Monday, 17 October 2011

Minnie Moo what sort of name is that for a cat

Hi I'm Minnie Moo and I can't for the life of me think why I'm called a name that's half mouse half cow.  I'm a boy cat (I overheard the vet say something like my boy bits are no longer there) and I don't like my girlie name.

Seems like I'm stuck with it.

My life began somewhere (can't recall this part) and took me from the streets and a diet of left over pizzas to one heck of a nice (and might I add) big house in this little town in New Zealand, Havelock North.

One day I saw this lovely lady move into a house opposite the pizza place, from what I could tell she was pretty busy and lived by herself.  Without any selfish intent (ha I hear you say) I thought a cat would really "add meaning" to her life.
So I made myself known, exaggerated the cat affection, revved up the purrs, took one step inside the house and that was the end of that, I never left, honey I was home! 

It took me all of five minutes to find my "possie", lucky for me it came with a cashmere blanket.  It was pure cat nirvana, my life had just stepped up a couple of thousand notches and I could tell by using one of my many senses that things were just going to get better.

That was just the first five minutes.....there plenty more to come.

Yours in Friskies Minnie Moo xx


It's Minnie Moo here, I love your comments as much as I love Friskies!