Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Minnie Moo watches too much TV

Leaving the crime scene
I think I've been watching too many "crime and police" shows on TV, I've been doing some things that are really out of character.

The other night, when it was really dark I sneaked through the window of Mr Tuxedo's house (remember him, he always forgets his invitation) and ever-so-quietly sniffed my way through the house until I found his bowl of friskies. 

There they were in the kitchen sitting pretty in sparkling new black and white bowls.  Wow, I thought, who dresses the same as their friskie bowls?  I thought this was kind of weird but cool at the same time.

Anyway half-way through my munch I heard paw steps sneaking up behind me. It was Mr Tuxedo, sprung! He caught me midway through chomping my way through his prized goodies. Startled I quickly swallowed the "stolen goods" and  made fast get-away mastering a skillful turn before bolting across the floor, over the carpet, down the hallway, through a door, over more carpet before finally leaping through the thankfully still opened window.

Little did I know I left behind a trail of evidence, that Mentalist man would be able to track me down faster than he can read minds.

I was really worried and feeling a tad guilty so I hid outside in the bushes and lay low. Once I was sure the "coast was clear" and Mr Tuxedo hadn't called the law enforcement officers, I sprinted so fast (I was almost flying)....before I knew I was back home at M's asleep on my blanket.

That's when I woke up and realised I'd been asleep the whole time it was a dream and the Mentalist man wouldn't come and get me, he's too busy making TV programs. Phew.

It's good to know tho' that even in my dreams friskies taste delicious.

PS I thought just in case you don't know Friskies are yummy & good for you cat biscuits - if you're not a cat please don't try eating them :)

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo

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