Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Minnie Moo Pig vs Cat

The question burning brightly on my brain was what do I do the day after Valentines day? Do I actually have to do anything? Could I just get away with lazing around or should I go out there and make myself useful?

Well I thought, hmm I don't think it's in my DNA to "go out there and make myself useful" I mean I'm a cat I can hardly hold a shovel and do some gardening. Thinking about this further I reasoned well I could go out and dig up the garden, but then I'd get dirt on my paws. That's the end of that idea.

Maybe I could go back and visit Ms KuneKune Pig and roll around in the mud and eat scraps? But thinking there's a theme here, I'd probably get dirt on or under my paws and I don't do dirt under my paws so that's another idea destined for the scrap heap.

What if I went across the street to ask Miss Tilly about her Valentines Day? Thinking again, well this could lead to a sticky situation for me given I did choose a pig over her, a beautiful cat to be my Valentine. Sensing trouble this idea got hurled out the window.

Ah well it looks like lazing around is the best idea. At least I can truthfully say to M "look I had these great ideas of things to do but then that age old problem of having loads of excuses got in the way."

Little did I know that M had accidentally left the bedroom outside door open, now we know in my house this is a no-no coz all the cats think its an open home and just waltz on in like they own the place. So there I was doing what I said I'd do, lazing around upstairs on the carpet when I saw Miss Tilly fly into the lounge and duck for cover under the couch. 

Not knowing what was up I was thinking wow we may have shared lunch together but really Miss Tilly it's unlike you barge in like this, "Good Morning Miss Tilly, this is a surprise visit, can I help you with anything?"

No response. Taking a closer look boy I could tell she was fuming! I could see big puffs of steam coming out her ears, "I don't understand you Minnie Moo, I read your blog, how could you choose Ms KuneKune pig over me to be your Valentines?" 

Oh shoot, there was no way I was going to get out of this awkwardness. I had to dig deep. Having learnt diplomatic skills from the Politicians on the telly I stumbled ever-so-slightly as I said, "Look I was just so excited to have met my first-ever Kunekune pig. I got so caught up in the moment of how massive and deliciously lazy she was it was like she didn't have a care in the world. Then I thought just because I'm a cat doesn't mean I can't a pig to be my Valentine, and well the rest is history."

"Plus if you read my blog you'd know I wrote I think she said yes. She didn't actually say yes." I went on to add "Valentines Day is just one day a year it's how you act every other day that counts too." 

Was she still boiling mad? Judging by the smaller plumes of steam coming out her ears I thought phew she's not so steamy. "Ok I get it, you were quite star-struck by Ms Kunekune pig and wanted to capture a unique moment but just so you I'm a teeny tiny bit broken hearted and I thought it best I tell you Mr Tuxedo from across the road and round the corner asked me to be his Valentine and I said yes."

On that note she slunk out from under the couch bolted down the stairs and darted out the door. I gave chase but stopped soon after as I realised it was the green-eyed monster who was chasing not me, Minnie Moo.

After such a great lunch at the Pussy Foot Inn and dressed up all fancy in my bow tie I should have seized the occasion and asked Miss Tilly then and there to be my Valentine but no, now my bow tie's been upstaged by a Tuxedo. And I couldn't help but notice, was that steam coming out my ears?

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo 

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