Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Minnie Moo sings Chinese Opera

Hi it's me again, Minnie Moo

This is my "I've just woken up" face.
I've just woken up from a long and lazy cat nap and as I stared (that's what we cat's do, stare) out the window I thought back to 2008, it was April and I literally had to sing for my supper.

There I was happily napping on my soft and cuddly cashmere blanket in the house I had decided was to going to be my new home. You see in my world that's how we cats do it, we find places, have a nosy around, eat some friskies and decide if we're going to upgrade and stay or only come back coz the food's so good.

The Spanish cats have it right "mi casa su casa" my place is your place.  This home was now my home, my place. 

My fur was clean, I had fresh breath, I was pretty darn good looking who was going to resist moi?  I had figured that the lady of the house (let's call her M) wouldn't mind if I stayed over for a bit.  Scratch that I mean stay for my entire nine lives.

Imagine my surprise/horror when M opened the door and said something like, "go on cat go home now".  I'm sorry I don't understand human speak.  Had M gone crazy? I was home, but outside my home and it was cold with a howling blustering gale (ok I made that bit up).

So Maestro Minnie Moo (that's me) hatched a plan, I was going to sing my little heart out to the tune of a Chinese Opera sung in F and B flat major (is that possible?) right outside M's bedroom window.  I should have made a CD and snapped up a recording deal.

I sung and I sung with more gusto than ever before and before I knew it had chalked up 15 minutes of hard-core high notes, really low ones, middle ones and plenty of off-key way out-of-tune notes. 

It must have been bad as the next day at our local cat milk (hold the coffee) morning a few of the cats remarked how this excruciating sound, like nails on a blackboard, filled the night air and went on and on and on. Smug as I was I said nothing.  

Anyway M eventually came to the window, she looked a little freaked out and mouthed something like, it's 11 o'clock at night people are trying to sleep.  I mouthed (mee-oowed ) back, my point exactly I'm trying to get back inside to sleep!

After another 10 minutes of singing from my heart and soul, M's magic words were heard....ok you can come in, but only for "one night" ......you hear. 

I was back inside, eating friskies and eyeing up the cashmere blanket, quicker that you can say, "one night, yeah right!

Three years later, I'm still here.

Yours in Friskies Minnie Moo

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