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Minnie Moo Oscar Red Carpet 2012 Blog

It's that time of year again, it's the Oscars and I’m super-excited! Me, Minnie Moo a not so fashion forward cat (my wardrobe covers a winter and summer coat) blogging from the “I wish I was on the” 2012 Oscar Red Carpet. I’m so flattered to be covering the most glamorous event in the world, the 84th Academy Awards.

What a red carpet stunner, E News Host, Guiliana Rancic rocks her gown from Tony Ward’s Spring 2012 collection. This is one of her best looks. Feminine, elegant with gorgeous almost botanical detail topped with a retro hairstyle she looks a million bucks.

Oh boy Miss Piggy and Kermit stole my red carpet heart they’re so cute together although there’s no way I’d want to get on the wrong side of Miss Piggy. She’s feisty. Hi-Ya!

So interesting Missi Pyle from the Oscar Nominated movie The Artist is talking about her eco-friendly dress made by Angelo Santo. Did you know the fabric is made by busy but cruelty free silk worms? How cool is that? My coat’s eco-happy I made it myself.

Rose Byrne from Bridesmaids’ is wearing Vivienne Westwood, slinky sequins and midnight blue, so sleek and off the shoulder symmetrical with her blunt bob hairstyle. Sorry it doesn’t WOW me I do like the back though.

Melissa McCarthy looks so bejeweled, bedazzling and be-gorgeous.

Hello is that Nick Nolte? He looks different from his mug shot.

Jessica Chastain from The Help looks stunning in McQueen at first glance the copper gold pattern is almost feline against the black fabric. It’s gorgeous but for me something is not quite right but her Nana is her date, she’s wearing a beautiful necklace. I wonder if she takes Nana naps too?

M how many times do I have to tell you George is with Stacey now! Wearing a Georgio Armani tux George is in a word, purrfecto. Looks like George brought is own statue! Stacey Kiebler looks just like real-life Oscar in her glimmering golden Marchesa gown accented with a beautifully crafted rose on the hip. Stunning.

I’m on half in love with best actress nominee Viola Davis Vera Wang gown. The deep ocean green colour looks incredible on her and the bottom swishes with pleats and ruffles. Unfortunately to bejeweled strapless top is just a tad too tight.

Sean Combs, P Diddy, P Diddy Money what’s his name now? Anyway his dresser just brushed the fluff off his jacket M uses the same brush on my coat! MOL.

Best Actress nominee Michelle Williams looks stunningly whimsical in a softly draped coral Louis Vuitton gown. Topped off with her beautiful blond pixie hair and minimal understated valuable jewels this look definitely on my best-dressed list.

I’m tossing up between elegant, regal, flawless and gorgeous, supporting actress nominee Octavia Spencer looks Hollywood glamorous in her beautiful sparkling ivory beaded Tadashi Shoji gown.

Jean Du Jardin lead Actor Nominee from the silent movie The Artist looks trés dashing phew thankfully no sign of Uggie the d-o-g star yet. I’m still getting over his casting.

Now for a complete 180-degree turn, Sacha Baron Cohen, The Dictator has been let on the red carpet wearing John Galliano (that is so wrong) with the socks by K-Mart! MOL. Oops Ryan Seacrest is so not amused “The Dictator” just spilled the “ashes” of Kim Jong’s II all over him, or was that pancake mix? Well there’s nothing more to say here.

Moving on I’m chuffed my all time favourite funny lady Tina Fey looks totally made up in her midnight blue Carolina Herrera gown.

J-Lo is so naturally gorgeous with stunning hair and make up but it’s time to hang up her confused am I at the Oscar’s or Emmy’s look, Zuhair Murad is so talented but this gown looks kind of cheesy, sleazy or slinky.

Emma Stone from The Help is wearing a terrific red Jean Baptiste Cavalli gown. With it’s huge red bow it’s very a la Nicole Kidman’s Oscar gown plus unfortunately red just bleeds right into a red carpet. I think I’ll leave this one for you to love or not.

I’m inspired to tune in my super-powers and fly off wearing a cape! Gwyneth Paltrow looks regally fashion forward and sophisticated in her white Tom Ford dramatic ensemble

Penelope Cruz looks classically elegant in her gorgeous ocean-blue Armani Privé gown a purrfect choice. True glamour.

There’s no much to say about Angelina Jolie’s silhouette her striking black Atelier Versace gown with the longest split in Hollywood is too stunning for words.

As a Fashion Police Joan Ranger trainee here’s my top three best dressed nominees:
·      Michelle Williams
·      Gwyneth Paltrow
·      Octavia Spencer

That’s a wrap to all the winners remember to thank me!

And the winner is…..Minnie Moo! MOL 

Yours is friskies served next to my Oscar Minnie Moo

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