Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Minnie Moo the cat meets Mr New Neighbour

My relieved and happy face

Gosh looking back I can't believe that I spent 2,880 seconds under the bed. I swear that's the longest I've ever gone without eating friskies or well let's just put it politely "relieving myself". 

Well that was back in 2009 and I'd just gone through the turmoil of my first house move. Boy did it play havoc with my routine! I knew I'd moved but my mind was still wired as if I was in the other house. I needed the time under the bed to re-wire my automatic pilot otherwise I'd be walking into doors and windows that aren't there!

Eventually I felt less wobbly, it was time to suss out the lay of the land. Plus I really needed to eat more friskies and use the loo.

Ever so cautiously I made my way out from under the bed. It was weird as for some reason I couldn't keep my head still, it kept bobbing up and down and switching from side to side. Silly as it sounds I really thought heebie-geebies were going to fall down from the ceiling and squash me.

My imagination was playing tricks on me it turned out my trip to my bowl of goodies was actually quite boring. Just lots of brown(ish) carpet. But boy did the friskies taste delicious.

By that time the call of nature was well calling me really loudly. I needed to get outside. Pronto. I was in a little sticky situation tho' as I didn't complete my to-do-list and hadn't figured out where my nearest exits were.  

Luck was on my side as I looked up I spied an open window sitting above well you wouldn't guess it the seat with the big white bowl (peep speak for loo).  Doubly lucky the seat was down providing a perfect take-off platform in one-two-three jumps I was outside. 

There was no time for me to enjoy my back garden. I made a bee-line for the shade of a beautiful fruity mandarin tree and let nature takes its course.

Relieved and happy I took a moment to reflect on how far I'd come transforming from a scaredy cat under the bed to one brave enough to venture out into his new world.

Yet I had the feeling that a pair of eyes were on me....turning my head to the left there he was that big red fluff ball was staring right at me. I had officially met my new neighbour.

All I could think of saying was "don't even think about eating my friskies."

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo


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