Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Minnie Moo a lunch date with Miss Tilly. Really?

So the other day I was planning to add a little more wriggle room into my life and I thought hmmm maybe this needs a little explaining. I mean I'm not about to start a revised eating plan by giving up my diet of Friskies and other tasty morsels. Imagine that, a recipe for disaster! Instead of me I'd be like a cold turkey.

Rest assured my perfectly balanced diet will be around as long me. Wriggle room is about adding a little flexibility into how I plan my day. It's my "just in case" room to handle anything unplanned that comes my way. It's good to plan for the unplanned.

Not that my diary is chock-a-block full of things to do, places to go and cats to see. Quite the opposite! Ho hum let’s just say most days my life reads the the same; eating, sleeping, napping, snacking, chatting with my neighbourhood cat buddies and the odd patrol. But hey things can get pretty exciting when bunny rabbits, mice and birds come to play!

I suppose too adding wriggle room supports one of my resolutions to get out and experience a little more out of life; you know like going out for another lunch at the Pussy Foot Inn, actually saying more than one word to Miss Tilly, finally writing that letter to Miss Ratto and doing more exercise, other than just the couch-erobics I sometimes do when I’m napping.

Ah I get it. So that's why peeps say "actions speak louder than words." We're now into the second month of 2012 and I hang my head in shame so far I’ve flunked my resolutions exam.

I know I’ve had loads of other things on my mind but hey I guess I can’t keep putting what's important off. To my credit yesterday I ran into Miss Tilly and instead of buckling at the knees and having tongue-stuck-to-top-mouth-itis I actually managed a four-letter word. Hiya.

Ever-so-sensitive Miss Tilly said a gracious “Hello Minnie-Moo, I haven't seen you for weeks. I'm so sorry to hear about your sad news now if there’s anything I can do to make you sing your happy song again just let me know”. I don’t whether I was in awe of such a long sentence, her kindness or by thinking what's my happy song, all I knew was I was feeling all soppy.

Slowly but surely one tear plopped out followed by another until all I could hear was plop, plop, plop, ploppity, plop. I looked up just in case big wet drops were falling from the sky but sadly no they were falling from my eyes.

“Oh Miss Tilly, I said, I'm all choked up. Your gift of kindness humbles me. I've been overwhelmed by how wonderful everyone is. It proves to me that our little universe is linked by a chain of love and compassion. Gosh I'm such a softie look at me weeping big buckets of tears.”

Another couple of minutes passed and slowly my well of tears dried before Miss Tilly said “Oh Minnie Moo it just goes to show me that you have heart.”

I knew from reading the medical pages on my i-pad that I, like every cat had a beating heart but this was the first time I’d been told I had heart. At that moment I got it.

Feeling overcome by the moment and with my mind all fuzzy with moisture I said “Would you like to come out with me to the Pussy Foot Inn for a lunch date?” Before I could take another breath, I heard something like “Absolutely, I’ll make a reservation for tomorrow, how about we meet outside my place at 12 noon?”

“Ok” was my lame reply. Somehow without realising it I’d just strung the words lunch and date together in the same sentence. 

As the tears dried and my vision was restored to gaze into the cold light of day reality a short-to-the-point message burned brightly before my eyes, “yikes, date, Miss Tilly, restaurant, what was I thinking?”

Instead of wallowing in a puddle of negativity I was overcome by a wave of "go Minnie Moo go, you can do it" as I hit the delete button on the YIKES! another message popped up that sounded oddly familiar….“That’s one small step for Miss Tilly and one giant leap for Minnie Moo.”

Putting myself at ease I thought hey it’s nothing just a casual cat-ch up and a quick bite to eat, what’s so hard about that?

Yours in you won’t find Friskies on the menu Minnie Moo  

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