Monday, 20 February 2012

Minnie Moo meets a cat wearing a cone

The other day I was still thinking about how my bowtie was upstaged by a permanent tuxedo wearing cat oddly named after his clothing of choice. Mr Tuxedo did the sneaky on me by asking Miss Tilly to be his Valentine and she of course said yes! Her saying yes has everything to do with me meeting a very large loveable Kunekune pig.

To cut a long story short, Miss Tilly isn’t very happy with me just because I asked the pig to be my Valentine and in fact she’s quite grumpy. I guess it’s my fault and if I was in her paws I’d be a little miffed too. But it was all done in the hysteria of me meeting a pig for the first time. Just in case you missed it  click here to follow the story!

To be truthful I didn’t know if I was more upset with Mr Tuxedo for upstaging my bowtie or for offering a Valentine’s Day heart to Miss Tilly. In all honesty I think it’s the bowtie that upset me the most. You see it took me a whole truck load of courage to make the decision to wear the said item then a whole boat load of bravery to wear it out in public.

I guess the moral of that paragraph is if you can’t wear anything with ease just don’t wear it. You know what? I’ve just made myself a new rule not to wear anything that makes feel so uncomfortable. Darn it does that mean I’ll never be able to wear that beret I’ve got my eye on?

Tick tock Valentine’s Day was almost a week ago and its time for me to let go of the Valentine monster that had one green eye on Mr Tuxedo. There was no point in me being upset with either Mr T or Miss T. You see in one of my nine past lives I learnt a valuable lesson “it’s not healthy to hold onto the past, learn from it but move on and look forward to today, tomorrow and a bright future.” So with this in mind I put one paw in front of the other and took myself off for a “move on” walk.

While out ambling along I was surprised to bump into a very fashion forward looking Mr Tuxedo he was sporting a very elegant “Elizabethan Collar”, named after ruffs worn in Elizabethan times. D-o-gs must wear them too, ruff!

Fantastically large it looked like an inverted hat sitting at the base of the neck and reaching up in a cone shape towards the head and ears. I was impressed.

Brushing aside my Valentine’s woes I said “Wow Mr Tuxedo you look so distinguished in your tuxedo accessorised by your cone shaped collar.”

Speaking like he was in an echo chamber he replied “why thank you Minnie Moo, I paid a visit to the really brainy Vet-er-in-arian animal peeps as I had something bothering me on top of my head. Well turns out I needed quick surgery to remove the problem. It didn’t hurt one bit but I’m under vets orders to wear this outfit to stop myself scratching and irritating my sore spot.”

“Oh, I said. I thought it was the latest fashion from the cat-walk.”

“Ha, ha Minnie Moo, I wish, I wish and to tell you the truth it's quite annoying to wear and took me a while to get used to but don’t you worry it’s short enough for me to still eat plenty of friskies!”

So to all the collar wearing cats in the universe I hope they're not making you too grumpy. Get better as soon you'll be collar free and happy again!

Yours in thank goodness my friskies aren’t Elizabethan Minnie Moo

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