the bits and pieces still lingered around me. This may sound extremely vain but us cats are gifted with extraordinary "super-smelling-powers" note I didn't say "smelly" powers. 

Anyway things were definitely changing and the pesky voice of that sneaky suspicion grew louder inside my head.  It sounded a little like this....imagine a deep booming made for radio voice talking very very s-l-o-w-l-y.......... 
"Minnie Moo you're about to be a cat on the moove. Beware of the power of the friskies".
Creepy, but I knew in my little but cute heart-of-hearts that before long I was going to be just like that cat on the box riding in a teeny-tiny-car to my new house.

Ha! I thought I can easily foil these plans. M first has to get me into the box. 

Everyone knows us cats can be super-dooper stubborn. Just like those big cow like looking (scratch that I mean really huge) bulls we can dig-our-heels in, well back paws actually and, refuse to budge.  An inch.

With all the boxes packed up M got to work moving house.  But before the hard work began she took a moment and sensing that moving was going to be exhausting for me piled my bowl with the super energy food, freshkies, that's a mash-up of fresh and friskies!

The hard yakker began and M was busy hauling boxes in and out of the house, into the car then out of the car and into the house. This pattern went on for ages. I couldn't believe how mentally exhausting it was to watch someone doing all the hard work!

By the early afternoon there was one box left.  I can't recall the exact time as my reliable time source, the microwave clock, was packed up. Remember this was back in 2009 before I worked out how to read the time on my computer, i-phone and i-pad.  Ok I'm a nerd.  It's ok we can talk about, I'm ok with it.

So that one box remained on the floor standing out like a sore thumb. Now I don't have a thumb but I sensed just how "sore a sore paw would be", trying saying that 10 times really quickly!

The lurking power of the "for the pet on the moove" box filled the room and hung like a dark, damp, wet and soggy cloak of anxiety.  I knew it was now or never for me.  I decided that I had to put my escape plan in place and get as far away from that box as possible.  

I sneaked out of the house on my tippy paws and hid behind a huge bush, squishing in between the bush and the fence. Looking back I remember thinking well I've fallen over at the first hurdle. You see I thought my coat would be my camouflage, as you can see I'm white with blotches of gray and a racoon-ish tail yet the first place I decided to hide behind, a green bush and brown fence. Epic fail :) 

Anyway if I was found I'd just dig-my-paws-in and get stubborn.

Even the best laid plans can come undone.  Darn those friskies.

In the distance I could hear the sweet sound of friskies tipping out of the box, it's the same sound you hear in the morning, a waterfall of cocoa-pops cascading into cereal bowls.  Irresistible.  On top of this, I could smell friskie aromas wafting and hovering in the air around me.

It was too much.

Look I wasn't even hungry but in my mind I was already eating those bite size bits of yummy-ness. 

The lure of the Friskies got me, I gave in to temptation. Following my nose I walked right into my trap! M had sneakily laid the "box" on its side and decorated it with loads of delicious F morsels.  I must admit I was really impressed with the new interior look and thought, wow friskie style is the new shabby chic.  

That was it for me.  I was officially in the Minnie Moo on the Moove box but hey at least I was eating friskies too.  

Little did I know I was about to ride in an alien space ship and as if that wasn't going to be enough excitement for one day, on the way to my new house M was going to make a stop at that special place where really brainy animal people work. The Vet.  Apparently I was going to get a manicure.

Phew. But for now I simply couldn't think that far ahead. After-all I was still in the box eating.  That's enough multi-tasking for me.

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo

PS:  I had time to say good-bye to my cat buddies but we see each other every now and then at our regular milk hold the coffee mornings.

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