Friday, 10 February 2012

Minnie Moo fakes it and makes it

The Pussy Foot Inn looked exactly the same as it did back in December when we were there for our lunch. The only thing was all the decorations had been packed away to hibernate until next Christmas.

Strangely though there were lots of red hearts dangling from the ceiling, I couldn’t quite figure this out. Was the restaurant in the middle of a healthy heart promotion? And, if so I was quite certain that the Pussy Foot Inn wasn’t the right place to hold such an event I mean food, dessert, yummy beverages and I guess you know what where I’m going with this train of thought.

I almost died of embarrassment when we were greeted by the same waiter who had rescued me from my failed escape out the toilet window while wearing a Santa Suit. I was mortified and so wished for a hole to magically appear to gobble me up.

I swear I saw a tiny hint of a smirk spread to the end of his whiskers yet as cool as a cucumber he didn’t miss a beat saying “Good Afternoon, welcome back to the Pussy Foot Inn, we’ve reserved a very special table for you over by the window overlooking the garden.”

Even though I felt less than two inches tall I managed to put on my best game face (as they say in the big country of the USA) and stood proudly without letting on that I remembered every second of our last encounter. For the first time ever, I remained confident in an awkward situation.

It was Miss Tilly who spoke first, “Thank you and if I remember rightly you’re James you looked after us the last time we were here. We’re still all raving about our lunch and the excellent service you gave to us.”

Wow I was so impressed with her diplomatic flair and let me tell you I loved how she brushed over our last visit and closed the conversation with a loaded compliment. I mean now he wouldn’t dare bring up the loo incident and this time we’d get even better than excellent service. Genius.

Comfortably seated at our table we both settled in and fussed a little over the shiny catlery, the not too starched napkins and the little seasoning pots with salt and that stuff that makes me sneeze, pepper. I was careful to not put any joints on the table as M had recently said the only joints that belong on the able are from meat.

Gazing out over the garden we both oohhed and aaahhed at the gorgeous array of flowers swaying peacefully in the gentle breeze.

James returned to give us our menus and once again I noticed red love hearts printed in the corner of the page with a little note “Ask about our special 6 course Valentines Day menu.” Oh no I thought hmmm, so now I’ve got to navigate my way through the normal menu and ask about the special one too? If so for me lunch was over before it began.

I tried to recall the pointers Miss Tilly had given me on how to read a menu. Some of it came back to me but some was like trying to make my way through a double-dutch word fest. Thinking aloud I said “I’ll ask Miss Tilly to help me with the menu”.

Not realising I had thought-out-loud I was quite surprised when Miss Tilly said, “Excellent, I’d love to help and I might add everything sounds scrumptious. I think we’re both in for a real food treat today.”

“So, I said, I’m a little confused, why do I have to ask about the special Valentines Day menu when the menu is printed right here? I’ve never heard of Valentines Day? Is it something special you eat on a certain day?”

“Oh Minnie Moo, she said with a smile, have you been hiding under a rock? How could you not know about Valentines Day the international day of celebrating love? Named after Saint Valentine traditionally on February 14th everyone can express their love for one another by giving flowers, sweets, treats, cards or writing little notes.”

Oh boy I had opened a can of love worms and I knew that I was going to have to dig deep into my well of confidence to find my way through this conversation and the menu at the same time.

Thinking on my paws I came up with the brilliant plan to thow caution to the wind by choosing two dishes I knew absolutely nothing about and just bluff my way through the tricky subject of Valentines.

“Oh I see now the red hearts make sense, thanks for sharing your knowledge of Valentines Day with me. I had a hunch it was something to do with love but I hadn’t paid attention as to me everyday is about celebrating love. I mean I love my friskies all the time and I secretly love M although I don’t give her too many hugs. I guess I don’t need the one special day I like every day to be Valentines Day.” There, that nailed that one!

Smiling I went on to say, “I’ve had a chance to look through the menu and you know what today I’m going to be really adventurous and order a couple of dishes I know nothing about. The exception is brussel sprouts I’m shuddering at the mere thought! And hey if I like the taste, superb! If not well at least I’ve tried.”

For the first time ever Miss Tilly was stuck for words. Seizing the moment I went on “for starters I think the gravlax. I believe it’s a fancy way of saying smoked salmon prepared with a little sugar, salt, dill and some other yummy things. Then to balance the richness of the salmon for my main I’ll take the fresh home-made ravioli filled with fresh spinach, ricotta and pine-nuts.”

My last choice was vegetarian I thought this would be a nice change from my normal friskie-tarian diet.

It took a few moments before Miss Tilly said, “well, well Minnie Moo I’m impressed and I think 2012 is looking very good on you! I just know you’ll really enjoy your food today. Can you believe it I was going to order exactly the same dishes, now I’m going to have to re-think my choices! This won’t take me long.” 

Feeling buoyed with compliments and confidence I looked out for James gaining his attention I beamed him a mega-watt smile before adding, “James when you’re ready, we’re ready to order.” Always polite I didn’t forget to add, “thank you.”

Was this really me oozing so much of the new me? Once again I heard a faint little voice in my head that sounded remarkably like Dr Tigger “son you’re doing me proud. Remember when we talked about Hollywood? Fake it till you make it Minnie Moo, fake it till you make it.”

Yours in gourmet friskies Minnie Moo

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