Thursday, 20 October 2011

Minnie Moo the cat who's lactose intolerant

Resting my eye-balls
Wow, life at M's just kept getting better and better. Everyday I discover new and exciting places to snooze, the computer, bed, the lounge, table, footstool, carpet, tiles, bench top, table, chairs, cushions, blankets and well even the bathroom sink. A-mazing!

Just when I thought I was the cat who got the cream (btw I'm lactose intolerant so can't do cream) I found this thing at least three times taller than me on the carpet.

One thing that life on the street taught me was to NEVER talk to strange looking things. So I took small quiet steps, sniffed around and checked for danger signs, phew it was safe. It was then that I felt warm all over. Before I knew it I was conked in front of this thing letting off.  Heat.

My new happy place - the heater.

Feeling so relaxed I felt inspired to set up my little office it didn't take long to get connected, don't you love free wireless! I'm even thinking of doing the social media facebook & twitter thing, I know a lot of cats that are tweeting (now that's ironic).

All of this and fresh Friskies left me feeling a little overwhelmed, as you can see from my picture I'm zonked.

But if I'm telling the truth waking up at 3am also makes me very sleepy. It was the tummy growls that woke me up and one thing about us cats, if we're awake, you're awake too!

It's the first time I've seen M a little (scratch that really) grumpy, She was like "what's happening, why am I awake, why do you have to eat Friskies now?" I mean really, what kind of question is that.

Yours in Friskies Minnie Moo

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